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HTC Touch Viva

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  • Aamir

I have an htc Viva t2223 need it's battery

  • MAK

Ani, 14 Jun 2014I am experiencing some network problems. Sometimes the net... moreThis was the common issue I faced on my phone and atlast I sold it for 3000/- using it for 15 month approx. I bought this phone for 10000/- in Jan 2010

  • ken

unlock code sa its on a blue numbers

  • Ani

I am experiencing some network
problems. Sometimes the network just disappears
and when I try to call my own number, it says
number unreachable. Sometimes, signal bars are
low and sometimes they are full even if i am not
changing my location at all. Worth noting point is
that even if the phone shows full signal, sometimes
the caller still gets 'number unreachable'.
Kindly help. It's still in warranty. Any help would
be appreciated.
Thanks. plz help me plz..

  • atul

how can i download whatsapp for my htc touch viva, does the phone support whatsapp??

  • Rajkumar yadav

No program

  • Tariq

I am using HTC Touch Viva T2223, Pocket PC. Brought from USA. Recently my country's Mobile Phone Operators introducing 3G Sim. Is this Device supports 3G Technology. I know, Video call is not possible in this device due to Front Camera. I need little bit speedy internet conncetion.

  • AnonD-226961

Hello guys I'm using viva touch 3 years but one day it was broken by accident.i fix the skin but still not working it how to solve this problem

  • Anonymous

hari, 31 Oct 2013i am using this mobile frm is very hard piece.from ... moredo factory reset, but all things will erase, but u will find it as new. remove sd card before factory reset

  • Anonymous

can this htc support whatsapp and if yes how

  • Lipu

I have using this mobail last 2years.stell beterry problem.i want same bettery.what to do

  • hari

i am using this mobile frm is very hard piece.from last one week i am not able to send messages and canot read is displaying that the message cannot be displayed.plz any one help me

  • Hemant

I am still using this phone and it's being more than 4.5 years. I never faced any problem. Just replaced battery. Best phone i ever had.

  • MRM

I have using this device for about 5 years without any problem, but about 3 months ago its touch suddenly stopped working... anyway its really a very good device and its camera (2 mp) is super excellent!

  • kamaal

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2011Start menue-programs-comm manager- select wifi and make it onpast 4 yrs me using the phone,amazing performance,internet superb,but camera not working,two times i done hard reset,still not working,what i hv to do?pls help me, thanks...


i am using this phone but bateery gets down . when i use fornet i have rechare continiously pls advice

  • jazz

arbaaz, 29 Apr 2013have can change this phone`s theme and desktop colourcan but u can't use analog clock

  • Saki

Am also getting doubt hw can it change? Really i dnt know,because my phone had other languge french,german,etc., without english.i want change english language. Otherwise phone looks,model and options are too good i like it.

  • arbaaz

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2013internet sating how can update this phone

  • arbaaz

nikhil, 25 Jan 2013remove back side cover. nearer to the ccamera a red color d... morehave can change this phone`s theme and desktop colour