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  • Sori

It always amazes me people complain about specs.

Even enthusiasts should understand companies make devices to appeal to different price ranges, needs and demographics, but it seems many still don't understand this concept.

  • Rakesh

Nope, Its not mistake from HTC.
Guess what!!! HTC is itself a mistake...

3G again..No secondary cam for video call???!!! what the F??? HTC!!! I'm not impressed..

I don't know, how people fall for these...

  • Saeed - Iran

I dont get why HTC is releasing one Android phone average once a month with all similar design and almost similar specs?
I have used the Hero earlier and really dont think its great leap forward compared to WINMO. well maybe you can even set your own home screen, but what else is new?
Has the Bluetooth problem been fixed?
Somebody tell me whats so special about Android.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2010Low resolution screen equals less cpu speed required equals a ve... moreScreen size won't affect CPU usage at all. Resolution may (possibly die to the graphics chip having to render more pixels) but physical screen size will affect nothing more than the battery life.

  • Venom

thats too small resolution for this size of screen
it's probably mistake in either screen size or resolution

  • pH1


yes 320x240 does not provide good dpi or ppi (look it up if u dont know what dpi is) but this a cheap phone after all. y do u compare this between the htc desire? its obviously the worse phone but its cheaper. this is for ppl who do not want or cant afford the htc desire. the closest alternatives to this are the sony ericsson x10 mini and the htc hero (bcos of its price).

there hv been phone with worse dpi before so y is this being criticized so much? look at all the phones in this list­idMaker=0&idAvailability=0&nPriceLow=0&a­mp;nPriceHigh=0&idCurrency=0&idFormFacto­r=0&idDualSIM=0&idQwerty=0&HeightMax­=0&WidthMax=0&ThicknessMax=0&WeightM­ax=0&idOS=0&idDisplay=0&idDisplayRes­=4&fDisplaySize=3.2&idDisplayTech=0&­idTouchscreen=0&idAccelerometer=0&id35mm­=0&idCamera=0&idCameraFlash=0&idVide­oRecorder=0&idExpansionCard=0&idGPS=0&am­p;bWLAN=0&bEDGE=0&bGPRS=0&idBluetoot­h=0&bIR=0&bEmail=0&bWAP=0&bJava=­0&idRadio=0&bMMS=0&idRingtones=0&­;sColor=&StandBy=0&TalkTime=0&sFreeT­ext=
they all hv 320x240 and at least 3.2" some r 3.5" with the same resolution. true, most of the phones in the list are older but look at the motorola and the zte phones, they r more recent.

i hv said this b4 and ill say it again: the lower the resolution, the less demanding it is on the cpu. so a weaker cpu will appear faster on this phone bcos of its low res. and on a cheap phone, they obviously were not going to put 1 of the faster and more expensive cpus currently available. so to maintain a similar level of performance on a cheaper phone, they had to sacrifice the resolution. i hv used neonode phones (rip neonode) and they hv a 176x220 res on a 2" touchscreen display. n2 has (i believe) 64mb ram and 64mb rom. (v little is known about neonodes so im not sure this is accurate, but it probably isnt far off, i think the cpu is between 100-220mhz but im not sure). it runs windows ce and a customized ui on top of that. shockingly it does not lag and multitasking is v easy and usually smooth. this htc phone has a faster cpu and it also has more dpi on its screen, but not much more. if htc tweak it right, this htc phone can run pretty decently. it wont be as good as the high end models, but it will be much cheaper so its targeted at different consumers. consumers who probably do not care too much about hving the latest and greatest piece of technology and for them it will probably satisfy their needs. if u do care about getting the most up to date tech, u can be sure it will cost u and u shudnt be looking at this phone. also look at the original iphone which had a 412mhz cpu and 128mb ram. a lot of ppl didnt complain about its performance. the ppl who buy iphone r not (or shudnt be) buying it bcos of its specs. this will hv better performance than that cos of lower res and faster cpu. so y complain?


  • pH1

uday, 18 May 2010listen guys i have my b'day coming up and i have an option on bu... moreif ur bday is around august / september, id say u shud w8 for the newer ipod touch. if its much sooner, u might want to look at htc desire. its better than this. this is mostly for those ppl who cant afford desire or want a cheaper android phone

  • pH1

atomant247, 17 May 2010HTC really need to sort out their internal memory. Nokia are bl... more"HTC really need to sort out their internal memory."
--> they r working on phones with more internal memory such as htc incredible... but true the phones shud hv more internal memory.

"Nokia are blowing them all out the water with 32gb in the likes of N97."
--> and htc r blowing nokia away in ram, rom and cpu. nokia hv yet to use a 1ghz cpu and htc r rumored to release a 1.3ghz soon. nokia also hv yet to release a multitouch capable device.

"A 32gb sd card is an expensive extra if you buy an HTC phone."
--> true, but thats gna be the same 4 any phone. nokia is expensive for the combination of poor build quality and low end specs (besides internal memory) on most phones they produce. the only exception i can think of is n95 which had good specs 4 its time but it was hideous and build quality needed improvement. the nokia 6500 and 6300 series had a pretty good build quality but specs were no good.

"I would like an HTC but the memory capacity is putting me off."
--> htc incredible has 8gb of internal memory. thats more than enuf for all the android apps ur willing to download. altho if u dont live in usa (like me) it is annoying that their other phones dont hv as much memory

"If Nokia sort out there operating system then I think they will have a lot of companies worried."
--> dont worry, they wont. symbian got delayed (again). also they hv only 1 phone that runs maemo. they will not branch out and try other operating systems (like almost every other company is doing) bcos they own symbian. so they will focus on that os only so they make more profit when symbian phones r sold. also nokia does repeat the designs of their older phones in newer models. there was another company that did that and they were once the top phone manufacturer. remember motorola? nokia will nvr make a winmo7 or android phone and their marketshare for smartphones has been shrinking. wat do u expect from a company that has a name which translates into soot?

sry if its a bit biased, but i rly hate nokia phones. from past experiences, they r low quality, warranty service is pathetic, and os is unstable or clunky.


  • uday

listen guys i have my b'day coming up and i have an option on buying this phone or i pod touch 3.1 32 gb what should i go for ?
plz help

  • deandhay

i prefer xperia x10mini pro

  • yuzo

guys which phone has better battery life this one or tattoo ?

  • f1000

whats are the benefits of android? is it better than say the bb os

  • andreas


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2010I am using HTC Tattoo currently. I am fine with Tattoo. Tattoo... moreI don't see how tatto is better than this.
It has the same poor screen resolution 240 x 320 pixels.

Anyway it's a matter of personal taste and it's good that we love our own phone (who else will? :D)

  • hani

Josh, 18 May 2010I would go with the HTC Legend, it's the same with bigger displa... morehtc legend not with bigger display it have same display size but amoled and higer resolution .

  • Anonymous

Low resolution screen equals less cpu speed required equals a very cheap phone for the teenagers.

  • Anonymous

I am using HTC Tattoo currently. I am fine with Tattoo. Tattoo is much far better than this when comparing the price Vs. features.

  • vijay

well good but touch not well

  • vijay

well good but touch not well

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 May 2010look nice.i like it so much.i think the screen resolution will b... more2.0" screen on my SE W830i itself has 320 X 240 pixels.. why such a low number on a 3.2" screen? Big flipside...