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Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020I cannot use the rear camera. I installed some app a few mo... moreLooks like a bad program left behind some hooks into your camera app. Best way to fix it is perform a factory reset after backing up your phone. Got to "Backup & reset" in the phone settings, and make sure you have "Automatic restore" checked before backing up.

  • Ranji

I bought my HTC U11 from Kuwait and i live in India. I wants to use direct VOLTE function on my phone but unfortunately my phone is not support direct VOLTE due to its ROM designed as according to Middle East . I have tried mobile operator VOLTE app (Jio4GVoice) on my phone but it is not as much good as direct VOLTE calling works. Is there any way to update my HTC U11 ROM as according to India Network. Which can enable VOLTE & WIFI calling feature on my HTC U11... Please provide a solution..

  • Bezita99

Glad i own it as daily driver, a red solar with dual sim and 128 GB internal and 6 GB ram. Something i miss just 3,5 audio jack and ir blaster. Previously, i also own M8 and Htc 10. Because both battery has drop, i switch to u11. My opinion u11 performance was good, but battery so poor in Pie OS. Charrge it 2 - 3 times a day with fast charging. For 2nd phone, i use sony x compact with great battery life...

Still my daily phone and i like it, but there is no Android pie update when most other devices have received the update, i have stock rom with sfr France

  • RANA

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2020I got u11 Dec 2019. I have not enjoyed because almost all t... morei had htc m8 2 years ago
same thing happened to that
maybe problem is that you didnt update the phone
or something is wrong with software (firmware)
or maybe the ram/rom problem
Mostly software problem occured if you didnt update the phone
mostly refurbish phone dont need a software guy to update the software

  • Anonymous

I cannot use the rear camera. I installed some app a few months ago and since then the camera has not started even once. I uninstalled it, wiped the cache, tried different camera apps and one told me that the camera is being used by another app. Also the flash seems to be playing games, i can only start it sometimes. Has anyone else got this kind of issue?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone a week ago, upgrading from my 4 year old Note 5 and the first thing i noticed about it is that it's literally a dust magnet.
But i guess this is a small inconvenience.
The phone works great despite being nearly 3 years old.
It's especially good because i hate all of these phones with notches/cutouts and those giant screens without bezels.
5 to 5.5 inch screens is where it's at for me, i don't want my screen to be tiny but nor do i want it to be giant.
Hopefully this phone lasts me atleast 2 years and hopefully next year they'll start implementing the selfie cameras beneath the display so i don't have to deal with the notches, cutouts or those mechanisms that can break.
Sadly htc is dead so i'm gonna have to go back to Samsung eventually, buy their future S30 or S40 depending if they actually put the selfie camera bellow the display like i said before

  • Anonymous

I got u11 Dec 2019. I have not enjoyed because almost all the apps keep stopping through the greater part of each day. Added to this is that it switches of at will even when one is on a call. Pls I need clue to these issues.

  • TiWyX

Mike, 06 Aug 2019Screen didn't last a month. Even with edge protection, it h... morePeople break phones by doing nothing, mine was on numerous construction sites, and broke after so much dust, I wanted to clean him but water damage got him. But the phone was looking brand new. Sold it for 50 to a repair shop that needed parts.

Tref, 25 Jan 2020Any news about android 10 update?Sorry to break it to you but it seems that the company gave up all together. It may come back though. So far no plans whatsoever.

  • Tref

Any news about android 10 update?

I got this phone brand new last April, it was a steal at just $150 USD, and boy did I make the right decision!

When I got it it was on its stock Android 7, so I immediately got it to 8 and this past November I got the OTA update to pie.

Here are some pointers:
. The camera is amazing (get the Google Cam)
. The screen is sharp and great for an LCD
. The sound, OMG the sound is one the stand out features for this, just make sure to use the included earphones
. It's speedy and has handled everything I've thrown at it although RAM management is not the best
. Finger print scanner is super fast and responsive
. Battery life is just okay, great at the beginning but now just okay.

I'm really happy with it and will not get over hyped over anything else until it's completely necessary, not during 2020 at least.

  • Anonymous

Tipsy, 18 Dec 2019I just switched from htc u11 life to htc u11 i so much love... moreI have my u11 updated to Android 9.0 early this December, such an amazing phone

  • Tipsy

I just switched from htc u11 life to htc u11 i so much love my new phone but my challenge here is that my old u11 life is on andriod 9.1 while my new u11 is on andriod 7.1 and I've checking for software update everyday since i bought it but all to no avail.
Is it that the update is not available in my region (Nigeria)? Any useful information will be well appreciated.


  • Anonymous

got pie couple months ago, it run smoothly till now, battery still run good also, full charge can be use for whole day, i even can make almost 1 hour whatsapp call with 1% battery as long as the screen is turned off, great work htc 👍

  • bootech

GuyB, 20 Nov 2019I bought an HTC U11 on October 27, 2017 for $ 1033 from HTC... morebought the phone in 2017 August for just 400 EUR, got a discount. Didn't have any major problems, still using it today. Of course after 2 years the battery is worse. The phone is just perfect for me. I was afraid after jerryrig videos, that it's very fragile but dropped it many times, on asphalt too, and it didn't break. Maybe you just got a faulty device...

  • GuyB

I bought an HTC U11 on October 27, 2017 for $ 1033 from HTC Canada direct. 4 months later, it had "the swollen battery disease": The underside of the phone takes off, phone barely works, doesn't charge, etc.

I did an RMA and they took 1 month to change the battery, i had to pay for postage ...

May 2019, my phone started to degenerate: The sound of speakers was all garbled, the "soft touch" buttons like "back, task, return" work very badly (and finally not at all), the data does not pass over the USB port nor it can charge ... It's like all the bottom of the phone is dying ...

I called HTC Canada, and they told me: "sorry sir, your device is no longer on warranty". I ask how much it would cost to change the mainboard: I'm told it'd be around $375 ... I checked on EBay: I can buy a HTC U11 "unopened" for $250 ... So i'll have to just throw it to trash. Obviously, it's the first and last HTC for me...

  • Anonymous

Aamir, 29 Sep 2019Should I update to Android pie on u11 dual sim? Any improve... moreI have updated and it is really working nice. No issue after upgrade and you can start new features of the android 9.

  • pisican

Aamir, 29 Sep 2019Should I update to Android pie on u11 dual sim? Any improve... moreHi. Pie shows bluetooth headset battery level. Pie offers open wi-fi channels when available. Some font errors got fixed with this update.

  • Aamir

Should I update to Android pie on u11 dual sim? Any improvement in this version?