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  • WILD

Vipin Agarwal, 28 Dec 2010Finally Upgraded to froyo.. its awesome..... it takes time to in... morehow's d battery life after upgrading??...any difference???

  • Malz

Hey, I am looking forward to buy an Android.. and have come down to LG Optimus One and the HTC Wildfire.
I just read in someones post stating that LG might not get Updates to 2.3 Gingerbread and HTC might!

I have used a friends Wildfire and was disappointed with the screen resolution... So how would that change which certain people claim after an upgrade to Froyo?

Would love to get a reply soon. Want to buy it on the 1st of Jan.


  • Ravs

I've updated my wildfire with froyo but i don't know how to get the froyo app launcher with phone and explorer on the main menu.. can someone help ?

  • Anonymous

would like to suggest:
if GSM Arena would have a shoot-out between Androids-wildfire, optimus one, galaxy 3, motorola Quench....

  • Vipin Agarwal

advanced task killer is working fine.. no problem in using the app

  • Misho

what about task killer? does anyone know anything about it?

  • Vipin Agarwal

Finally Upgraded to froyo.. its awesome..... it takes time to install.. but thats ok....

The Graphics have improved... and the phone has become faster now...

Net Browsing is faster too....

Overall i feel that i have just taken a new Phone again.....

i'm Loving it....


  • Sam

Hemal, 27 Dec 2010I am in Mumbai, India. Havent yet received the update. Tried the... moreHey Hemal,Only vodafone,airtel and ides are supporting the ota update,i had confirmed it with htc,if u not using then borrow it form some one else,m from bandra and updated mine to froyo on 23rd

  • WILD

please somebody let me know about d system speed and battery life after d upgrade to 2.2 ....i'm being crazy out of d dielema wheather to upgrade or not !!!!!!!!!!

  • WILD

Ananth, 25 Dec 2010Yesterday when i was using my mobile got apop up stating do you ... morehow's d system speed n battery life after upgrading ????

  • WILD

jhoel_1225, 26 Dec 2010the changes are not that noticeable for me except for portable w... morehow is the battery life dude???...still same/improved/degraded than eclair(2.1) ?? my big concern is this about system speed ...still d same??

  • androidfreak

PRASHANT B.., 26 Dec 2010im from pune....recieved froyo update on dec27 12:54am..loving w... moreHi prasanth.....after the update how are tasks being managed??...i heared u can no longer use a task killer to kill tasks in is it causing battery drain faster than 2.1 ???? please reply....i'm scared to update my wildfire to 2.2 bcoz of this issue

  • Asma

Hi all, I heard that android phones will eat up the battery soon. Is it true? Even this wildfire will last for a day itseems. Can any one please share their views on this please? I mean how's the battery life?
Thankyou so much.

  • san

Hey guys I want to buy good android phone at a price tag of around 15K.
The option that I found are optimus1, wildfire, xt5.
xt5 still stuck with eclair.
wildfire has a bit inferior screen resolution.
optimus 1 has only 3MP camera with no flash.

Please help, which one to buy :)

  • Hemal

afnan, 27 Dec 2010yoyo got foryo 2.2 official update form htc for my wildfireI am in Mumbai, India. Havent yet received the update. Tried the Software Update check too... No new updates for the phone it says.. Anyone from Mumbai who have been updated to Froyo? Help

  • 1

hey kyd ur best option is to go wit lg1 rather than wildfire. Best bang 4ur buck. Best valued n best buy @11,700.

  • kyd

hi im about to buy a wildfire soon.(Delhi)
Now should i buy the phone right now and update to froyo or would i get an new pack with preinstalled froyo, if i wait?? What shud b the best price?

  • Devi Prasad

Sri, 27 Dec 2010Hi Prasad, To update your Phone to Androis 2.2, do the follow... moreThank you Sri, I am downloading it now.


  • F z Z

I got updated my Broz wildfire to froyo(2.2) from HTC's official OTA update in India. . . .widfire rockz go for it.

  • manithan

does it have a video light?