Huawei Mate 20 X

Huawei Mate 20 X

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  • Bill

If I read the specs correctly this phone should work on Tmobile in USA. Can anyone confirm this?

We considered it as a tablet.
Yes, it is a tablet, not a phablet.

  • Anonymous

Went from a Note 3,4,5to a Mate 9,10. I never looked back. Now for the future. A M20X in my hands in the near future.

MsZero, 17 Oct 2018I absolutely love this beast. This is exactly what I was looking... moreThe mi max 3 comes close sans the powerful chipset.

I absolutely love this beast. This is exactly what I was looking for, homongous display, big battery, 3.5mm jack, fingerprint reader, powerful chipset, but... I don't plan on spending 900dlls on a phone, ever. Not even my dream phone.

I'll be patient and wait until next year to see if price drops a little or wait until I can get a good discount.

Either way, god job Huawei. Kudos to you.

  • Bla Bla Bla!!!

Finally found my next phone... Farewell my beloved MI Max 2 :'(

  • hammer

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2018Mi Max 3 competitor!No... mimax 3 is very far from this one in terms of specs

  • Anonymous

Mi Max 3 competitor!

Me too..

  • Anonymous

Hope it'll have a very bright screen, readable in brightest sun light.
I'm hoping to be able to use it as navigational aid (gps) in may car, and, this country (Arabia) has very bright sun.

Buy pants with big pockets not even phablet just a simple tablet -.- (2020) 10 inch aspect ratio 188.55:99 lul

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018this is too big for a phone. my S7 edge is the absolut maximum d... moreI've used a 6.33" (16:9 AR) Le Max Pro for the last 2 years. Before that, for 3 years, a Sony Xperia Z ultra (6.4" 16:9 AR, 1080p). The zultra was a tad bit too large (but super thin), with only 68% S:B ratio. This new 7.2" phone with the wonky aspect ratio (18.7:9) is actually smaller than the Z ultra with a bigger screen area (about 10% bigger). Trust me when I say it is fine. Do I take my phone out when I'm at the bar or driving? Yes. But standing up, in the pocket it is fine, and i'm a normal sized man. Finding a large screen phone with good specs isn't easy. The note 9 with its super narrow screen and curved edges (glare city) is like a toy to me and unusable. I'll be buying this phone when it goes on sale in in a few months, I hope.

  • Livius

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018this is too big for a phone. my S7 edge is the absolut maximum d... moreThat's for you but others prefer it that big because of the advantages that come with it.

  • Anonymous

this is too big for a phone. my S7 edge is the absolut maximum dimensions I think a practical phone can have, I even think its a little too big, in retrospect I should have gone for the nirmal S7.. But over 7"?? thats well into TABLET territory for crying out loud.

  • Bwets

Mr. Electronics, 16 Oct 2018No wireless charging is a deal breaker :(Are you sure about no wireless charging? Can't find it anywhere, one way or another

It's good to see another phablet and still maintaining the audio jack.
I will buy it.

  • Andre

Waiting for this since 1968, when I was first allowed too use the phone.
Finaly a phone , big screen TV , and a drive-to theater, all in one.
I can't wait for the next model, that will most likely play vinyl records and rail to rail tapes. Wow,, those are indeed exciting times.

  • Fixedlist

Assuming this is $900USD on release (october 26, as per presentation):

Vs. Honor note 10:
-$500 more (more than twice the price)
+0.25" bigger screen but nearly same resolution
-Narrower (18.7 vs 18.5 aspect ratio)
+Vastly superior cameras
+Vastly superior battery life
+Vastly superior Performance (GPU, cpu, etc)
?Possibly works in US market on LTE beyond Band 5 (ATT only)
+Has headphone jack
?Possibly has wireless charging
+Some water (splash) & dust resistance (IP53)

If this phone were $600USD I'd be jumping for joy but $900 i'm meh about it. Wait 6 months for a price drop maybe?

Aadrian, 16 Oct 2018Too bad the stylus has no slot inside the Phone like the Note se... moreFor my part i think its okay, i always use a flip case on my phones, so i think it can be safe in it.
But its a fail making a stylus without a place to place it, not smart.
Btw, love this beast.

  • Os

Will sell my samsung s8+ to buy this monster.
Awesome phablet.