Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

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  • mobileman

well,truth is that withiut google,youtube and anotherthouse apzz you dont and cant use it nothing.
its not anymore so called samrtphone,its just phone.
so quaestion si price, and it must be low,vry low i even think buy it.

Best phone of 2019 for sure.
Having best camera best CPU best GPU 5G modem integrated with CPU and the best possible features.
And for a good price.
All other competitors left behind.
In example of formula 1 race Hauwei Mate 30 is already in the finnish line where the others are not even half way.

  • Anonymous

Coil, 21 Sep 2019If you can't afford it people can afford stop noise Without Google services doesnÂ’t worse shit.

  • Anonymous

Gamer, 22 Sep 2019It's a very bad phone. It's like a washing machine. And there ar... moreThe camera design hahah.­chine.jpg

  • Anonymous

laula, 22 Sep 2019can't wait for the Mate 30 pro,with google or without google. ip... moreiPhone comes out of the box with there own OS aka IOS not android lol.

  • laula

can't wait for the Mate 30 pro,with google or without google. iphone dont have an playstore so what.huawei have a app store where you can download your apps, you can still on the internet and google.what people dont understand is that.

is just there will be no google apps like chome a what what, but the phone will still have internet where you can google on.

my next upgrade.

  • Anonymous

MahdiSML, 21 Sep 2019yes , i think its First Android 10 Phone LOL :)))Huawei's first Android 10 was the '6th September P30 Pro', where 'Mystic Blue' and 'Misty Lavander' were launched

  • Anonymous

Abo Siraj, 22 Sep 2019I can't use it without Google AppsJust install them

  • James

I like the functionality of notch this year. Some people not like the notch is because they does not know the great functionality of the existing notch. For me i prefer having a notch compare to having a pop up camera but of course there must have great function for the notch like the 3d face unlock for payment or unlock phone or hiding sensitive information. Only the thing i feel little disappointed is no 2k display. HDR10+ and 90hz display is still not useful due to current market only have very very limited apps are support that.

  • Donald Duck

I am using Mate 10 Pro. Mate 30 Pro is very good for me even though it doesn't have google service, 3.5" jack, LED notification. I am waiting for it.

  • Abo Siraj

I can't use it without Google Apps

  • Gamer

It's a very bad phone. It's like a washing machine. And there are no Google services iPhone 11 is better than 😂

  • Anonymous

i love this phone

  • Lucodyn

bunyip22, 21 Sep 2019Yep, absolutely love my Mate 20 X. I doubt i could go back to a... moreSeem the Huawei Mate 30pro is the best phone so far but I prefer my p30 pro because it looks more unique that any other device..:.but still the idiot in the White House have to live soon if not no google for we using huawei and that is the only company that produce what I want..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019No 3.5 Jack, Thanks NEXTThe included adapter works fine.

Good luck finding better value at this quality.

  • Anonymous

Best mobile in my life

Karan paudel, 21 Sep 2019It's really android 10?yes , i think its First Android 10 Phone LOL :)))

  • Anonymous

Guys, please check youtube, there are people even installed full google services at the launching event and that just worked(installed youtube via play store etc). You need full package, not an apk. Not sure if I can paste the link of the video here.

  • Anonymous

No 3.5 Jack, Thanks

Android user, 21 Sep 2019Great specs, tough hardware. Unfortunately I personally can't li... moreYep, absolutely love my Mate 20 X.
I doubt i could go back to a scren smaller then 7 inches but i won't get a phone with out foll google services.

Hopefully that orangutan in the white house goes soon.