Huawei Mate 10 Lite

Huawei Mate 10 Lite

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  • AnonD-308243

compare the device here amd a samsung galaxy j7 pro and the j7 pro is a much better handset amd given samsungs all rounder approach this huawei device looks kinda lame.

  • AnonD-617820

How are new android phones nowadays using Nougat whilst new OS Oreo is available already? Pfftt

  • Jahanzaib

It is similar to Maimang 6 while GSMArena says it is known as Nova 2.

  • Nick

I think this'll be the 'Honor 7X' as the Honor 6X is called Mate 9 Lite in other regions.

  • lilc

dang this phone has potential to be great. 380bux and 64gb and huawei hisilicon659 this is a no brainer

  • AnonD-441601

Lite for maxi price LOL :-)

  • AnonD-645079

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2017Honor 8 pro is double the price of this phone.If I cannot afford honor 8 pro then I will take honor 6X.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-645079, 26 Sep 2017Battery life might be low. 3300mAh is ideal for 5.2" screen... moreHonor 8 pro is double the price of this phone.

  • rich watarious

I have gone back through the specs again, indeed if Huawei added infrared port, radio and 24-bit audio player this phone would have taken the king of all midrange phones this year. Yes this is really true. Huawei is the best in midrange phones whilst Samsung is greatest in flagship phones. And Huawei again is the greatest in fingerprint on the market. Kudos to Huawei, long live Huawei. You are caring much about your customers now, we make your company stay alive. Good work done. First Huawei Oreo 8.0 phone coming on to the the market. Good work done.

  • rich watarious

As a matter of fact, I can't understand why huawei make 2mp cameras for smart phones. At least should be 5 or 6 mp. Surprisingly a reviewer said the camera of this phone is as great as P10 camera. Well I love the design and really want to have one if only they will sell it around the world. This phone must take huawei very far. The price I see there is great value for money. How about the battery? I need at least 80h enduranve rating of battery performance.

  • benben

5.9 inch is lite?

  • AnonD-645079

Battery life might be low. 3300mAh is ideal for 5.2" screen, 3600mAh for 5.5", 3900mAh for 5.7" and 4200mAh for 5.9" screen. Monochrome sensor should be close to colour sensor like 12+6 mp instead of 16+2 mp so I think honor 8 pro is better.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-676645, 26 Sep 2017This phone is called Nova 2i in Malaysia. The phone is rele... moreWell price in Malaysia. Much better than v7+

  • Shifa

AnonD-676645, 26 Sep 2017This phone is called Nova 2i in Malaysia. The phone is rele... moreYes it's true! I'm going to buy it tomorrow at Penang.. For it's price and spec, this is great device! Good job Huawei..

  • AnonD-676645

This phone is called Nova 2i in Malaysia. The phone is released today.

  • Rayne

How much different will the 2mp camera help. Should at least be 5mp. 5.5inch full version display would have been better.

  • Alien

People should be really careful with this brand. If u really want a Huawei and not a different brand, check the hardware parts before buying one! Specially the memory type.
It's a well known fact that buying a Huawei is a lottery. They lie to you saying you buy UFS2.1 but instead you get ancient technology eMMC.
Just google it if you don't believe me or check on Android Authority or XDA.
If you want to check your phone, install terminal emulator from Play Store and type the following :

ls /proc/fs/*

If it shows sd*** below /proc/fs/f2fs, it's UFS.
If it show mmc*** below /proc/fs/f2fs, it's eMMC.

is this honor 7x?

  • AnonD-680251

Too good for 390 EUR, I wish this will become true.

  • Anonymous

Interesting specs if found true... This phone checks a lot of boxes for me. Screen size, display the h, PPI, memory card,