HTC Wildfire E2

HTC Wildfire E2

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  • Investi

Really good deal, you get a lot for just 100 EUR.

  • Anonymous

Just 100euro for this phone is great and for sure this phone is very cost effective.with 12nm soc and 64g of rom and 4g of ram would works great. wildfire E2 has equipped with some specs of midrange but price of entry level.i would buy it

  • Anonymous

First of all, if you want flagship spec go buy one. It's illogical to complain about this phones spec when it costs 5 to 10 times less than a flagship so just stop it.

Now this doesn't evoke the same feeling as HTC's of old however, HTC needs to sell phones to the masses in order to make it and may not be able to necessarily make the products the fans want until they actually make a profit and gain market share. Look at Sony, amazing phones for the fans but not really something the masses want hence the poor sales. If you want a decent phone with a decent processor and good ram and storage for a reasonable price and somewhat stock android this is a good choice

  • Flabby

HTC come back to your mobile game baby I miss you so much. Come baaack! 😭

k.pax, 11 Aug 2020very very very bad .... Htc is crazy .. Helio p22 charging ... moreRight, because when was the last time you saw a Snapdragon 865+ and 12 gigs of RAM with 120W fast charging for 100 Euros?

  • Anonymous

This phone is entry level and priced at just 100euro. be honest and write legal comments.8cores at 1.8ghz is enough,also it has 64g storage with 4g of RAM that is higher than its category and some of specs is related to midranges.
Guys,Are you sure that you are honest and writh the truth?????!!!!!! I don't think so

  • Begguete

k.pax, 11 Aug 2020very very very bad .... Htc is crazy .. Helio p22 charging ... moreIt's a 100 EUR phone, your not expecting flagship spec, are you?

  • Anonymous

k.pax, 11 Aug 2020very very very bad .... Htc is crazy .. Helio p22 charging ... morei agree with u bro, but thre r lots of people who didn't care about the inside😎, sme didnt evn awre of it, i believe lots of people wil stll buy it, coz of brand name n outwrd appearance.πŸ˜€πŸ˜

  • k.pax

very very very bad .... Htc is crazy .. Helio p22 charging 10w !!!

It is better not to produce ....

  • Marko

Where are small phones with height under 145mm

  • Ghost

Facu, 07 Aug 2020Any idea on when and if this phone will be available in the US?Only available in the Russian market

  • Anonymous

Very bad charging speed

  • Anonymous

Ruben, 08 Aug 2020Storage speed doesn't matterIt does. Emmc5.1 is barely faster than class 10 micro sd card.
But this is low end phone, no one expect ufs memory.

For example, UFS3.1 may be at least 8x faster than emmc5.1.

Really wish these bad brands would stop flooding the market with cheap trash when there are vastly better alternatives at the same price. The Helio P22 shouldn't exist anymore there's no use for it. Better SoCs are available at dirt cheap prices that even a homeless man could afford.

Ruben, 08 Aug 2020Storage speed doesn't matterIt matters buddy, during opening and closing apps, during backup and restoration. During boot and shutdown. Fir example Windows 10 is sluggish on HDD, whereas it's a breeze on SSD. Speed matters the most, we deploy faster processors, faster RAMs, then the bottleneck could be a HDD.

  • Anonymous

I used to love HTC but they are now so far out the game its about time they either gave up or bucked up their ideas,their handsets are so out of date even when they release a new one its at least a year behind spec wise...such a shame.

  • Ruben

Naveen Chaudhary, 08 Aug 2020So outdated with eMMC5.1(Read 250MBPS/Write 125MBPS), where... moreStorage speed doesn't matter

So outdated with eMMC5.1(Read 250MBPS/Write 125MBPS), whereas other entry level models have adopted UFS2.1(Read 860MBPS/Write 255MBPS) grade internal storage.
Looks like HTC doesn't want to survive.

Why this company needs to run it's operatio? Take off to the Universe!!!

  • Dragos

Zisan, 07 Aug 2020I'm still using HTC E9+You need to make changes. I mean you need to buy a new phone.