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  • john solomon

Hi guys.. I have HTC wildfire A3333. its a good phone, but I want to upgrade to latest software 2.3 is it possible? Reply me.

  • gx

vikas, 26 Mar 2012can this mobile can upgrade to android 2.3 ????Official from htc only updated to froyo 2.2.

but AOSP based cyanogenmod 7.2RC1 recently updated. latest gingerbread 2.3.7. with some changes, storage available for apps can be adjusted with reserved system storage.

used for one and half year, looking forward for one x :).

  • Anonymous


1) Cheaper than many Smartphone in the marketplace (In the 2010 standards)
2) Good varieties of multimedia abilities (Mp3/Video/picture playback)
3) Decent 5MP Video/Picture Camera (Usual prices this type of cell phone has, you normally would only be able to get 3MP instead)
4) Simple games can be installed (Popular Angry Birds game, jewel games, etc.)
5) Has all the basic apps like calculator, timer, alarm clock, voice recorder, and calender
6) Also has a built-in flashlight (uses Camera's flash)
7) Also includes a built-in internet browser and capable of viewing full version websites instead of mobile versions.
8) Similar specs as the iPhone 4 (BESIDES 4s).
9) Popular apps can be installed: Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, IMDB, etc.

Cons (in order for the company to slash the price down in the first place):

1) Battery could be better
2) Lack of secondary camera
3) Can sometimes lag due to the lesser processor power
4) Screen is 25%-40% smaller in comparison
5) Lower Resolution
6) Sometimes require more pressure on screen

Conclusion: obviously it doesn't share the same improved quality you'll find on a iPhone or other smartphone you'll find that was released in the same year as this, but if you can't afford an expensive phone or if you don't mind the decreased processor speed or the smaller screen then this phone is a good choice for it's price.

  • Anonymous

persistantly freezea, apps keep on shutting down, people will not let me save contacts, just tells me people has unexpectedly shut down please try again. would not have another wildfire if i was payed!

  • Anonymous

will HD games work on it?

  • erig

nice phone with good features,i really like it

  • ammy

missing my htc wildfire.....

  • azeddine

how can i add lanuage (Spanish) to my htc wilfdfire please.

  • kirankumar tummala

s really good phone

  • usama19

i have this one for a year and a half and it was working very good but a month ago it started going very very slow one night it took me half an hour to make a phone call , i've uninstalled the recent progs and even most of the progs but still too slow , anybody has an idea to solve this problem or i should just buy new one?

  • Albh90

For the price of this Cell, I would say it's actually not bad. When compared to the iPhone or other high end smartphones or cells, I would say this Wildfire phone is actually a very good quality phone.

True, it does have a few cons or reasons on why you shouldn't or prefer not to have, like the screen is smaller or how it's slightly slower than the expensive phones, or how it doesn't have the latest specs or lack there of like HD camera, or how it doesn't have 2 different locations for the camera. But many smartphone is the same as that though, especially for its initial intentions to be a ~budget phone~ or a smartphone capabilities for a wallet friendly price.

There's a lot of things about this phone that should at least outweigh the cons though, like for example, it has all the basic apps that a normal cellphone has, like calculator, timer and alarm, voice recorder, and ect. Also, it's cheaper than your average smartphone, Multimedia capable such as mp3 playback, decent camera for video/pictures and the obvious playback on both of them, and you can even download and use the basic internet apps like YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and even Skype call your friends. Also it has it's own web browser!! Or you can even download Mobile Opera Mini if you wished to use another browser. And the best of all, despite it's slow loading time, you can still view and visit actual websites instead of the mobile version of the site.

So ultimately, this phone is actually really advanced and a good quality phone if you just think about the price.

  • vikas

can this mobile can upgrade to android 2.3 ????

  • Rick

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2012Hi guys may I know the 2.2 release reply me Yes u can upgrade the OS from 2.1 to 2.2 froyo.

  • AnonD-35534

display resulation it tooooooooooooooo much bad, HTC hero is 1000 time better then HTC wildfire.

  • mitthoo

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2012hey guys i am planning on buying this phone next week some ... moreI have been using this phone for almost an year and it works as fine as it used to do when I bought it... Good phone, I'm now looking to buy HTC Rhyme.. I'd suggest you to consider that as well..

  • Anonymous

jahanzeb, 18 Mar 2012HTC widfire is user friendly but I have only one problem th... moreHi guys may I know the 2.2 release reply me

  • mags

AnonD-47785, 24 Mar 2012I read you hacked your Wildfire, I was curious as to what c... moreMy carrier is vodafone. The camera has more features on it and it works great. The internet speed is very fast since i rooted it. Rooting your phone u can stil use your carrier. Jus follow the instrucions to root ur phone . It gives you step by step instructions.

  • rauf mangal

i need htc wildfire

  • AnonD-47785

mags, 21 Mar 2012Hi. I rooted my wildfire a few weeks ago and im gld i did. ... moreI read you hacked your Wildfire, I was curious as to what carrier you use. I am concerned if I hack one depending on the carrier I could damage the phone. I like the camera on the Wildfire the benefit of the flash and 8 megahertz. The Optimus however, has a weaker camera but, faster internet connection. I want the benefit of a better camera without losing 25 percent of connection speed. It sounds like you might have solved that problem.
Your feedback would be great!
- Sallysewup

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2012hey guys i am planning on buying this phone next week some ... moreDear
1st check this phone it should be available in any store, Because i am searching but i did't found... If u found revert me once because i am also interested to buy this phone ASAP.