Huawei Ascend G525

Huawei Ascend G525

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  • the lukas

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2014My camera doesnt work. it keeps saying 'unfortunately, Gall... moreits my question to . huawei y530_u . how to fix the problem
thank you

  • milisa mdludlu

i have a LG G4, it doesn't want to turn on and also doesn't charge and i dont know what is the problem,

  • Nazim

I can not open my mobile.When i show my mobile,the display show e-mail id and password,then i give my e-mail number and password but i can not open my mobile.What can i do now?

  • xcan, 09 Oct 2016Myg525 l dont no why it stores applications on internal spa... moreHi
Root your cellphone by kingroot and install linktosd app

  • evans zozo

my phone is having aproble it says
'image signature verify fail! your boot/ recovery image may have an incorrect signature...

please update your image to a signature offial one.
you can remove battery for power down.
but when I remove it cant on why I need help


Myg525 l dont no why it stores applications on internal space yet i want it to store to momery card try to provide me with the solution ie it tell me row space yet cant copy and pest to memory card

  • Vj

This the matter only ellligble in 3& 2 g service worst 😣😨

  • din

Using the phone for last three years..
Display is good.. best reception..good voice clarity
but below average camera
Not supporting regional languages
Worst battery is not supporting other chargers and power banks.. planning to change it only because of battery issue

  • thabs

my g525 shows an Image signature verify, any help regarding this matter

  • milisa mdludlu

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2015I need help!i cannot access my huawei g525 I already turn o... moreMy phone write (HUAWEI Ascend G525) don't want to open from the screen when I turn it on.

  • shabeer

battery backup too low. some times heating backside, & in google hand writing input, unable to use regional language. i cant able to use malayalam in hand writing input. other all options are good

  • praveen

Android version not obdating & battery life too short

Please help us any spares available?

  • marlene

Had this phone for a week and battey got very hot. Screen cracked took it back to shop were i bought it and they said they cant help me. Also wont read my sd card keeps deleting pics now it said cant update memory low i will never buy a huawei phone again

  • jabir

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2015I have a problem. My storage is full and I tried to open th... moreToomah hand

  • jabirpatel

angie jj beast, 24 Oct 2015Huawei ascendg525, its processor is too slow.laggy,hard to ... moreMy m G525 is toomah stop wau

  • angie jj beast

Huawei ascendg525, its processor is too slow.laggy,hard to touch sometimes,low storage,battery life is very short, this sucks and the front camera is so annoying cuz its graphics is like a cartoon.i like the 5.0 mega pixel. But the rare forget about it.....
I wish huawei phones like this could be improved.and well be moe satistfied

  • Anonymous

I have this phone 2 years has never made any problem, fast , good camera , the memory is small but I got 32g external and is ok...also I got a second battery 12euro and I change when needed...Very good phone for it's price

  • Nanou

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2015I use it it was good but battery has short life real a... moreI cannot access huawei G525
Battery has short life

  • Anonymous

Not enough available space for the most basic smartphone applications... 1GB out of 4GB available. It's full after only 1 week usage. And most of the applications can not be stored on the external memory. The battery is weak too.

  • Anonymous

I use it
it was good
battery has short life
real available storage is 1 g out of 4 g
processor is very weak , benchmark about 7000 +