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  • AnonD-529530

I have problem in G8 mobile ..In gmail , whtsapp, yahoomail , newshunt and some of application if any new message came there, not showing in notification bar , pls help me how can i solve this problem

  • beth

whenever someone tries to call me it goes straight to voice mail and I don't know whos been trying to call me

  • AnonD-529389

sugan, 22 Apr 2016cannot play video from youtube do login to

  • sugan

cannot play video from youtube

  • selmy

EngKaMeSh, 06 Apr 2016Does G8 support OTG ?yes

  • AnonD-528668

i bought this model and i have this problem where my screen will go off according to the time set for it to auto-off even when i'm watching videos in wechat. for example, i set the time to be one minute but when i watch a two-minutes video, the screen will just go off. does this happen even when you're watching videos?

  • AnonD-528322

AnonD-525645, 13 Apr 2016Hello Brothers! My sim card slot is stuck its not coming out ple... moreYou should pull the sim trey by pressing it slightly downward and then ur sim trey will come out. Do this softly.

  • AnonD-527471

batterie is 0.... it piss me off

  • Tafa'ul

please , How can I use it's finger print?

  • Supervai

AnonD-232645, 07 Apr 2016no, should I do it?Yes you should as it fix WhatsApp notification problems

  • Melon

EngKaMeSh, 06 Apr 2016Does G8 support OTG ?Yes it supports

  • AnonD-525524

Hazem, 12 Apr 2016Does G8 have FM Radio? ThanxYes

  • AnonD-525645

AnonD-525524, 13 Apr 2016Same problemHello can u help me in stuck sim slot
If u can please tell me how to fix it

  • AnonD-525645

Hello Brothers! My sim card slot is stuck its not coming out please help me !
My sim is stuck and I want to enable please help me!
I will be Thankful to you for my help!

  • AnonD-525524

EngKaMeSh, 06 Apr 2016Does G8 support OTG ?Same problem

  • Hazem

Does G8 have FM Radio? Thanx

  • AnonD-412876

If fingerprint is not responding, then go to huawei care center to fix this problem.

  • milad

EngKaMeSh, 06 Apr 2016Does G8 support OTG ?Yes it does

  • AnonD-523637

Mamoy, 07 Apr 2016Just upgrade your firmware. Just click the "updater", maybe it w... moreBut is already the latest version T.T

  • AnonD-523752

May I know G8 camera is better than Honor7?