Huawei Mate 60 Pro

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

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  • tnJ
  • 08 Sep 2023

Slater1133, 08 Sep 2023What's the difference between ALN-AL00, ALN-AL80? W... moreAs i know , there is no difference , they are the same, huawei revised 00 to 80

    What's the difference between ALN-AL00, ALN-AL80?

    Which is better IYEO?

    Thanks and apologize for the ignorance!

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      • Anonymous
      • tPG
      • 08 Sep 2023

      Wow....everything made in China, power!

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        • MKB
        • XDJ
        • 08 Sep 2023

        One of the ugliest huawei designs ever .. unexpectable !!

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          • Rarra
          • C7{
          • 08 Sep 2023

          Gsmarena should update the specs about this device. Kirin 9000s is 5nm and it has 5G access.

            You really think this even comes close to an A15 or A16? It's 5 year old tech.

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              • Said faouzi
              • rXK
              • 08 Sep 2023

              Huawei is the best choice 👍👍 ... no google tracking and spying on you everywhere ...

                Great to see Huawei came back. They were competing with Apple back then now they will compete again.

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                  • M249
                  • XSw
                  • 07 Sep 2023

                  Good job 👍

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                    • Terry
                    • r31
                    • 07 Sep 2023

                    Huawei 3i , 07 Sep 2023Congratulations Huawei, please we need this phone global.This phone is wild, will like to have it

                      Will probably never pick up this device, but it's a geopolitically interesting development for sure. Will be exciting to see what else Huawei has in store in the future.

                        To briefly sum up: Only a year ago Mate 50 was the 1st phone with 1 mil points antutu score ( 8 gen 1 4nm ). Now is the same score with Mate 60, but with 5G. Kirin 9000s 7nm N+2, is only 1 year in lag. Mate 60 pro 90% CN parts & non US parts. Camera launch, 60% faster, charging speed 15 min 62%, 30 min 100%.

                        Exclusivities in Mate 60 pro:

                        1). Hyper trading in cpu's ( impressive multitasking ) -
                        2.) Satellite Calls ( separate chip with antennas, 200 min - $25, 3x satellites covers whole planet )
                        3.) NearLink ( 6x better than Bluetooth, latency 0,03ms, 60% less energy consuming )
                        4.) Kunlun Nano Glass gen 2 ( 100% stronger then gen 1, only one with 5 stars SGS swiss certificate ) drop test
                        5.) 5G ( Baron modem 5.5G ready )

                        1.2.3. - 1st in the World

                        Cost: 1566 days - Huawei spent over $63bl in the past 3 years in R&D, and invested in over 100 semi corp. in China, for now.

                        Prediction: Next is the Kirin 9100, score 1,3 mil points, inside P70 & Mate 70, after that, in 2025, Huawei will have patent protected EUV, China will have 70% semi self sufficiency.

                        Curiosity: Mount Everest have 5G, China Space Station have 5G++ ( speed 1,6Gbs ), 6x China Satellites 6G for testing is in the Orbit right now.

                        China is far ahead, Cheaper Better Faster.

                          openzine, 07 Sep 2023I lewrnt it is 5g enabled, why was it not included in the specs? HW has not made an official announcement that it has 5G
                          so it has only unofficial 5G

                            rquitage, 07 Sep 2023How? This is a fake processor rebranded from old Taiwanese chips.Fake ? Are u drunk. Kirin 9000s is new processor manufactured by SMIC with new Baron 5g modem. Lol

                            Anyway, huawei mate 60 will go global not the pro variant.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • gQB
                              • 07 Sep 2023

                              rquitage, 07 Sep 2023How? This is a fake processor rebranded from old Taiwanese chips.I don't know about you but the processor is definitely real... Many people already have their hands on the phone (some have even done teardowns) and certainly they would agree that the phone contains a very real processor.

                              I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you might be a bit misinformed about the processor situation. HiSilicon was the one that designed the Kirin 9000, which was then manufactured by TSMC. HiSilicon designs chips and is completely owned by Huawei. Now if you want to say that the processor was just rebranded, then I guess so are the chips from AMD, NVidia, Apple, Qualcomm, and many other fabless semiconductor companies that use TSMC's services.

                              If you still want to make the rebranding argument: this is now the Kirin 9000s and teardowns have shown that the chip is manufactured by SMIC, not TSMC.

                              So either they aren't rebranding chips, or they are rebranding new SMIC chips.

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                                • Thee
                                • XBx
                                • 07 Sep 2023

                                I really hope Huawei goes global again . Their phones was one of the best before the who restriction stuff

                                  Huawei 3i , 07 Sep 2023Congratulations Huawei, please we need this phone global.How? This is a fake processor rebranded from old Taiwanese chips.

                                    Wow. The charging aspect is insane.
                                    Overall this is a nice phone.

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                                      • Huawei 3i
                                      • xjH
                                      • 07 Sep 2023

                                      Congratulations Huawei, please we need this phone global.

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                                        • SAphoneguy
                                        • f3k
                                        • 07 Sep 2023

                                        Go Huawei! So good. Best phonemaker ever.