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HTC U11 Eyes

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  • Anonymous

I have this phone from june 2018 and until now is 7.1.2 don't understand this wrong , is an excelent phone but I expected to upgrade to 8 ...maybe in the future I will root and instal some upgrade...( in the future I will keep in mind to check the brand for history upgrade )

Anonymous, 05 May 2019Hi. My friend i have europ version with serial xx.xx.401.x... moreMaybe because they are Grade A+ smartphone, that's why support in general, not important for them! lol

Are HTC brand in general have overheating issue in their phone!?

  • Anonymous

My friend i have europ version with serial xx.xx.401.xx and my u11 eyes runs with android oreo.
And i agree you,htc should makes better support and update its products,especially mediate to flagship.
I jave this great phone for about 9months and every things are great.finger scanner works very fast(far better than galaxy a6,a7,s8+ and other huawei and xiaomi phones)camera is great to and close to u11, 11+ and u12+ , s9 and other flagships.battery stamina and ..... are great
please htc.

  • Kasseta

An year elapsed and no any latest android update . The version is still 7.1.2 and security patch level is April 2018. Good phone but it seems is abandoned by htc and we will never get Oreo. Camera is excellent, especially OIS

  • Nnabazz

Please could anyone here kindly tell about this phone. Is it recommended?

  • Anonymous

Rejoice, for we have been blessed with an update! We are not worthy of your kindness HTC.

So what exactly did this update, update? OS version and security patch level remain the same.

  • Ram sandeep

Im from srilanka... I got an update today after a looong time.. But dont know what it is...
Ive used this for 5 months.. All good except the updates and the gallery...
Rear camera is great... Can take stunning images...

no update at this time :( bad purchase

  • Anonymous

where is oreo!!!

  • Anonymous

lamaz007, 19 Dec 2018is it water proof? meaning to say can i take underwater picsYou can read the spec above, it could endure 1 m under water within 30 mins. Waterproof is only use for calling under rainy.

  • lamaz007

is it water proof? meaning to say can i take underwater pics

  • Anonymous

Pas, 05 Dec 2018So what is the speed like? Any Lag? Can you multitask ok?... morePhone is speedy. Multitasking is fine. Live wallpapers stutter, however. Don't know about games.

  • Pas

So what is the speed like?
Any Lag?
Can you multitask ok?
Play games like Sniper 3D without it driving you crazy because of lag?

Rupesh, 03 Dec 2018I m planning to buy this phone but can anyone tell me, whet... moreno OS update, but the phone is wonderful and stable, definitely a good investment.

  • Rupesh

I m planning to buy this phone but can anyone tell me, whether it will get updates or not .coz it still running on nougat

Ehsan, 29 Nov 2018Hi, I have htc u11 eyes for 5 months ,I have recognized 2 t... moreDisplay seems to be very good, not the sharpest, but sharp enough as i said to not see any pixel. Only when you really try and search you might find from close.

Front camera as i said, is still good, but not the best. Havent been bothered about any noise...

coolblueleo, 28 Nov 20181. Even I am not from China or Hongkong, its available on A... moreThank you for reply. I've used HTC M7, M8 and i'm satisfied with it. I don't understand why they blame HTC. I thought because HTC is too bad in marketing, like their slogan "quietly brilliant". If i were them, i would go for "loudly brilliant"

  • Ehsan

Hi, I have htc u11 eyes for 5 months ,I have recognized 2 things
1- I think the display is tend to be a little red and it is not quite sharp ,especially when I watch 1080p videos and compare it to my previous phone (htc one X9)
2_ the front camera has noise and I expect a lot more from this phone...
Please have comments on these

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2018this is the best in this price.very fast,great camera in ba... moreSame here. Same observations. I agree with all points.
Battery lasts for 1 day easily on heavy usage, thats a strong point.