HTC U Ultra gets a teardown video

Enrique, 17 March 2017

A teardown video has been posted on YouTube where the HTC U Ultra posed for the video camera while its handler slowly dismantled it. The most difficult part of the disassembly process was the softening of the rear glass panel. Once that came off, screws held the phone together, underneath all the plastic covers that held the antennas.

With the smartphone race these days, manufacturers are pushing the limits with screen sizes and razor-thin builds. This (as it appears on the video) is quite a step back for HTC. We really like the build on both the HTC 10 and the HTC 10 evo; the latter was even water-resistant (despite the decision to use the Snapdragon 810 in late-2016)! Why didn’t HTC follow that trend?

“HTC has really improved on [its] build process on these phones. These are now much more easily replaceable and repairable,” mentions PBK in the video.

While we do agree that the phone is much easier to disassemble and repair than, say, an HTC 10, what would that mean for you, the buyer? It wouldn’t necessarily translate to a sturdier smartphone. For what it’s worth, the smartphone that was disassembled on the video was not reflective of a $750 device; in 2013, perhaps yes, but definitely not 2017.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 20 Mar 2017
  • H5K

That's his opinion but I have one and it's an amazing smart phone!

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Mar 2017
  • vV5

I can't believe this is the HTC latest designs-_-"

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Mar 2017
  • UD{

Ill Buy this phone

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