HTC Vision could be renamed to G1 Blaze, go to T-Mobile

26 July, 2010

It's been a few weeks since we last heard of the QWERTY-packing HTC Vision Android phone, but new rumors have surfaced. The latest gossip says the Vision is heading for T-Mobile and a potential market name.

We first encountered the HTC Vision back in May when it became clear that it will have a 480x800 pixels screen, which we later found out to be 3.7" big. The other details that came up earlier this month name-dropped Android 2.1 Eclair running on a 1GHz CPU.

Now the new rumors peg the HTC Vision as a T-Mobile device, though they don't specify which T-Mobile (T-Mobile USA? A European T-Mobile?). A clue is provided by a bit of old gossip - that the HTC Vision will hit the UK in October.

Anyway, the HTC Vision could (rumor has it) change its name to G1 Blaze - an allusion to the first Android phone to hit the market, the T-Mobile G1. For some reason HTC hasn't produced many phones with Android and QWERTY since the G1.

As with anything you hear from rumor-land, this batch of rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt, there's nothing official from HTC yet.



Reader comments


whats the cam like ? megapixle? flash?

  • Anonymous

Will it have swype?cuz I hate that

  • Renald

Oh no HTC, This keyboard is not good, please give us a nice one like HTC Touch Pro 2. Then, you are not Nokia, your are HTC. The best.