HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire

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  • BN

65K or 16 Million colors??

  • chocoberry

Another MSM7xxx....

  • pH1

max, 17 May 2010there is something wrong in tes resolution of display; as it mea... moreyes it can be 240x320 at 3.2", it just means u hv a low quality display. pixels r just larger in size so image quality is worse as it will appear more pixelated and less smooth. this also helps out with the speed as the processors dont hv to work as hard so weaker (and cheaper) processors can be used instead.

this phone is really for those who cant afford or do not want the htc desire but want a decent android phone. think of this phone as a replacement for the htc tatoo which is cheaper but it uses a smaller screen (with the same resolution), same speed cpu, but worse touchscreen technology (resistive vs capacitive), less ram, and a worse camera...


  • Alex

Is this just a HTC Desire Red????

  • pH1

rainai, 17 May 2010TFT refers to the type of screen... QVGA refers to the size of ... moreactually qvga refers to the resolution of the screen (240x320). screen size doesnt always depend on resolution. and thats where dpi or ppi comes in...

  • Android fan

It's good phone... for that price...sort of :) ...
For those complaining about power of the phone and not being in the Desire league... that's not this phone's intention... if desire Desire well go for it and buy one... not all of us want it or can afford it...

  • max

there is something wrong in tes resolution of display; as it measures 3,2 diagonal it can't be 240x 320, can it?

  • rainai

Anonymous, 17 May 2010It has a TFT Screen, not a QVGA...TFT refers to the type of screen...
QVGA refers to the size of screen...

  • Anonymous

It has a TFT Screen, not a QVGA...

  • core

It is combined version of desire and nexus one as for front mask and back mask for memory like legend as for screen i don't know what htc uses it but this kind of cpu same frequency as hero.

  • Dark

Hero, 17 May 2010Qualcomm MSM 7225 528 MHz processor what the??!! a very we... moreYap thats a horrible CPU

and sure its not like the desire, it might looks abit like it but The CPU ,resolution ,screen size,Ram & rom
in the Desire r way much better , so for me this mobile looks like an android version of HD mini
nothing special on it ,

the Desire still Rocks the Most yet

  • paranoia

hero- msm 7200 and 7201 was weak. this version is downed 600mhz model you can find that processor in lg gt540, that model is almost the same like that htc. Very speedy and solid model

  • Mini Me

Some specs like the resolution and processor are low because this will be a mid-range phone, it will have a mid range price , so it`s not supposed to be in the same league with the htc desire,se x10, samsung i9000 ...

  • Hero

Qualcomm MSM 7225 528 MHz processor

what the??!!

a very weak CPU!

  • Greatmarlboro1

Looks a good phone, but why HTC copies its previous models, this phone looks quite similar (atleast to me!) to Nexus one and Desire............

  • Giannreli

nothing new here folks!

  • hani

htc desire mini.

  • Anonymous

short, fat worse version of the Desire!!

  • Anonymous

Same as desire maybe???

  • Hassan

no snapdeagon :(