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HTC Wildfire

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  • jk

riya, 06 Jan 2011I bought this phone yesterday. Ive activated vodafone(delhi) unl... moreLink yuur gmail account by going in setting...
Market place will be accessible then

  • Daniel

I'm testing the HTC Wildfire for a professional usage for now 2 weeks. I am very disappointed. The hardware is brilliant. I'm very impressed. But the software looks to me like stone age compared to a simple Nokia mobile phone I'm making a full use of. Few examples:
- you cannot view your agenda while speaking on the phone (what if your client asks you over the phone for an appointment?)
- the agenda recall system (when you have an appointment) is useless (sounds are too short and too low AND IT CAN'T KEEP ON RINGING UNTIL YOU PRESS A KEY)... and makes you miss your appointments often.
- the galery doesn't allow you to move files, messages and pictures to other folders.
- the folder management of texto's and e-mails is horrible... too many keys to press before you get what you want.

A nice machine for a private and not 'too heavy' usage... definitely not for professional usage!

  • Anonymous

Jay, 07 Jan 2011Bought this two weeks ago and So far i have charged only three t... moreHi Jay...
How much you paid for this phone in Delhi...

  • king

Been using it for 3 months now and im very satisfied with its functionality. Cool design and elegant looking. I just wish that the unit supports live wallpaper. The cherry mobile nova android 2.1 which is a low end phone that many are saying that originated from china comes with live wallpaper support. since htc is much better unit, particularly the wildfire, it should have been supported as well.

  • Nishant

guyz can ny1 help me out in telling d xact price of dis sexy smart fon....????

  • HTCian

Bought dis phone 2 days ago in New Delhi. Superb phone. the only thing bothering me is battery. Drained in 6 hrs. Used it only for making calls( 4-5 mins )and downloading android 2.2 update. :(

  • Jay

Bought this two weeks ago and So far i have charged only three times since i bought. Bettery life is amazing. 1000000% Satisfied with Battery life :)
I think 1st Smart phone with long battery life and great features. Rating 10/10. I would say it is better than MY Iphone 3GS.

  • Ravi

Is there any possiblity of recording 720p@30fps via Android 2.2 (Froyo) update?? atleast 720p@24fps??

  • kunal

riya, 06 Jan 2011I bought this phone yesterday. Ive activated vodafone(delhi) unl... morehi riya,
I think you r using vodafone live, thats y u r not able to browse google Maps.
If you want to access those things then go for GPRS connection or WiFi .. It will definitely work.


  • MGYL

Pardeep, 07 Jan 2011Hi All i bought HTC wildfire 2 months ago after hearing too muc... moreohh really???????? I can;t believe it..........

  • Pardeep

Hi All
i bought HTC wildfire 2 months ago after hearing too much about it.But its not that good.Screen resolution is very will never enjoy watching images,videos.But it does not end with it,its camera is worst.Boasted 5MPs is just illusion.Picture quality of camera is very poor.

Keep in mind these things and think twice before going 4 wildfire.
Best of luck

  • The Mobile Expert

Hi every Body ill tell you something!!!!

This wildfire is mainly for Internet applications like mails,chats,FB,(etc) dont look in for some high defenition games , all those stuffs.

Mind this is not a graphic card built Playstation its just a smart Phone use it smartly and enjoy.. Instead dont say that its not giving me a good battery backup life ,,,this and that the money for wat u pay is wat u get so think about the cost and blast them if tat is not worth..

I accept that This HTC wildfire doesnt give an awesome Camera clarity,but still again this is not a DIGI-Cam..

If ur budget suits can go for this wildfire else plzzz dont comment bad on this wildfire
And yeas Im using this since 3 months and I've made a mind set tat i should go for HTC even next time

Cheers !!!!

  • The Mobile Expert

Yeppie My wildfire auto updated to Froyo 2.2 from Eclair 2.1 which came standard and even in my work hours i do meddle only with My Gadget,,,, even my next would be From This Awesome Brand HTC...

Blindly you can Buy any HTC smartphone Trust me !!!!!!!!

  • too expensive.

I tried this phone in a shopping mall.
I really like the keyboard, it s size, and the plastic case which seem very solid and give a high quality look.

The optical mouse is nice, except when you go "up", you finger meet the screen. The mouse could have been set a little lower.
it' s the phone I would like to purchase for average use(check news, send some SMS)(got nokia, and iphone 3), but 300$ is well too expensive. 200$ would be more appropriated.

  • swas

can any body tell abt bluetooh file sending

  • Granit

riya, 06 Jan 2011I bought this phone yesterday. Ive activated vodafone(delhi) unl... Update to 2.2, or if you want 2.1 just go to web page and they learn how to Reset Factory and will work, becuse same things happend to me withm my wildfire..

  • ABBA

Sahilzxs, 06 Jan 2011Just need ur help. I want a fast for internet..pls give opera mini. it is way fast. hope it helps.

  • Haneef P P Kuwait

HTC wildfire is the right choice itís good phone. I buy Alghanim Electronics in Kuwait for that price...good

  • sa

is this model support Unicode..?

  • riya

I bought this phone yesterday. Ive activated vodafone(delhi) unlimited gprs plan.Im able to use internet but unfortunately its not connecting to android market and google maps. Can someone help?