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I was walking my dog and he pulled the leash suddenly making me drop my phones (HTC U11 Life and Galaxy S5 fell from my hoodie pocket). Neither had a case but only the HTC got damaged - screen broke. I guess that's an unplanned drop test? Anyway I just managed to replace the screen using a youtube guide and it is working again. Having taken the phone apart and put back together I can say it is very fragile - the back is thin and flexible, the front glass has little support near the corners particularly - so be careful pressing there.
The Bluetooth connection seems to be really weak, even compared to my galaxy s5 from several years ago. I am happy with the photo quality though. If you get this phone put it in a strong case - I don't think a silicone case alone will be good enough.
If you have to repair the screen, there is a good walkthrough video on youtube but it is tedious to will need to replace the adhesive for the the back panel with new adhesive. I needed a T5 torx screwdriver to work with it, and there are delicate cables for the squeeze sensors along the sides so be careful not to cut them.
I haven't used the phone much yet and am more utilitarian with it them so I won't comment much about the apps and speed or whatever.
Battery seems pretty decent - I have listened to audiobooks for an hour and the battery dipped to 99% compared to probably a 15% drop on my S5.

  • Spanky

This phone is the absolute worst piece of crap I've ever owned. I've had it since they came out. I've tried to contact HTC customer service, who are in Columbia, and they are rude and extremely non-helpful. The phone shuts down on a regular basis and ejects the SD card multiple times a day. I was told that I bought it, so I should shut up about it. I asked for a supervisor and was told NO and hung up on. I was hung up on by HTC customer service on more than one occasion, just trying to get help. As soon as I can get a different phone, I'm taking this one to the range. It's only good as a target. I'll never but any HTC product again and encourage others not to either.

  • Ilija

HTCfan, 24 Apr 2019Anyone using this phone for a year or more?I have it for about 10 months now. Excellent device. For the price of 200 euro that I've got it I'm very happy with it.

  • HTCfan

Anyone using this phone for a year or more?

  • Anonymous

The most garbage phone I've ever owned. Stopped working after a month, returned it and got a replacement which stopped working after 2 weeks.

The two other people I know that had one had the same issues.

Also the USB C headphone jack makes it impossible to get replacement headphones when the included ones inevitably break so make sure you don't lose the adapter that comes in the box. It also means you can't have headphones in while your phone is charging, an extremely useful design feature assuming the goal was to inconvenience your customers.

  • miki

My HTC U11 life suicide on charger. Work nice, charging, dead... :( Mainboard dead. Where I can find mainboard, used unlocked?

  • DKS

Does any HTC U11 Life users have received Android 9 update

I've had this phone for a week and this are the good things and some bad about it:


-Performance: Its buttery smooth, the cpu clocked at 2.2 helps a lot when moving through apps and opening them along with the 3gb of ram (Mexico)

-Screen: I based my decisions primarily on wether the phone had amoled screen or not, because i love the true blacks and functionality like always on display, but this IPS panel is really great beacause of the viewing angles, color accuracy and ppi.

-Edge sense: I can take screenshots with just a squeeze, genious!

-Audio: This is really important to me because i am able to play 24bit 99kHz audio thru the usb c headphones provided and it sounds incredible. Also support for bluetooth 5 and aptX and LDAC.

-Connector: This is not a big one but i like having the new standard of usb type c

-Camera: It takes incredible pictures, good detail and saturation, its not a flagship camera but definitely a very good one

-Front mounted fingerprint scanner: More useful for when you have the phone on a table, also is very quick!

-Color: The blue version of this phone is astonishing

-OS: Im currently on Oreo but love the almost stock android, just a launcher and a few boost and editing apps

Now the cons:

-No 3.5mm headphone jack and no adapter included: I need this to connect to my car stereo and guitar amplifier, so im gonna have to buy the original htc adapter ~ $17 dlls w/shipping, but you can connect a dac and amp adapter like the hidizs sonata

-Battery: I wish it had at least 3000 mAh, anyway im getting 5.5 hrs screen on time with 15% left

-Bezels: The bottom bezel on this phone is huuuge but at least it has nav buttons and fingerprint scanner so no big deal

And thats it folks i hope this review helped you out.... A little tip, dont fall for every negative comment, try for yourself and you might get surprised in a good way...

  • USADave

Missing 3.5mm headphone jack is UNACCEPTABLE

Android 9 update finally

  • Asheenlevrai

Bought this phone in a swiss retail shop.
- Type-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter was NOT provided with the device. USB-C headphones (instead)

  • Khan G

I'm living in KSA, how i can get this mobile

The inside of the back cover is peeling off around the edges after a year of use. Also, the Edge Sense feature is terrible compared to a gyroscope based solution for gestures, like in Lenovo's Moto G5 which I used before. Other than that, good phone.

  • Aadrian

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018I wait for U12 life! When will it arrives?It will probably take a while before it arrives.

  • Leone

Picture Quality is damn great!

  • Timalay

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2018It's a great phone plus who uses 3.7 mm jacks anyway just buy a ... moreNo one uses 3.7mm headphone jacks, because it's not a thing. Headphone jacks are normally 3.5mm.

  • Anonymous

HTC U11 Life from T-Mobile
Screen on this phone is EXTREMELY FRAGILE!!!
This has got to be a defective design.
2 screens, 2 months
Functionally, I am not thrilled either. The bottom bezel is poorly executed such that you have to hunt for the sweet spot (big bezel + micro sweet spot = wasted space)
Edge sense is not designed for daily rigorous use - a really dumb idea.
It triggers pulling from pocket.
Random uncontrolled split screens appear occasionally.
Want custom themes? You must go to an HTC site to get them!
True, some are free. but you have limited ctrl over them, and they are mostly ugly.

  • Anonymous

I wait for U12 life! When will it arrives?

  • Anonymous

Chupaero, 23 Jan 2018I hate this phone. No 3.5 mm jack. Industry is trying to kill w... moreIt's a great phone plus who uses 3.7 mm jacks anyway just buy a 30 buck pair of Bluetooth headphones and call it a day. My u11 life is super fast, great battery life, it's a very smooth

  • AnonD-628117

For anyone trying to decide between X4 and U11 Life please consider that the X4 is 20g heavier than the HTC. If you have an active profession which requires you to carry your phone while being on your feet all day its a very important consideration. Just got the X4 and have to say that though it has a great feature set, it weighs a ton. Its like a brick.