Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous

omar, 20 Oct 2020Is there any map available?? Google service isn't avai... moreAll the apps are working perfectly fine.
Instead of Google maps you can have here maps and I suggest you to use valance instead of YouTube.
All the apps work fine.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Anybody using this phone for more then 6 months or 1 year h... moreIt's amazing.
I have installed gms on my phone and it's working flawlessly.
The only issue is the battery backup with gms as it's pretty less compared to a huawei phone.
Like without gms this phone will last 2 days but with gms it will last a day only with some juice left to carry over the night.
All the apps work perfectly fine except for the Google pay and core Google apps like Google translate etc. The camera quality has degraded with the kstest updates and I expect a fix asap. Sound quality is ok and the display looks fantastic.
The haptic feedback on this device is ok ok and the sound quality on a Bluetooth headset is commendable.
You will fall in love with this device.

  • omar

Is there any map available?? Google service isn't available. In that case how do people navigate? What about the other apps uses the Google location service.
And also can I play YouTube as I'm playing in Android/ios devices with 2k or 4k resolution?
Are the following apps like
What's app
Works fluently?
Please I need an honest review.

  • Qurban

Hope to see a roll back of google play, simply love my Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5Gā¤ļø

You can still download GMS yourself, they have a lot of video on youtube, it's pretty easy.

  • Javed

Using for the last 5 months with excellent performance. The only adverse point is not having GMS service.

  • Anonymous

Anybody using this phone for more then 6 months or 1 year how is the performance

  • Skylher

Thanks for the new video uploaded in yt, on how to install playstore Now my phone works like supermobile šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ‘Œ

  • Yy

The only thing suck about this phone is, if you charging it with other power adapter instead of it own, it got very hot and slower to fully charged. Other than that this phone is great.


My favourite one

  • Dometalican

Huawei Mate 40 Pro (more than likely, all of them will just have 5G at this point):

Kirin 1020 (with a little bit more added LTE and 5G bands)
6.6" QHD+ OLED display with 90Hz refresh rate; HDR10+; still notched to bring that epic facial recognition hardware

8GB RAM/256GB version and 12GB RAM/512GB version with Nano Memory (they're not going MicroSD anytime soon)

Stereo Speakers (along with that OLED speaker from the 30 Pro) with Dolby Atmos
While I'd prefer a headphone jack, that's probably not going to happen here.
Bluetooth 5.2 (future-proof)

2,500 x2 mAH batteries with 40W wired and wireless charging
27W Reverse Wireless Charging
Heat suppression for both the processor and battery

108MP 4-1 Pixel binned main camera with OIS (crazy that Huawei leaves this out...)
40MP Wide angle cam
13MP Periscope Telephoto cam with OIS, 7X optical, 20X Hybrid, and 30X digital zoom
ToF sensor

32MP selfie cam
8MP wide-angle selfie cam

Advanced In-Display Fingerprint Reader
IR Blaster

Make it happen Huawei.

  • Bobi7x7

Nani, 22 May 2020I regret purchasing it. The lack of google apps is a big pr... moreEhm just Install GMS ??? Look on YouTube its quite easy to Install it. You just need an USB Stick and a USB to USB-C connector thats all ;) here an Link for you

Nani, 22 May 2020I regret purchasing it. The lack of google apps is a big pr... moreI'm note sure about all of the apps you're having trouble with, but you can get a Youtube replacement. Just download and install F-Droid. Then search for "New Pipe." It's a Youtube client that disables ads, supports background play, pop-out video, and video downloads.

Additionally, installing GMS (Google mobile services) isn't very hard but you are putting trust in a third party.

Ultimately, it's all up to you. I wish you good luck.

  • Nani

I regret purchasing it. The lack of google apps is a big problem. Bottom line, without google apps, this phone is worthless.
My question is why it is being sold.? Prior to buying it, the sales man informed me that there will be no google apps, but I could download from Huawei gallery or from alternative app store such as APKpure. He made me sign on a document stating that he informed me so. He even took a picture of me signing the document. I should have understood that it was going to an issue and he would not have taken all this measures if there was not previous hassles raised for the same reasons which is a phone with no google apps.
Anyway, it turned out that even apps on Huawei gallery and alternate apps store are not stable. The application gets downloaded but does not open. For, YouTube which I downloaded and could open, it will work only for a while and then automatically stops...tiktok does not open..., etisalat business app is not Available...
When I call the support, they say that they re working on improving it...well this should have been done before the launch not after...the funny thing is that when you ask abt an app, the support tells you pls add it on your wish list and we ll look at it...

  • Anonymous

Jacktackle, 22 Mar 2020I was wondering, in which way this phone is better then ne... moreYou are literally the one who only based on number of megapixel on cameras. Not in software for processing. Nex 3 is better on design because of no notch and full screen display. But doesn't have better face recognition and even some sensors

Jacktackle, 22 Mar 2020I was wondering, in which way this phone is better then ne... moreIn many as aspects can shown that it's worth buying. Firstly it has a higher ppi screen that the ppi of NEX3 is 296(After converted) and mate 30 pro is 334(after converted), steve jobs has defined that "326 is retina". Secondly, a notch can give you a better facial unlock, lighter phone(198g compared with 218g), IP68 rated resistance and a more slim body(8.8mm compared with 9.4mm). Thirdly, the performance of K990 5G is better than S855+ and also the power consumption is lower. Fourthly, the 5G modem of K990 5G is integrated but the 5G modem of S855+ is separated(Qualcomm X50), and also NSA and SA dual 5G mode is supported on K990 5G, but only NSA is supported on X50. And the last one: the camera specs, the 64MP of nex3 lacks of OIS, but the 40MP of Mate 30 Pro has OIS, also the telephoto of nex lacks of OIS, and it's only 2x zoom compared with Mate(3x)

Jacktackle, 22 Mar 2020I was wondering, in which way this phone is better then ne... moreRead my post "Some things about the Huawei Mate 30 Pro" at:

  • Jacktackle

I was wondering, in which way this phone is better then nex3 5g? Even the screen has a notch which shorten the screen while watching movies. Camera wise nex3 got 64mp massive sensor to 40mp battery is same google services are legal. Think b4 buy

  • Whatever

Huawei...just find a way to make Whatsapp, FB , Netflix and Insta to work with your HMS...then problem solved....

  • Sherrif

How do i use Whatsapp,facebook,instagram on my Mate 30 Pro ?