HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire

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  • Maureen

So far so good for me easy to use.

  • gajju

HTC is great ph...but d prbm is dat live wallpaper is.not working...plz help me.....

  • Suraj Rathore

Well..i hve been using this mchine for past two months n its the best.

Except for the problem in using of backspace at times in horizontal screen . But now its working fine after upgradation.

Its resolution may also dsapnt u at some pt. but then u wont get anything better than this at this price in the market...
So go for it !!

  • dm

my first htc and love it. great speed, amazing screen, super peformance, super features ! ! !

  • HTCian

TKR, 10 Jan 2011hello everyone.i bought the htc wildfire a couple of days back n... morehi even im facing the same problem. aftr upgrading to 2.2, battery improved a lot. Also im using ES task manager instead of adv task killer. I found it bettr.

  • TKR

hello everyone.i bought the htc wildfire a couple of days back n i loooove the phone.gr8 screen.good music n the touchscreen its gr8.
my one and only problem is the battery.i dont use wifi.i just use the cell for calls n sum music.but i still hav 2 the charge my cell twice a day.even whn im not using the phone the battery drains.i hav installed the adv task killer n the battery saver but its not helping...plzzzzz i love this phone but the battery is a BIG problem for me...can sum1 plz help/suggest a solution...thanx

  • HTCian

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2011im planning to buy a phone right now,im choosing between htc wil... moreX1o mini pro -> if u want a better camera, music and ease of typing
Wildfire -> if ur lukin for apps and latest OS
Battery life wud be more or less the same.

  • HTCian

[deleted post]Hi kartik....
GO to settings-> about phone-> system software updates->
check now.....if there will be any updates available thru ur network ull get it over there. Just download it ( Make sure u have wifi or unlimited data plan).

@ anonymous: battery life has improved after updating.Its been 5 days since i bought the phone.With 2.1 the battery discharged within 8 hrs. I used it for android market extensively. After upgrading, it runs one day (again im using it basically to download apps and little bit of calls as of now ).

  • Anonymous

im planning to buy a phone right now,im choosing between htc wildfire and sony ericson x10 mini pro. can anyone tell me which is better when it comes to battery life,music,camera and apps?

  • vijay

HTCian, 09 Jan 2011Hi ive upgraded to Froyo. The only differences i can spot is Inc... morehow long your battery stand? before 2.2 version and after 2.2. pls advice.

  • Anonymous

does it have office document viewer???

  • Anonymous

I've been Highly impressed by the users comments about the features of wildfire, ans am ready to buy it next week. I request the user to answer my 2 queries:-

1. The screen res. ,i.e. 240*320, is a bit low than many cheaper phones available today, even with resistive touch. I'm not comparing it with desire or diamond, but I want to know if it's not a letdown when compared to xperia x8 or galaxy 3. If yes, please reply?

2.Does the White color gives a metallic shine, and is it prone to dirt?

  • nasir abbas

HTC Willdfiare mobile is great, but do not get any of the games, such as the 3d games, you may also tell you which website to go to? Please Help Me!!!

  • Ramya sri.

HI Iam planning to buy new mobile under 15k. Can u plz advice which is best Motorola quench or HTC wildfire. ASAP.

  • Shristi

This is a great phone. Just bought last week. just love its social networking and its user friendlyness.....

I love wildfire!!!

  • srk_97

will get it today...hope it performs upto my expectations...

  • Ravi24365

Naveen, 10 Jan 2011By pressing ur message context fr-a-while it shows an options, t... moreThanQ Naveen.

  • porn addict

what about adult movies on this phone?
gps igo ?

  • naveen

aaron, 09 Jan 2011hey guys pls help me out as i want to upgrade ma htc wildfire 2... moreJst go-to legal service centre to upgrade android versions, and this is sincre advise tht, dont opt fr illegal softwares to upgrade android this may lead to system degradations, whch spoils ur mobile with in a short period.

  • Naveen

Ravi24365, 09 Jan 2011Hi can any one plz tell me how to forward an existing SMS from m... moreBy pressing ur message context fr-a-while it shows an options, there u can select 'forward' option to forward the previous message. and i too dont know to shift the previous applications to SD slot... thnk u.