Huawei Mate 10 Lite

Huawei Mate 10 Lite

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  • honestly

solid phone ..... still working like a clock
stable interface
mature experience

  • mick

great phone, survived a lot and still works perfect. 4th year of use for me now.

  • omda

best mobile, i have been using it for he last 4 years.

  • Armageddon

The best phone I have ever used. Used so many brands among them this is the best. Bought in November 2017,still no issues at all. Dropped so many times, even dropped into water still works like new. Battery is perfect. Totally recommend

  • Wolverin

Pumpit , 29 Sep 2021 after 3 years of using this ph... moreFirst go to a local repair store and ask them what the issue might be and get a quotation on the repair cost plus if they provide warranty or not. Then, do your research on the issue. After, that go to the service center you see if the issue are the same. At the end when you get the info decide on what to do.

  • Pumpit

after 3 years of using this phone
i have yellow shades on my screen

what should i do ?

  • Wolverin

Ivin, 25 Jul 2021Using my mate 10 lite since 2017 and i'm super happy w... moreI have the same issue with the battery. I have been using it since the first time it came out. But than this year the battery expanded almost till the back cover popped off. I changed the battery and got an original one from their showroom that for some sad reason lasted 4 months only before it too expanded luckily I was under warrant so I could replace it for free. Hopefully, this one survives for longer.

  • Wolverin

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021How do you know its 97 percent battery health. Any app or s... moreActually there is an app to see your battery life I use this.

  • Anonymous

aLREAdY, 11 Jan 2021I'ts a good phone but i also replaced the battery two ... moreHow do you know its 97 percent battery health. Any app or software?

  • Anonymous

It is really amazing and heart touching Mobil and very good video and photos combinations and good batteries each and every thing is super and amazing I used from from 2018 and now is 2021 and still now we use it. I cannot take any decisions to take other mobile phones now I need only more storage 128gb or 256gb

  • Rouzbeh

apumpin, 15 Sep 2021Plz anybody that can tell me if Hauwei mate 10 lite have mi... moreYes it has

  • apumpin

Plz anybody that can tell me if Hauwei mate 10 lite have mirror share.i want to buy one but I don't know if it has mirror share

Muhammad Anas, 29 Aug 2021Using this phone since december 2017 very nice phone still ... moreI'm using this phone since feb 2019. It has a good battery life. Running without any issue till now. Battery life is still similar to new phone.

Camera quality is still too awesome

4gb 64gb combination is awesome
Like if someone is using phone with basic requirements that's the one you need.

  • Anonymous

Using since December 2017 its the best ever wishing Huawei come back

  • cw

After 3+ years is still good and working 10/10 :)

  • Muhammad Anas

Using this phone since december 2017 very nice phone still want to use more

  • Maruhan

I am using it since 2017 December, I am happy with the performance 😊😊😊

  • Ivin

Using my mate 10 lite since 2017 and i'm super happy with it. Recently changed the battery( not draining issue but bulged ) with a new battery self since the frame started to pop up. There is issue with the secondary mic since voice doesn't receive at the receiving partys end in loudspeaker mode.

  • Hamza

I Still using this mobile from 2018 still good performance everything ok only battery problem now i'll change the battery and then i hope it'll good Working

  • Pletoun

Bought this phone on december 2017, and still using this phone to this day. Thats more than 3 years. The only issue after 3 years is only battery drain but i have replaced it now it works good.