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Where to buy this phone in EU?

  • Anonymous

Where to buy this phone in EU?

  • Anonymous

One of the best phones I have used, no slowing down with age and just beautifully crafted. It was difficult to find something with a better build quality to upgrade to after I crashed the screen on this one after about 4 years without a case.

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2021Same here. After 2yrs of use it needs charging twice a d... moreI was using AccuBattery.

  • Adrian

I absolutely love this phone but I have to switch to T-Mobile and it's not compatible. I settled for the Moto 5g Ace but I already know its no comparison to my HTC. Some of the black paint inside the bezel got heated up and melted into the inside of the display so now the bottom of the screen lost its touch capacity but other than that this phone has worked awesomely since the day I got it. It's still as snappy and quick as when it was brand new.

  • Anonymous

Bought it brandnew last year (November 2020). I guess I made the right decisin to choose this over similarly priced midrange phones. This is the best phone I have ever used. I updated to android 9. I personally think it can support 10 or 11 given its hardware. I will use this as long as it last.

  • Potatoeswithketchup

Somebody knows if i will have a problem using a different model battery, i only can find for 2bzc100 model but my device is bzc500 model?

  • Anonymous

Jacek, 23 Jul 2021Great phone but battery suddenly started dying very fast af... moreSame here.

After 2yrs of use it needs charging twice a day.

BTW which battery testing all are you using?

Great phone but battery suddenly started dying very fast after exactly 2 years of use. Battery testing app shows 1800mAh capacity. Very sad as I'm happy with U11 features and don't need a new phone.

And unfortunatley it's very hard to find a replacement with the same set of features (metal frame, main camera with OIS, IP68, stereo speakers) and not costing an arm and a leg. Asus Zenfone 8 seems a closest match feature and price wise.

  • Darko

does anyone solve the issue with headphones not reading them?

  • Anonymous

HTC U11 is a fantastic phone. I have been using it for the last three years without a single problem. No heating, no hanging. Absolutely smooth. Lovely photos, great audio. I will continue to use it for as long as it lasts which may be another three years given its current flawless performance.

  • Mr.D

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2021So true, I've been using this phone close 4 years with... moreI'm typing on my HTC One M8 because my Galaxy S9 is busted although the operating system is not usable for today I don't believe I was wondering why my screen doesn't have a scratch on this and I never bought a case I'm hunting phones and I come across this website. The Samsung phone I loved had a few of the S models but they're getting too evasive and that dumb bitch Bigsby you can't get out so I will get out

  • Weezy

bootech, 05 Mar 2021It will be 4 years this summer, no regrets, didn't f... moreu20 5G is on the market

  • Jerry C

I am still using my HTC U11 today. This is the best phone ever made. Good performance in every aspects. My friends always ask me for pictures I took during the trips because the my U11 takes great pictures.

  • Joel Joseph

I am a proud owner of hTC U11 phone for almost 4 years now. It was hTC's last phone in India before it quit here. Everyone in India is in to Samsung/Apple/Mi etc. which have loud/aggressive marketing and too much hype. This is mainly why I went with the U11, to be different. hTC are quitly brilliant. The U11 is an excellent phone with superb camera. I have not reason to upgrade to another phone but will use the U11 as long as it lasts - till its last breath!

  • Ronmarvi

I have had the HTC U11 for nearly four years now.It’s an excellent telephone,but I’m waiting for HTC to come up with a new flagship again.This phone was the first on the market with glass in the back.I have lost mine many times on the ground,it’s still just as good as new

  • Godson

tavogl, 01 Apr 2021I've had this phone for almost 4 years, phone is reall... morehtc doesn't work on themes any longer.

  • tavogl

I've had this phone for almost 4 years, phone is really amazing, i used to buy a new phone every year, but since I have this htc u11 I don't feel like it is necessary because it works quite well, the camera is excellent, the screen looks better even against new phones, and it moves apps smoothly in 2021. I wish HTC had released an Android update. The phone is Android 8.0. If you know how to update the operating system, I appreciate your help.

  • Anonymous

bootech, 05 Mar 2021It will be 4 years this summer, no regrets, didn't f... moreSo true, I've been using this phone close 4 years without a case, I've dropped it many times on every type of surface, onto asphalt, stone surfaces etc., it never cracked, broken, not even a scratch on the display. And it runs as smooth as the first day. Only downside is that the battery drains too fast, charging it almost two times a day. Although when you turn on the battery saver mode it lasts longer.

  • Fadi

Minu, 17 Feb 2021Don't upgrade it. None of the new phones have 16:9 displayyou are absolutely right