Huawei confirms its existing phones will still get Android and GMS updates

Michail, 19 August 2020

Last week Huawei’s general license deal expired, meaning the Chinese tech giant might not be able to provide its users with any Android updates heading forward. This naturally got Huawei smartphone owners worried but now the official Huawei Mobile Twitter account stepped in, confirming this won’t be the case.

A concerned Huawei nova 5T owner asked whether his device would still be eligible for Android and GMS updates in the future and the reply he got from Huawei assured that existing Android devices will not be affected. Furthermore, the statement confirmed both software and security updates will still be shipped out to Huawei users.

Huawei confirms its existing phones will still get Android and GMS updates

There is still no official statement from the US Commerce Department on a potential renewal of Huawei’s license though so we’ll have to wait for confirmation from that side as well.



Reader comments

  • MeowMeowClubSilentV
  • 10 Oct 2020
  • sxr

Will Huawei Y6p gets GMS or Google Mobile Services using Software update in the Future?

  • Anonymous
  • 05 Sep 2020
  • atc

And that’s why Huawei ceo using an iPhone and he mentioned that a year ago that Apple the teacher of Huawei plus one the most selling phone in China is iPhone wake up.

Well my phone is march 2019. But I think its very unfair, I bought my phone from carphone warehouse. They must have known this was coming up and told me nothing. I don't keep up on phone news at all. I got this phone and contract on their advice...

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