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  • AnonD-5528

jjiimmyy, 04 Apr 2011Hi. Can i use GPS without internet connection?No, You need to access Internet to access GPS

  • RAM

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2011HI GUYS..I hve been using NOKIA for a ling time but now i wana a... more hi now android 2.2 has came on htc wildfire .i just brought this mobile it was so amaging having so many apps and many other features compared to other mobiles .it had good looking as well as good performance ,and a nice camera.

  • muinib

AnonD-577, 04 Apr 2011thanks varun helpful really. One more question. Is samsung ace ... moreshould i buy this phone?

is it a good solid phone?

any body guide me.

  • munib

on it is very cheap.[htc]

  • Anonymous

Is 2.2.1[Froyo]or[Eclair]

  • JM

spuis, 05 Apr 2011i had a HTC touch2. A very good cellphone except the screen whi... moreScrolling in Messages and Music is laggy even if you haven't installed any apps to begin with.

Screen is acceptable. Maybe you'll find it worse if you have previously used s.amoled and retina displays.

Except for those, everything is just great!

  • ceazer

It's an excellent phone one who knows to operate is very easy for them.other than tat the battery is superb only thing is not stands much when used internet.worth of buying it for this its a android windows can't be used .a 384 mb RAM 600 mhz processor touch sensitivity is like an I phone supports Bluetooth headset and camera clarity is awesome for 5 mpeg

  • Anonymous

jjiimmyy, 04 Apr 2011Hi. Can i use GPS without internet connection?yes u can.

  • Bogdan

jjiimmyy, 04 Apr 2011Hi. Can i use GPS without internet connection?Yes, you can

  • Ashtawadh

I'm thinking about buying the HTC widlfire and wanted to know if the Blackberry 8520 is better compared to the Wildfire?

Can anyone suggest which of the two is better?

  • spuis

i had a HTC touch2. A very good cellphone except the screen which was the worse i have ever had. It does not scroll good, It opens applications when you don't want it. Where you have to change dictionary it often doesn't work, etc...

Has this Wildfire a decent touchstreen?
I really would like to know that before purchasing it?

Thanks for an answer!

  • Ivcno

What do you think, is it worth to buy HTC Wildfire or Nokia E52?

  • AnonD-577

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2011thanks varun helpful really. One more question. Is samsung ace ... morethanks varun helpful really. One more question.
Is samsung ace better than wildfire?

That's a difficult question to answer as is:-
1. samsung ace has better resolution,
2. better processor
3. lighter

wildfire: better UI, better build quality

I personally am skeptical in buying samsung because of the poor build quality, and generally I haven't great experience with samsung phones' battery life. Haven't tried samsung ace myself, but given that the price band is same for both the phones, I would go and check out galaxy ace personally, only then will I be able to give you a proper response.. But if its build quality is good, and battery life is fine, then I would go for Samsung Ace. Else, HTC wildfire.

  • Sarthak

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2011thanks varun helpful really. One more question. Is samsung ace ... moreSamsung ace has higher specs but its also more expensive. HTC makes great phones. The only problem with the wildfire is that it has low resolution which does kind of hamper the multimedia experience. But trust me it runs faster than galaxy 3 which has a higher processor. HTC>Samsung when it comes to software integration and UI. So I would suggest go for wildfire S when it comes out. Its a bit more than the wildfire and the ace but it removes the low resolution issue with the wildfire. And once that issue is gone you will have an excellent phone in your hands. I am telling this from personal use. Samsung phones lag like hell at times. Spend a bit more and go for the wildfire S, that will give you the awesomeness of htc sense AND remove the low res problem of the wildfire

  • aimak

i'm using this phone for some time now and it is good in use ... its quite handy which was my requirement ... the one thing which I think is not good is its awful resolution ...

@et ... press empty space on home screen ... click shortcut ... now click settings at the end of list ... here you'll find bluetooth ... just click on it and it will be added on your home screen

  • siddharth

i m planing to buy htc it good phone???please give me your suggestions.which phones are similar to this phone.....
thank you....

  • Somil

I have two problems with the phone. one sometimes the camera quality is not the best, but its not that bad.
the other, you cannot send multiple files ta the same time. eg. you can only share one song via bluetooth at a time.
but for the rest its great ! :D

  • jjiimmyy

Hi. Can i use GPS without internet connection?

  • ET

Hi. I am new to the phone. So far love it. But have a typical ID10T problem. Yesterday when I got my phone, I've set up my home screen (sim card was not in yet), and added Bluetooth shortcut to my home screen.
This morning I've inserted my sim card and selected to have my old settings. So my home screen set-up from yesterday was reset. All ok, apart from that I cannot find how to add bluetooth as shortcut again to my home screen. All the others are fine, except bluetooth.
Can anyone please give me help with this and point me in the right direction?
Thank you.

  • AnonD-5339

ravan, 27 Mar 2011hi guys n girls.. i bought this mobile phone its a nice phone b... moreYou need to disable the phone's data connection. Use it only when you need it. I charge it once it 3 days. Lasts long.