Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

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  • Crystal

Finally no Google service devices.
You can use Aurora Store(it's free and open source) to get an app officially from Playstore without installing Playstore.

so sadly that your eye can not distinguish what is 409 ppi and what is 10000 ppi, and sadly your ifxx doens't have 5g. lol, except you, any s perfect

  • jaydosss

sadly, 19 Sep 2019so sadly 409 ppi density screen only hahahahah so LOLthe iPhone xr literally has a 720p display so I wouldn't be criticising this

sadly, 19 Sep 2019so sadly 409 ppi density screen only hahahahah so LOLsadly, samsung galaxy note10 is 1080 x 2280 pixels 401 ppi density only! so LOOOOLz

409 ppi mate 30 pro ?

537 ppi mate 20 pro?

  • Anonymous

Do apple really need to hire a chinese designer to build a good looking phone these days??

  • Anonymous

sadly, 19 Sep 2019so sadly 409 ppi density screen only hahahahah so LOLWell still enough to beat iPhone 11 and note 10, it also looks like it will kill those in battery and camera too. I mean Leica optics is probably best in the world.

1200 eur is a simple price for a beast like this .. exciting how the filming with this phone looks like

  • sadly

so sadly 409 ppi density screen only
hahahahah so LOL

  • Anonymous

There are a lot of places you can download APKs very safely. If you downloaded some 3rd party apps and always detected or caught by your antivirus, its either you have bad source to download it or your antivirus just advised you it is not legit apps from google store, I'm using google play compatible phone but I'm using APKs always for premium functions. Dont think others can't use it properly becuz you can't use it. If I'm using Huawei phone, I'm sure I can use it less bloatware, and all apps usable which you can download in google store.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 20191200 Euro for phone that has no stable OS. Well I guess Huawei t... moreI would recommend doing some research on OS history. Huawei is in the same place as other OS providers when they started out. You have to be silly to assume that the support for these amazing phones won't be there, maybe launch will leave a little to be expected but look 3, 4 months down the line there won't be anything better in the market. Plus, the layout of the phone will still be EMUI so it won't be much different than it is now. Before android or iOS got as big as they are now, they had similar moments in history.

  • Anonymous

if you buy and it sucks? that goes to every phone dude. Huawei is just a victim of US bully. if you wanna complain why they don't have google store, go ask Trump dude.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Low ppi i dont like this. But i like so much the look.

  • Anonymous

1200 Euro for phone that has no stable OS. Well I guess Huawei thought in advance already , Since they can no longer use google app, then its better to raise the hype using the camera and design and rip off people .Once they buy the device and its sucks, well no going back. Then next year they will going to get customer's back by their great ad and will also announce about their great Harmony OS (that oppo and vivo said that it is faster than android yet it was announced that its only for smart tv, as for the moment.) Well, its typical for Chinese company. Believe me, buy this phone and if it sucks, they will just tell you that harmony OS will come soon .

  • Nill

No IP 68.
No ax ( Wi-Fi 6 Ghz ).
No 55 Watts charge.

  • Marius

Is ok in 60 hz

  • Bobble

Human eye has about 60 fps, 90 fps is noticeable in big monitors first-person games

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019Less bloatwareso with your opinion they better remove all the system apps for "less bloatwre" !!! what about removing all the apps and even whole operating system?! hahaha

  • Anonymous

Huawei is the most overrated company. just look at the prices. OnePlus 7t pro will destroy this mate 30 pro with its significantly lower price and high resolution plus high refresh rate display and 12GB of RAM

  • LeMeow

canopy, 19 Sep 2019No google is good to me. Among so many google build-in apps, onl... moreSo, you never installed and use any other application from Google Play? Then, why do you need a smartphone first of all? Nothing in the world will guaranty you that applications from Huawei App, will be legit and free of any "surprise". I don't trust any 3rd party applications since my antivirus complains almost every time when I tried to install such shit...I prefer to let Google do funny things on my Huawei Mate 20 PRO, then some obscure company. Huawei is not able at this moment to prove they can deliver safe applications.