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HTC Wildfire

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  • baz

this phone is very poor! it should really cost no more than £100 the screen res is very verypoor! and it cant handle playin hardly any game from app store. and the camera is really the worst thing on this phone old 2 mega pixel sony ericssons are twice as good as this phones camera, i would say this camera looks more like 1megapixel with settings on full, htc are highly over priced steve! avoid this phone at all cost!!!!!

  • vanillaladiee

does anyone know where mms photos are saved when you save them? because i can't seem to find it in the gallery and iono where else to look. also, when you receive mms, are the photos blurry because mine are very pixelated and i should be able to see them even after they have been resized. is there a way to fix this?!

  • KK

Hey does any one know how to connect wildfire to a PC and access internet ?

  • Demi_xoxo

I'm stuck between the option of a wildfire and vivaz pro. Although i would have to pay about R1000 more for the vivaz pro. I have heard that the htc wildfire's graphics and screen resolution is not that great but it's battery talk time(3G) lasts much longer.the vivaz pro has a qwerty keyboard which i like because my fingers are quiet large for the touch screen..i have a very tight budget. Which one would be more suitable?

  • Sergio

Very nice phone as I have used it for a month,
Touchscreen is responsive and mailing ,browsing quick is possible 2.
Love it ;)

  • abc

John, 16 Oct 2010HTC wildfire price is 13k nowwhere it is available in 13k

  • steve

very over priced for what it is. the screen rez is very poor. and camera is c**p!!!! i have taken mine back and got lg optimus sooo much better much more clear screen. i will never buy a htc again.

  • Anonymous

do android have their own apps store? so i can download many free games for my wildfire? btw this phone is worth it. im from philippines and it has a very unique design

  • Sina

yes sure wildfire update to froyo

  • Parth Mistry

hey frnds.
I m planning to take ph from Nokai X6, Nokai C6 & htc wildfire which on is good.... is it take loading time while opening sms.. and many features,,,,.... pls.. reply me... on my id
pls.. reply me

  • parul

Hey.. i am using this phone since the last 20 days but could find out why the handsfree's button is not working.. neither i can take the call nor disconnecting and it doesnt work for radio and music player too.. is there any settings which i will have to change???

  • laallaa

james , 20 Oct 2010can you tell me how big it is cm thanks james u use written dimensions and divide it with 10. simple as it is. if u cant do that than use calculator. And if calculator doesn't help than try to finish math first grade :D

  • Anonymous

does it have document viewer? is it downloadable with java?

  • veronika


can this mobile play games better than IPhone??? plzz elborate

and wat abt the music???

video formats which can be played ?? if not any apps for it to play those...

browsing how good it is...??

plzzz reply for all this...

  • JAzz

Could you guyss gimme some reviews on the browser is it good and can we install mini web browsers wat about the speed??? in this mobile.. and please update me on the battery backup if wi fi is used as some mobile's battery drain very soon wen Wi Fi is used.And i heard that some video formats can't be played in it>>> guyss reply to all my questionss ...thanks in advance (:

  • james

can you tell me how big it is cm

thanks james

  • chandan

Venus, 20 Oct 2010I got my wildfire yesterday, i am proud to tell u, that its a be... moreCan this be upgraded to Froyo 2.2?

  • Sharad

Can we ugrade the Android 2.1 to 2.2 on the internet?

  • drajax

Friends i've went thru the specifications and stats and it seems pretty decent for a entry level android phone but i need this as a secondary phone so plz help me decide on three choices, lg optimus one, samsung galaxy apollo, htc wildfire! So plz let me know which would a gud choice of the three? Thanz in advance mates!

  • Mayur M

fdf, 19 Oct 2010 reply to quest below... i use voda live in uk and it works on ... moresame prob here too man...
wenevr i call vode evry1 gives a diff response..
howevr i jst got it confrmd thet VL will not work..
ull have to take the MOBILE CONNECT from voda on this h/s..which is a brodband plan and is expensive..
so the only options is to change the carrier (especially in mum)..