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  • Jad

just to make a small comment
i currently own the touch diamond...its a great phone, its has 192mb ram and 528 mhz processor...and with all of that..the phone used to lag a bit...
just by using touch flo 3D, 54% of the ram would be taken...
so imagine if on this phone
they have touch flo 3D, and only 128mb ram and just a 201 mhz processor???
i dont think its gona work well....

  • Greco

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970In Switzerland it's from 398.-, so about 280 Euros. Could i help?

  • Greco

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2008I'm currently using a Touch with the same specs as the Viva... moreThank you...these were my only doubts about this i think it's gonna be my new one :D

  • Anonymous

Greco, 12 Oct 2008Ist 201 MHz to low for regularly using WiFi, calling and wr... moreI'm currently using a Touch with the same specs as the Viva... and 201Mhz is fast enough... I use wifi a lot (if you want a fast browser use Opera 9.5; better than IE) and make tons of calls and text tons of messages... also use music a lot... and no problems!!! I have no lags... Also, I´m using Manilla 2D UI which is identical to that of the HTC Touch 3D and Viva... so, yes, it is fast enough

  • Greco

Ist 201 MHz to low for regularly using WiFi, calling and writing text messages? I wouldn't use music so often, other features are nice but not necessary used every is 201 MHz processor enough or to low? does anyone have experience of this point with the HTC touch?

  • quennie

i lost my htc touch last week so i had no other option but to buy a new one. so i bought an htc touch viva, it has more features than the old touch but i think the memory is lower. it its longer but lighter than the old touch. and the price is almost the same just slightly higher.

  • noname

Hongkong already have it HKD2880 is a nice price with the spec.and promotion free 4G m.card.
This T.VIVA only came to Fight Asus P320.

  • Anonymous

man, you guys are missing the point. this is an entry level phone. From what i heard its price should be low. If you want a fast processor then go for the touch 3g. What htc did was take a popular phone, give it a new design, say its actually a quad band, give it a new interface( which i heard isn't slow on the 200mhz) and sell it low. If you want high end, then your at the wrong phone.

  • Anonymous

it is practically the same as the htc touch. i'm not so sure about the design. the "sunken" screen doesn't work for me. anyway, htc rocks and go htc touch hd!!!!!! (sorry viva!)

  • Anonymous

Exactly! Like i said already 200MHz is much below par...

The original Touch already experienced lag problems. Hopefully this phone is aimed for people with lower budget. And another BIG hope is that the new touchFLO is more efficient so rendering graphics for the mediocre processor will not provide a laggy experience.

  • ififthelement

same as TC Touch, just new dsign, wats the use? at least they could have given a faster processor! else buy Touch , why buy this

  • Anonymous

This looks like the same underpowered Touch with improved interface... Unless the processor can be overclocked (as the original Touch can be, with the help of some 3rd party app) I would steer away from this to prevent the risk of having a supremely laggy phone.

200Mhz is much below par.

  • previous nokia fans

the phones just like the HTC china mobile S1 windows mobile with the same specification and with a cheaper cost only RM770 and it is available now

check this : i just google it on interenet

  • adil

this is just the old touch with the new touchflo interface

  • Conor

uhh...what's the difference between this and the HTC Touch???

  • Nithin

what about it's ram and rom?

  • Anonymous

nice phone