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Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G

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Anonymous, 19 Dec 2017I bought a Mt2-l05 phone. AND I CANNOT DOWNLOAD ANY OF THE GOOD ... moreAre you dumb? They aren't supported because this is an old phone...

  • Anonymous

I spent hours on the phone with Echo Dot support trying to install my echo dot. I COULD NOT DO IT FROM MY PHONE!
And I wont attempt to install new ois.
If I had known this I NEVER would have bought a Huawei. In Summary - (There is only one way to say this) My Mt2-l05 phone is a complete piece of shit!

  • donald

Sire Deo , 18 Nov 2017Please how did you upgrade yours to lollipop 5.1? I have been ... moreu can upgrade to 7.1.2 ( unofficial lineage OS only for mt2-l03

  • Sire Deo

Alex, 24 Sep 2017It is a good phone. Have not had any problem so far. It is only... morePlease how did you upgrade yours to lollipop 5.1?
I have been look for the upgrade for ages now... Mine is still runing on 4.3...

  • Alex

It is a good phone. Have not had any problem so far.
It is only the camera which is not sharp. Very fast and smooth on lollipop.
Battery timing is ok.

  • Anonymous

The battery lite is red like the phone should be dead but it is stiil working.It does say to plug in charger but the lite still stays on.I left it plugged in all night not sure if I need a battery or not.HAd the phone about 2 yrs and haven't had any problems.

  • Anonymous

Bought mine August 2015, my only problem is that it stops on music playback. That is very, very annoying. Otherwise I love it. Really no other problems

  • Handi (Indonesia)

Hi guys, I'm in China right now, bought the phone on August 2016, but I had no weird problems like you guys are mentioning on the comments.

The only problem is ... It get freezing very easily! I don't know why, but I always need to refresh my phone to make it back to normal. Only need to open 3-5 apps to make it freezing, totally disappointed.

Plus, there is also a problem with the camera, it get blurry very easily, unlike it's little brother (Huawei Ascend MATE 1st gen.) which has an only 8MP Camera but totally unbeatable if you compare it with most phones nowadays.

Hope anyone could tell me how to solve this freezing problem. I uninstalled the apps I don't used but still get the same problem after opening several apps.

  • mike

Bought mine - used - from an engineer friend who had purchased two.

The 6-inch screen is massive! Great for internetting (or for gaming - tho, i'm not a gamer).

Hardly anything bad to say about this besides it being much larger than most phones to where it doesn't fit in a front pocket or small 'cellphone' pocket found in cargo shorts/pants.
Even though it has the Gorilla Glass display, I don't like to sit on it while it's in my back pocket.
Unlike some, have had NO issues with it suddenly going into airplane mode (or any other settings). My experience has been that settings have been rock solid.

Battery life is also massive - using FB, Instagram, Viber & Waze WILL cause it to deplete a bit, but still much better than my previous LG G90 and both HTC phones before that.

Guess the worst thing I can say about this Ascend Mate 2 is that (in my experience), the camera isn't as good as I'd hoped. Even though the touch focus tells me it's good-to-go, I still get slightly out-of-focus photos. That said, the colors are still pretty good. Maybe it's me (maybe I need to cut down on the caffeine?)
The out-of-the-box Android 4.3 has also been pretty rock solid - though I should probably upgrade.
Haven't used the Bluetooth, so I can't comment on that.

  • AnonD-608251

When using a smart case, this phone auto answers calls after one ring. Is there a way to prevent that... without disabling the "window" feature?

  • Rick

I got mine two summers ago and still enjoying this 6 inch screen perfect and to my poker games too! :) Now i am done 2 years contract but no plans yet for upgrade...this phone got features of today's phone of it's kind...better.

  • Anonymous

Resets to airplane mode very often causing lost calls. Also resets to mute causing non-receipt of incoming calls. Why?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2015The phone resets every 20 mins and if youre trying to sound smar... moreThe grammer and spelling mistakes are caused when you convert to english from chinese.

  • ray

AnonD-550870, 19 Jun 2016pliz advise me some previous posts says mate2 having some weird ... moreI bought mine from Walmart 2 weeks ago and so far it has no issues everyone likes it

  • AnonD-550870

pliz advise me some previous posts says mate2 having some weird glitches of resetting automatically within shortest period of time .pliz advise me before i purchase this item .

  • David

pliz Advise, i would like to purchase this huawei mate 2 product but am worried of the previous posts of having some glitches , resetting itself anytime

  • AnonD-506239

bebi, 13 May 2016i bought hauwei MT2 just 3 days ago but the phone will shut down... moreAsk your friend to borrow their phone or something and put your sim card in if you need to call or text someone. Make sure their phone uses a micro-sim card.

This is a problem with your unit, you can probably send it back and get a refund or get it replaced. You wouldn't have this problem with another one.

  • bebi

i bought hauwei MT2 just 3 days ago but the phone will shut down instantly with out any reason or ma awareness i have to tried to format (factory reset ) it but still it happens . i tried to boot it a couple of times after it shuts but it shows me a green orange and red color at the notification pt.
i charged it until it gates full before first use and i dont think it is related to the battery .
please some body help me i cant communicate with any one please*100

  • tony

AnonD-432307, 21 Aug 2015I put 5.1 update on my ascend mate 2 today. Works great on cricket. Can'it really support 5.1 Android I have Cricket and every smartphone I've had always has 5.0 and there are many bugs and the battery sucks and dies within 2 to 3 hours even a brand new battery 5.0 has major glitches and every phone that I thought was good I will work on Cricket will not update to 5.1 if this phone on her percent will update to 5.1 I should buy it

  • AnonD-481772

which is better? this ascend mate 2 or ascend g7? please reply, thank you.