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  • Martie

Brilliant phone :)
It's the perfect phone for a teen like me. It's really social, and completely integrated with the internet/facebook etc. so you'll miss it if you don't get a plan with data included.
The notifications are really good, and the text messaging is like an IM conversation which is perfect for teens :)
Basically, if you aren't bothered about screen resolution, this is perfect for you. HTC Sense is amazing (you have to try it by the way), Android 2.2 is rolling out and is already on T-Mobile and Vodafone, soon to come on 3, and Android, in many respects, is better than iOS, simply because iOS isn't as socially integrated. I'm not saying iOS is bad because it isn't, but if you are a teen, young person, or love chatting with your mates, you are better off getting this phone than an iPhone :)

BTW, I got mine on this deal here which is one of the cheapest you can get:­/HTC-Wildfire-Free-Line-Rental-Discount/85,41247­,All,tt1,ct1

There is some on T-mobile and 3 on £15 a month, and some good deals £20 and up if you're more heavy on texts etc. I highly recommend getting some data included, the phone is a lot better then :)

[I'm not advertising them, you can just get good deals n stuff]

  • Anonymous

kartik, 28 Jan 2011helloo guys please please help me i have Rs15000 in hand want ... moreHTC Wildfire is the Best choice, LG Optimus does not support Flash even though it has Froyo :-(

  • Dejay

Can sm1 help me out in hw to segregate my photos into diff albums in my new htc wildfire.

  • SniP23

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2011when i try to use usb tethering on htc wildfire(froyo).its sayin... morethis is the procedure:
install the htc driver for the phone ,which is present in the memory card or downld it from htc site,,(if you have installed it,then uninstall it, and re-instal it,,),then connect your phone to pc,,select usb-theder ,,the drivers will install automatically ,,and now ,u can share your mobile internet with your laptop,,

  • Ravi

Phil, 28 Jan 2011@Ravi - To remove widget, press and hold, when 'remove' box appe... moreDear Phil, ThanX for ur help. The process U've suggested is for removing a widget from screen. But I want a process which can uninstall a widget from phone itself.

  • Remco

kartik, 28 Jan 2011helloo guys please please help me i have Rs15000 in hand want ... moreHTC wildfire for sure, ive had the LG GT540 optimus and it kind of sucks and i dont think the p500 optimus 1 is any advantage of it and the camera on HTC is better,Better call quality and stuff, if i were you, id buy the HTC wildfire :)

  • Anonymous

best phone

  • sarem

princess, 19 Jan 2011I updated my unit to 2.2, and the download went smooth even with... morehi i have HTC Wildfire i want 2 upgreade to andor 2.2

can u send me the Correct link so i can upgrade.

thanks & best regard.

  • Sarem

princess, 21 Jan 2011I updated to 2.2 thru wifi. If ur not within any hotspot, you ma... moreDeat all i have HTC Wildfire i want to upgrade to Andor 2.2 ..can any one send me the correct link...


  • Anonymous

will it support WIFI hotspot ?

  • arpith(arpithpmuddi@

kartik, 28 Jan 2011helloo guys please please help me i have Rs15000 in hand want ... morehtc wildfire is best

  • Sherry7

geet, 29 Jan 2011does htc wildfire support java??It does

  • Buna

great phone,simple,functional..and cheap :)

  • damian brown

Bharat, 27 Jan 2011is wildfire really having ARM 11 processor and adreno 200 graphi... moreyes they do and they perform well

  • damian brown

dr geo, 28 Jan 2011how can you convert it to 800Hz?will it increase battery consuption?not quite the maximum you can overclock it to is 768MHz and yes it will use more battery but you will see a slite increase in performance. install android 2.2 for a safer and easier way of improving performance

  • damian brown

great phone dose everything the desire does. great little phone if your new to the smartphone area. very customisiable though phone ROOTING (for advanced users only) overall

out of 10

performance = 8 - can be a bit laggy but more than fine

features = 10 - toltally customisable

design = 9 - fine if the 4 selction button where actually buttons not touch senitive

operating system = 10 - uses googles new android 2.1 system and CAN be updated to 2.2 via or you network provider

any questions about phone please see HTC website or send a e-mail to JVC260W@HOTMAIL.CO.UK with the subject HTC WILDFIRE Q & A


  • damian brown

geet, 29 Jan 2011does htc wildfire support java??yes it does, android market apps are based on java. also the web browser has a basic form of java installed

  • geet

does htc wildfire support java??

  • BesT

Great for first-time android users. Could be great as the low-res screen (or something) just isn't good for games (or some apps).

If rooted (now writting, os should be 2.1 to gain root), you can punch up the processor to 768 i think or somewhere near.

  • Deepak

kartik, 28 Jan 2011helloo guys please please help me i have Rs15000 in hand want ... moreI would go for HTC Wildfire.