HTC U11 Life

HTC U11 Life

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  • AnonD-663385

When the forehead is larger i can still accept it, but phone looks like carrying a baby inside :(

And the worst phone of 2017 is HTC U11 Life ...

  • Anonymous

What the heaven that design?

  • AnonD-499774

Hahaha .thank God it's a rumour

  • AnonD-441601

Should have IP 68 and much bigger battery also USB C and not Micro USB 2.0 like this now looks crappy.

  • AnonD-441601

TomSeo, 04 Oct 2017ugliest phone of 2017Man thats Samsung S8 S8plus Note 8 and Iphone X this one is compared to them miss world 2017 for sure.

ugliest phone of 2017

  • AnonD-699935

u can find all of the weakest battery in the mobile world in HTC