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Very good phone, but the battery got swollen. Seriously need to change it and don't even know whr to get it.

  • Kaleem Ullah

Arnab, 17 Mar 2021I am using this phone for last 3 years without any issue. t... moreThe best phone ever i used maye 10 for last three year no issue in battery or any thing 🔋

  • Anonymous

I'm using this 3+ years till date no issues and the battery life is awesome. Also I never took this phone to service center for any repairs.

  • Ali Mehdi

It worked fine for couple of years but then I find it worst phone regarding playing PUBG. And there is a major issue of connectivity with this phone. Wifi catching is worst. Phone lags after storage cross 60. Moreover battery has swollen but working fine. Camera is perfect and I think someone should consider buying it only for the camera.

  • Arnab

I am using this phone for last 3 years without any issue. the battery life is good & haven't encountered any lag to date.

  • Anonymous

Been using this smartphone since 2019 and I gotta say I am amazed by its performance until 2021. Facebook and Instagram have been showing slowness when surfing mainly the frame rate. Random animations done by the Facebook logo drops the frame rate while Instagram is when after you post something and scrolling through your feed could also cause frame rate drops. Other than those two apps the phone still performs like how it performs the first time you use it. I hope Facebook and Instagram will at least fix this if ever it is a bug or Huawei will send a performance update.

  • Dhane

The only thing that destroyed this phone while im using it is because of physical damage. without physical damage it would last forever

  • Anonymous

Bill gates, 26 Feb 2021Same here bro, 3 years gone and on and onExactly. This is the first smartphone in my life, that's survived longer than 2 years. It's now 3 years and apart from some lag in camera and gallery it works like brand new. I though mine was special but it seems that this phone is not giving up for a lot of y'all. :D

  • Bill gates

makdboy, 21 Feb 20213 years , no factory reset , no lag , no problems , all goo... moreSame here bro, 3 years gone and on and on

  • makdboy

3 years , no factory reset , no lag , no problems , all good , now battery duration is only one day , all day , i just dont know what's the problem of this phone , it just wont give up , i guess i will be stuck other 3 years hahaha i was hoping that my 3 kids will broke the phon BUT phone is stronger then 3 kids together hahaha

Hola people, hope you guys are doing well. Just a quick question, did anyone receive OTA update upon unlocked bootloader?

  • DanSh

Amazing phone. Stayed with me 3 years and the only problem was the battery that got swollen which I didn't even change. Great value for the price. Respect.
Now there are much better options for a lower price naturally, but this phone will always stay in my memory.

  • Anon

been using this phone for almost 3 years, and it worked good for the first 2 years and from there on it started to slow down. I did a bunch of factory reset to get this phone going. Battery also got swollen once and had to replace it. To be fair this phone would not go through a whole day without charging and charging is a problem too, it takes hours and hours to reach 100%. The fingerprint scanner is mediocre, you have to place your finger in a really specific manner just to get it unlocked.

  • Abdul Mannan

I owe this hand set since 2018, Mashaallah its good for the value I paid. Its screen damaged and it was replaced from Huwei service center Jeddah. Battery good but it take much time to charge at least 5 to 6 hours. Total performance good.

  • Geo Marin

Writing this comment from my huawei mate 10 lite.
I own this phone since march 2018 and after almost 3 years, it still rocks solid.
Much love and appreciation to huawei for it !
(Apart from one battery change in the last year{due to heavy usage}, the phone still moves like in its first day:D)

  • Anonymous

Muhammad umar khalid, 17 Dec 2020Is this gorilla glass Yes!

  • Anonymous

Sumolizer, 19 Dec 2020Overall the phone is great. It just needs a EMUI 9 update. ... moreYeah, same!

  • Anonymous

Ahm3daslam, 21 Dec 2020Seems like you've received a recent update which inclu... moreI've also, mine is RNE-L21

  • Anonymous

Kami, 11 Jan 2021Received a notification for update size 3.6Gb on my mate 10... moreInstall it, this is a new update for england.

  • Alip Kimi

Not good for gaming..Cant use too play Mobile Legends or Pubg Mobile..Just can play Free Fire with smooth setting..Many lagging..even it just can open to 3,4 app..n then you must clear the ram..I had a battery problem..that my battery become big..n my phone pop the screen up