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  • CuTe

The ORIGINAL LCD is very expensive although it has already been passed 3 years ago when I bought this phone..please lower down the price of the lcd and provide a lot original LCD in every country..especially INDONESIA

  • Kirin970

You really only remember that this Flagship is 3 years old when playing Genshin Impact. Only somewhat fluid gameplay on low setting.

  • Zain

bioz, 22 Dec 2020where is you live? most country already shut down 2G connec... moreI am in Pakistan. I live in the area where 2g (GSM), 3g(WCDMA), 4g (LTE) all networks work and connect perfectly.
The problem is not with the network providers or sims. The issue is with the phone. The issue occurred after an update of the push services. since then its unresolved despite all troubleshooting.

Zain, 15 Dec 2020my phone has suddenly lost gsm connectivity on both sims si... morewhere is you live? most country already shut down 2G connectivity to manage a new band for 5G service. maybe that the reason you don't have the signal.

  • Zain

my phone has suddenly lost gsm connectivity on both sims simultaneously. I connects fine on WCDMA & LTE (3g/4g), however when GSM (2g) is selected signals disappear with a X sign on both sim slots. Software was updated last month to with July security patch. I have hard rest the phone, rest network settings, taken the device to service center and nothing has helped so far. Have also engaged with network providers and replaced old sim with new sim but issue still persists.
Any geek out here please provide some solution. Rgds

  • tytyr34

android BLA A 29 for version with single sim BLA A 09 enter in APP Gallery next search for assistent

  • Taimu

trondam, 05 Dec 2020I just wanna point out that you can upgrade it to Android 1... moreBro I have mate 10 pro BLA-L09 and still there is no update for Android 10 on it. Which version do you have? And when have you got Android 10?

  • X2

2g network is not connecting on my fone on both sim slots. it stopped working simultaneously on both. 3g/4g working fine, however battery drain is more rapid on 3g/4g. i have tried connecting to 2g manually but it cant. any fixes?

Been using this phone for 3 years already, I must say the performance and battery is superb.

  • trondam

I just wanna point out that you can upgrade it to Android 10. This is a fantastic phone btw!

  • Troll

I had been using this phone from 2 years for gaming and youtube! This phone is very great there is no lag! And good quality one of the best phones ive ever used!
Nice job huawei

  • Anonymous

Update today with July patch.

  • Anonymous

tytyr34, 14 Nov 2020Romania today receive new update security july 624 MBhow is batery life after the update?

  • Spavac

This is the best android phone that I ever had and I had it a lot . The most compete phone ever. Battery, never lag, fluency, looks. I have it third year and I wouldnt change anything. I could only upgrade camera maybe for some macro and wide photos and maybe wireless charging, that is it.

  • tytyr34

Romania today receive new update security july 624 MB

  • huge asian woman

Muieincur, 21 Oct 2020Android 10 works perfect on my Mate 10 pro! Best smartphone... moresure it's huawei

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2020Security patch is already 6 months old. I wonder when the n... moreSecurity patches update yesterday July 624MB.

  • Staywell

Yesterday phone update to security patches July 202p.

  • Muieincur

Android 10 works perfect on my Mate 10 pro! Best smartphone I ever had. Been using it from 2017. Battery after 3 years is ok.

  • Anonymous

Ybeemer, 14 Oct 2020Was a perfect phone for me, before Android/EmUI 10 was inst... moreYou have problem with your device.
You can go back to android 9 via hisuite on computer