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HTC U11 Life

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  • Anonymous

Does anyone know what camera sensors the U11 Life is using? I'm surprised as how well the rear camera does given it's modest aperture and lack of OIS, and I'm rather curious on sensor and pixel size, but I cannot for the life of me find any info on it. HTC's algorithms are even more impressive if it's a dinky 1.0 micron pixel sensor like the IMX351 used on the U Play or an Omnivision OV16880/16885. Thanks!

  • Aadrian

Is the HTC smart display app available for the U11 Life?

  • Moopthy

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018Which one to choose, U11 life or Moto X4???Moto x4 is best

  • jimmy

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018Which one to choose, U11 life or Moto X4???u11 life

  • Anonymous

Helbert galarga, 15 Jan 2018Nice phone, at first I was worried to purchase this phone becaus... moreWhat about the rear camera, your opinion?

  • Anonymous

Which one to choose, U11 life or Moto X4???

  • AnonD-347782

What's with that giant bottom bezel? In a year where phones are getting smaller bezels this one is getting the opposite

  • Aadrian

HTC should add always on display to its phones, would be very nice.

  • Chupaero

I hate this phone. No 3.5 mm jack.
Industry is trying to kill what has been a useful commodity.
Sheer capitalism!
Innovation your face.

R I P HTC, you will never be forgotten.
HTC 10 was though to be a game changer for you
but oh my, you fail every single decisions every now and then.

Hire some competitive designers and advisers from Oneplus, Samsung and Apple.
That could save your souls.
What a trash. Space saver for a 2600mAh battery? Dafuq.

  • codename

2600 mah battery...Really ....I have to say this phone drastically

  • Helbert galarga

Nice phone, at first I was worried to purchase this phone because of some posts but now I love this phone. Best phone ever.

  • Anonymous

When will this be available in the Philippines?

  • Anonymous

Small unsimetrical buttons.

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2017You get an adapter in the box. Headphones also.Why should you need an adapter though?

  • Aadrian

Rogel, 21 Dec 2017Is this a better phone than the Ultra?In terms of specifications I think not, but in software I think it is. Fast updates becuae of androidone.

  • Rogel

Is this a better phone than the Ultra?

  • Anonymous

Andy, 17 Nov 2017No headphone jack is a set back. But, you can buy a headphone a... moreYou get an adapter in the box. Headphones also.

  • Anonymous

This phone is really amazing and awesome. The U11 life has every thing i want from a smartphone(at this price).and i,d rather take u11life instead of xiaomi or oneplus or ...,bikaz this is htc fon n is very differ... with other 2nd grade phone.pliz dont compare htc,iphone,with other brands like xiaomi,huawei or....
Go for this fon with no doubt .after many months or one year the differences will appear when xiaomi,oppo,oneplus or ... quality will drop but htc will works like first days(not only htc,also lg and even samsung quality is more better than xiaomi,oppo or ...)
In android htc is far better and would be the first choice in ui,quality,design,stamina and ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2017does this phone support project treble (android one version)Google's statement is that, any Android phone that releases with Oreo out of the box will support Project Treble. I simply trust that Google will not take back their words, with which it follows that this phone should support Project Treble. Moreover, this is an Android One mobile, the phone which is powered by Google.

  • Anonymous

does this phone support project treble (android one version)