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Anonymous, 19 Nov 2018does it have a notification light??Yes

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does it have a notification light??

My HTC U11 Eyes Review Oct 2018 - Undiscovered Gem from HTC


My last phone was Samsung S8 Plus and LG V30 before that. Dislike of PWM on Amoled screen and Display uneven brightness were respective reasons for changing phones.

I could hardly find reviews of HTC U11 Eyes online, after see few Chinese and korean reviews I went for it and bought this phone.

Looks: Mine is Black color. Exactly like HTC U11 Plus, Very solid build quality, Very classy, and metal buttons have Apple level precision, that don't shake like it does on many flagship androids. But it is a fingerprint magnet like S8 etc.

Display: As good as any other LCD. HTC's Super LCD3. 18:9 aspect ratio. 402 PPI is not the highest but very high enough that your eyes might not notice.

Rear Camera: Same module which was used in HTC U11, rated as best Camera as per DXOMark. I can say the picture quality is on par with Pixel 2 (almost), basically Pixel 2 camera without AI. Much better than oversaturated S8.
One of the BEST Cameras I have used.
Front Camera: Inspite of 2 cameras (one with depth sensor), its strictly above average. Not the best.
Video Recording: Hi-Res Audio recording in 4K, which other phone has this feature? Video Quality was on par with most flagships. I was so disappointed with Pixel 2 or iPhone having a Mono audio recording for video in 2018!

Audio Quality: Through Speakers if strictly average, and not great.
Through headphones, it lack 3.5 mm. Stock earphones are of good quality. USonic will blow you away with its enhancement for Hi Res Audio and even 320 kbps music. But personally, I prefer to switch it off, to get a more natural sound. Sound Quality is excellent.

OS: Running Nougat 7.1.2. No Oreo as of today Oct 2018. But I never care about OS, as HTC has skinned the UI and honestly I am yet to see any significant upgrades in User Experience due to these 'Upgrades'

Atleast for me its a non issue, as long as the phone works smoothly, which it does. ( I know for some this is of paramount importance).
Performance: Coming from S8 + and LG V30, I couldn't notice any difference with Snapdragon 652 (28nm) being old. I DONT do gaming. Emails, Whatsapp, Lots of Photos, Videos, Music, Social Media, Other apps. Very fast and smooth.
Battery: With moderate use, after 12 hours 40% left. According to me this is Very Good. After 16 hours 20-25% left.
With Heavy use, after 12 hours 25% left. Which is again very good.
Yes, with newer processor 3930 Mah could have eked out more life, but this current life is more than enough for average user.

Overall: It is a very good phone, not bad from any stretch of imagination. Bought for 280$ (Rs.26,999). At that price, this phone is one par with most of the mid range flagships. I am surprised HTC havent released this is too many markets.

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Anonymous, 13 Sep 2018The reason being... The Eyes is IP rated. The 7 Plus is not.... moreI'd like to add that currently there is an issue with quick charging on the 7 Plus (aside from the fact that it doesn't come bundled with a quick charger). The 7 Plus will not quick charge when the phone is above a certain temperature or while the display is on. This is widely reported on XDA. Some say it's an intentional feature to prevent the phone from overheating. Others say it's been resolved with the Android 9.0 pre-release versions.

In any case, the Eyes has no such issue/feature. It quick charges immediately, everytime. I've seldom noticed the Eyes being warm and never once hot. I frequently notice the 7 Plus being warm or hot.

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James Whister, 12 Sep 2018" I would still pick this phone over the Nokia 7 Plus " The r... moreThe reason being...

The Eyes is IP rated. The 7 Plus is not. I'd like to be able to take a call when it's drizzling and I'm not carrying an umbrella.

The Eyes has a better rear camera, particularly in low light. Yes the 7 Plus has a better front camera, but I'm not a selfie person.

The Eyes comes bundled with better earphones. These high quality earphones, combined with their associated background app, make for a vastly better sound experience than even my Sony XBA earphones (which retailed for as high as $400 when new). The 7 Plus comes bundled with your run of the mill cheapish earphones.

The Eyes has a better and louder mono speaker than the 7 Plus.

The Eyes comes bundled with a quick charger. The 7 Plus does not.

The Eyes starts up quicker than the 7 Plus.

OS updates aside, you could argue that 7 Plus has newer Qualcommy stuff. I can absolutely not tell the difference between the SD652 and SD660 in my regular daily usage.

You could argue that the 7 Plus has a higher numbered Bluetooth version, but can anyone tell the difference? All my Bluetooth devices connect just fine with the Eyes. I don't transfer large files over Bluetooth, so its speed matters not to me.

You could argue that the vanilla Android homescreen and app drawer is better than that of HTC Sense, and I'd agree. But I'd counter-argue that Nova Prime trumps vanilla Android, which is what I use on the Eyes.

They're both great phones and similarly priced on eBay (now). One just has to decide whether regular OS updates and consumer bias are more important to them than.. well.. everything else.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2018There is no Oreo for this phone. This phone will not be updated ... more" I would still pick this phone over the Nokia 7 Plus "

The reason being?

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Sylvester, 10 Sep 2018Is there Oreo on this phone or not? Gsm arena say there is Oreo...There is no Oreo for this phone. This phone will not be updated beyond Nougat. Unless they or their source is an official HTC representative, any website or individual who states otherwise is incorrect.

Having said that, I would still pick this phone over the Nokia 7 Plus (I own both).

  • Sylvester

Is there Oreo on this phone or not? Gsm arena say there is Oreo...

  • Honest

Ive been using this phone for a month, its great phone. but the marketing of HTC is not good as Samsung, honestly the camera of this phone is better than I phone or Samsung S8/Note8

  • Honest

Great phone, the main camera is better than Samsung S8,Note8, HTC should do better marketing.
Great battery, this phone looks awesome.

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Jimmy , 31 Jul 2018No Oreo 8.0.. No way for me to buy this foneIt says Android Oreo (8.0) right in the description.

  • Anonymous

I swear they better be skipping Oreo to work on bringing Pie to this phone. Otherwise it'll be my fourth and last HTC.

This phone should have shipped with Oreo. I ordered it based on this and a numerous other major sites that stated it ships with Oreo.

  • Jimmy

No Oreo 8.0.. No way for me to buy this fone

  • Vilanochub

Got the phone yesterdayand poppedmy h20 sim card in and works great. Front camera bokeh is a cool feature. Battery is great and fast charges. Haven't testedrear camera but I expect good things.

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Please review

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Ming, 02 Jul 2018Actually it is Andriod 7.1.2, but HTC said they will update to A... moreWhere did they say this? Do you have a link? An HTC customer service rep in Hong Kong told me via Facebook that HTC currently has no plans to bring Oreo to this device.

Targo93, 07 Jul 2018Agreed, Should definitely release this phone worldwide.Yep, it would help HTC sales

Walter C. Dornez, 01 Jul 2018Honestly, HTC still makes awesome phones. Shame that the cons ma... moreAgreed, Should definitely release this phone worldwide.

  • Ming

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Anybody knows how the camera compares to the HTC I Ultra ?This one is better, with the identical camera of the 2017 flagship U11

  • Ming

Actually it is Andriod 7.1.2, but HTC said they will update to Andriod O in a year...