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  • GenuineGozi
  • qpf
  • 16 May 2024

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2024Hi - is this model VoLTE compatible?The US version is compatible with VoLTE, I'm not sure of the other variants.

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    • Bo chethn
    • tsA
    • 29 Jan 2024

    Great, i have just bought it by 50 usd. It looks great, but run pie 9 and it is not so smooth.

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      • Anonymous
      • BHn
      • 25 Jan 2024

      Hi - is this model VoLTE compatible?

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        • Anonymous
        • r3c
        • 13 Jan 2024

        On XDA Forums there is Lineage OS for this phone. Lastest android 14 update.

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          • Anonymous
          • gK{
          • 17 Mar 2023

          i really like the inscreen buttons.

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            • Naveen
            • ni{
            • 10 Mar 2023

            This has been an amazing phone. I will complete 6 years in few months and it is still going strong. once in a while it shows signs of slowing down, just need to restart and it is back to full power. It has been a great companion, but I know if have to change it some time in near future, will use it as a backup phone.

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              • Bobi
              • nsJ
              • 28 Oct 2022

              Great device and great brand. Changed it with Samsung S20, but Samsung is far away behind as useful customization features. For instance phonebook is not so well organized, keyboard also etc.

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                • Anonymous
                • 3bm
                • 22 Oct 2022

                Ex-flagship Lover, 20 Sep 2022Htc u11 very hard to sell because people nowadays choose to... moreI managed to sell it for $60
                That's probably about as much as you can get selling off a 5 year old phone from htc no less. People only care about Samsung and Apple when it comes to second hand
                I thought about keeping but honestly it's not worth it, i haven't really used it after i got my new phone so it's just gonna rot away in some dusty old drawer without anyone to use it

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                  • Irinel
                  • n%t
                  • 17 Oct 2022

                  I'm stil using HTC U11 since beginning of 2018 without any problem battery stil ok and the phone moving fast....will be a difficult decision to change it.

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                    • Ex-flagship Lover
                    • bxd
                    • 20 Sep 2022

                    Anonymous, 13 Sep 2022It's almost time for me to say goodbye to this phone ... moreHtc u11 very hard to sell because people nowadays choose to buy midrange xiaomi and vivo.... Unless you sell it with very very low price....

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3bm
                      • 13 Sep 2022

                      It's almost time for me to say goodbye to this phone
                      I've been with HTC since September 2017 when i bought the HTC 10 and it was an amazing phone
                      In March 2020 i decided to upgrade and get the U11 which i'm still using right now but not for long
                      In a week or two i'll be upgrading to a Samsung S22 and it's sad i have to say goodbye to HTC as they don't make phones anymore
                      I have a lot of fond memories with the 10 and U11 and these phones never disappointed me but of course with age their batteries are much worse right now. I gave the 10 to my dad who's still using it and is still satisfied with it
                      I'm gonna try to sell the U11 but if nobody buys it within a month, i'll keep it as a backup phone (so maybe i won't be saying goodbye to it, who knows)
                      Anyway, i never managed to get my hands on the U12 which is quite a shame but it is what it is. Before the HTC 10 i was only using Samsung, started with an S3 and moved through J3 and A5 (2017) before settling with the HTC 10

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                        • kiran rabanal
                        • EU0
                        • 02 Sep 2022

                        Htc u11 long user, 22 Jul 2022Giys, from your experience is there any HTC phone that matc... moreI am still using hTC U11 (5+ years now). It is still going great.

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                          • Sin
                          • 0Fj
                          • 20 Aug 2022

                          Htc u11 long user, 22 Jul 2022Giys, from your experience is there any HTC phone that matc... moreI think the HTC u12+ is still the best HTC phone
                          In HTC line up

                          The HTC u12+ is still ok today ram little low but otherwise its good good flagship processor that still ok today
                          The HTC u12+ also has better screen

                          The HTC multiverse phone is newer but it's a mid range phone
                          A rather premium mid range phone but the processor not ideal
                          It's also a overpriced phone without luxury like headphone jack SD card slot

                          Definitely HTC needs some feedback about there newer phones bad design choices from customers

                          HTC not doing themselves any favours lately
                          The HTC brand was used too be one of the best
                          But lately there design choices and hardware & pricing is questionable

                          However most brands has gone downhill this not just a HTC problem Samsung apple & even Google also not making phones like they too

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                            • Htc u11 long user
                            • m1{
                            • 22 Jul 2022

                            Giys, from your experience is there any HTC phone that matches or close enough to U11 durability?? Or maybe better wait for the htc metaverse phone coming at year end but that will cost bunch of money at release.
                            My U11 after more than 4 years of usage is still working good but feeling should upgrade. Thought of U20 5G but seems it's not that good as u11 as many said here, though it's price nowwadays is good around 250$

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                              • Quetzalcoatlus
                              • nDZ
                              • 18 Jul 2022

                              Hanif Fikri, 31 Mar 2022wow i think i might buy this used phone is rm150 or 35$ in ... more35$ when the price at launch of the phone started at 650$???

                              That's a fake phone for sure.

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                                • stanley
                                • vG1
                                • 20 Jun 2022

                                this phone was very nice smooth nice battery and camera is best till now 2022 but only problem came recently was than wifi n mobile data got problem probably a firmware issue.

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                                  • Crecks
                                  • tA$
                                  • 18 May 2022

                                  awewe, 16 May 2022this is a good phone. unfortunately there is fatal problem ... moreYa you pay more for this 🤔

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                                    • awewe
                                    • tEZ
                                    • 16 May 2022

                                    this is a good phone. unfortunately there is fatal problem about IMEI Disappeared suddenly. The impact is you can't use WIFI and Mobile Data.

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                                      • Jade
                                      • p2s
                                      • 04 May 2022

                                      kaykayjohnson, 08 Apr 2022Is it still possible to buy this phone new, even on Amazon?... moreI dont know why, i bought it when it was first launched, its wifi and mobile receiver died slowly, it doesnt receive any signal now. And even if I would like to change the signal receiver part the battery is insanely dying.

                                      This happened on 2020,

                                      maybe changing the screen might affect inside, it is a big hearth broke for me since I did lots of researchs before buying.

                                        Is it still possible to buy this phone new, even on Amazon?

                                        I know manufacturing has long been discontinued. There are eBay vendors claiming to have new units in stock, mostly based in China, and my guess is that these items are refurbished (fraudulent sellers).

                                        Should I buy the U11 off Amazon instead, or is there no difference (i.e. all shipments are refurbished anyway)?