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  • 20 Oct 2023

Sam N8 808 owner, 28 Aug 2023Unfortunately, in pursuit of features, sync everything and ... moreEven the Nokia 8 can manage 3 days of use and 2 weeks of standby with a 1440p display, SD835 and 3000mAh battery

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    • Coast
    • 0TG
    • 12 Oct 2023

    Anonymous, 11 Sep 2023I want to get this phone but gsm review make me crazy!!! Wh... moreWhat do you mean you smell a rat? Is GSMArena a cartel? Take 5 minutes to read the actual review and you'll understand why most Chinese phones outclass this e-waste in battery life

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      • Anonymous
      • pSF
      • 30 Sep 2023

      good to still see HTC in the shops this phone maybe not the best of the best but its very reasonable and probably just fine doing what it needs to do

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        • Peter Rasmussen
        • pXr
        • 17 Sep 2023

        My initial comment would be that I can't advise the purchase of this mobile phone. My analysis is provided below.

        I purchased a HTC U23 Pro and after having used it for some time I now have an opinion.
        It includes some problems I have with it, but due to not receiving assistance from HTC support I want to provide my opinion externally.
        I am currently using OnePlus N10 5G (with Android 11) and Sony XZ2 (with Android 10), which I am therefore referencing ti against.
        1. The networking is bad, and I have often problems getting it to connect with both mobile data and WiFi, when my reference mobiles will connect.
        2. The battery is used up rather quickly, possibly due to the screen power usage. The screen is good in normal light, but not extraordinary in high light situations. I don't do games, so I don't know about the screen performance for games.
        3. The camera is OK in normal day light situations, but not in low light, not in close ups and not with an easy selection of parameters when doing a picture taking. The 108mpix proposing is useless as it doesn't provide any improvement over the standard 12mpix setting.
        4. The closeup option is only fixed-focus and therefore difficult to use, so not really an option for a user, but just something to put on the label.
        5. The side positioned finger print sensor is not working well, and will not always react on a saved finger print, and I also experienced that the system suddenly deleted/forgot the saved fingerprints I and, so I had to redo it all.

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          • Chiron
          • X5u
          • 17 Sep 2023

          Aadrian , 23 Jul 2023I don't think a review will be published on this websi... moreThe phone's review has been released by gsmarena

            Zaides..Dub, 14 Sep 2023Its not available anywhere in Europe anymore!!! HTC used t... moreIt's available in Poland.

              travelinjack3, 25 Aug 2023Still not available in VietnamIts not available anywhere in Europe anymore!!! HTC used to market new phones there but now only in Asia e.g. India and middle-east such as S-Audi Arabia So you can count yourself lucky and soon enough in line for many new htcs like the V22* which is nice for you!


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                • Anonymous
                • 6qA
                • 11 Sep 2023

                I want to get this phone but gsm review make me crazy!!! What does it mean???? The 4600mah battery with oled and 4nm soc then 83h endurance???!!! Many confusing things appear in my mind!!!!! Other chinese phone with these spec have more than 100h endurance ... I accepted those review or this review???!!! I smell a rat !!!! are you sure you had a review well and currect???
                I have seen no trusted in gsmarena review many times!!! If samsung or xiaomi made phone like u23pro gsm to define very well and .... I'm sure this phone with these specs are far better that gsm said...for sure battery , screen and camera are good enough for this range as i read about other phones. Come on gsm please be honest with us....

                  Tyas, 24 Aug 2023HTC one m8 has 77h endurance rate with tiny 2600mah battery... moreUnfortunately, in pursuit of features, sync everything and tracking, there's nothing we can do.
                  Companies are not listening to many of us, they're just going about forcing their opinions and products.
                  Even low end products re heavily bloated with stuff we don't even use much.

                  Nokia 808 Pureview with a very very bright 4 inch display lasted 2 days with 1400 mah battery. Most of the battery power today is being misused for useless tasks.

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                    • Sum Theen Wong
                    • KZK
                    • 25 Aug 2023

                    thumbs up for inclusion of the LED notification light. useful feature but totally forgotten by many manufacturers.

                      Still not available in Vietnam

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                        • Anonymous
                        • uJA
                        • 25 Aug 2023

                        HTC should just stop making phones, the specs are just downright bad for the price.

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                          • Tyas
                          • Lfv
                          • 24 Aug 2023

                          Sam N8 808 owner, 24 Aug 20234600 mah battery is too small? 6.7 inch screen is too smal... moreHTC one m8 has 77h endurance rate with tiny 2600mah battery. This is not that future that we expected. Currently I'm using phone with 95h endurance rate and I need to charge it twice a day when I use maps or camera

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                            • lek
                            • GBh
                            • 24 Aug 2023

                            More than the battery life, the OS is an offense considering the good skin HTC used to have

                              Anonymous, 23 Aug 2023Too small battery. Too small screen like the rest of them.4600 mah battery is too small?
                              6.7 inch screen is too small?
                              What are you comparing it against exactly?

                              Although, I do agree the battery standby is turning out too less... 86 hours is.. let's just say, I'm expecting some sort of error, or its due to that AI learning that happens initially.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • SpU
                                • 23 Aug 2023

                                Too small battery. Too small screen like the rest of them.

                                  Anonymous, 19 Aug 2023You are business guy and still need carrier deal to get pho... moreLike with every other UI regardless of a brand.
                                  And yes i am a bussiness guy thats why i use carrier to buy a phone because it offers me avesome price and i hvae money for something else.
                                  Since i dislike to throw money out of the window is always for me a better way to buy something on a contract where i pay 16 euros for next 2 years. My current Moto 40 edge pro. Same way i got my xiaomi Mi 11 lite i paid 12 euros a month rest been covered by my monthly plan which is 37 euros.
                                  Paying instantly 789 eur for a phone price at my carrier is a no for me if this is much cheaper way since i pay 37 just a phone bill unlimited calls and text and 40GB data and without anything else.
                                  Hope you understands.
                                  Even if i wanted i could get something like Hymalayan version of Metavertu.
                                  But i am not that kind of guy who must have everything he can afford.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 8N3
                                    • 19 Aug 2023

                                    Cpt.Power, 15 Aug 2023Man once again i bought what was best available for me at t... moreYou are business guy and still need carrier deal to get phones?
                                    I am sure you can afford unlocked device and flagship ones.
                                    Also, could have gotten simpler phone without any IP.

                                    Person that does not like modified UIs, should never use one.
                                    MiUI is exactly what you bash.
                                    Too much modified, laggy and bloated.

                                      Anonymous, 15 Aug 2023Why would they put a black hole in the screen? Would never ... moreIts for the camera, unless you think HTC can make a fully functional under display camera when even Samsung Xiaomi and BBK with much more R&D money cannot. What is your suggestion other than a holepunch camera? A notch? Bigger bezels?

                                        Anonymous, 14 Aug 2023Waterproof case cannot protect speakers. Stop with this 💩... moreMan once again i bought what was best available for me at that time at my carrier.
                                        As you my know my previous Xiaomi Mi 11 lite havent had any IPXX rating and its still more than a perfect device.