Huawei Mate 60 Pro

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

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  • Huawei 3i
  • xjH
  • 07 Sep 2023

Congratulations Huawei, please we need this phone global.

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    • SAphoneguy
    • f3k
    • 07 Sep 2023

    Go Huawei! So good. Best phonemaker ever.

      Great Job Huawei & China. I'm rooting for you. In the end competition is beneficial to consumers and their pockets.

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        • Guy Hutukatit
        • f}I
        • 07 Sep 2023

        let us observe a moment of silence for the American sanctions

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          • uS%
          • 07 Sep 2023

          Slater1133, 07 Sep 2023Is $1,280/- reasonable for the 512 GB storage, with 256 GB ... moreIt also comes with a cable & ultra charger in the box compared it to the likes of samsung ultra that have no sdcard slot, no cable & charger in the box on the same price.

            Huawei has been great for me, but despite all boose in skies, of which everyone is happy about, it still remains on the reality behind, if Huawei is really doing it on its own from their industries, It's really beautiful inspirational and motivational for everyone facing challenges in the wild.

            But if on its own is not doing it, even if everyone fances it..... It's going to blow everyone and Huawei the beautiful brand we love , will be down to shame.

            As for pro model, it's good news, Mate/P 40 pro+ had a good 10x optical zoom, i expected to see it back, in a better way.but ... But we can move with that 3.5x though would love 10x or 20x optical zoom in future.

            Again, i personally like curved screens, I was amazed by mate 40pro+ with 94.1% screen to body ratio, i expected more than 88.9% displayed on GSMArena, i would love to see Huawei beating the Honor magic 3 ultimate that clocked 94.9% screen to body ratio.

            Some users hate curved screens cause they shutter alot, but I love their beauty while holding the gadget and they are immersive. After all, every screen can shutter at any time depending where it was hit. Why not hold the beautiful one then.

              Does anyone know which camera sensors this phone has?

                Enchantres, 07 Sep 2023You say yes when those guy said 20nm is ancient tech for sm... moreHe always sayin bla bla bla term. Current 3nm is obviously not juts marketing term when compared to 20nm tech. As i said, this world probably fake/not legit according to those nodden guy. Just Leave him alone guys. Hahaha 🤣😂

                  [deleted post]You say yes when those guy said 20nm is ancient tech for smartphone. Just explain your words '3nm closer to 20nm'

                  Obviously TSMC 3nm have higher transistor density than 20nm old tech. 20nm node is used for manufacturing chip like Apple A8/ snapdragon 810 that come out in 2014. The Next apple A17 obviously have higher density than those chip, so how 3nm close to 20nm ?


                    Why no 5G?

                      [deleted post]TSMC definitely can produce a 3nm one, as technology advances.

                        Is $1,280/- reasonable for the 512 GB storage, with 256 GB NM card and shipping?


                          I lewrnt it is 5g enabled, why was it not included in the specs?

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                            • lu
                            • Uu$
                            • 07 Sep 2023

                            Anonymous, 05 Sep 2023Too expensive, and you can't even unlock the rom (you ... moreexpensive

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                              • Derry
                              • 6c6
                              • 07 Sep 2023

                              simon, 06 Sep 2023yes, you are right Physically it is a 7nm brand chip from T... moreHey Simon, from everything that you said can you show to us some proof of it. Writing story without proof is like writing a Novel or Fantasy plot.
                              Have you use Mate 60 Pro by yourself if you said its power consumption like 7nm and please feel free make a video of it and show to us in any social media.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • jcM
                                • 07 Sep 2023

                                Anonymous, 06 Sep 2023Yes we do.I love this phone. Will get it when available.

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                                  • XKx
                                  • 07 Sep 2023

                                  Cck, 06 Sep 2023Is still a ARM base processor anyway.It doesn't matter

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                                    • YUU
                                    • 07 Sep 2023

                                    Anonymous, 06 Sep 2023Because China is an authoritarian state that literally has ... moreHave you travel to China before?
                                    There are amazing country in the world,
                                    You should go there travel 1st then just talk about their weakness. Every country also have their weakness, I have few time working to China, and before I travel there 13 year ago and now, they are keep improving their people living quality.

                                      TechInsights Vice Chairman says Huawei Mate 60 series quality is amazing.

                                      They are done forensic on chip, kirin. Kirin 9000s will be in Top 10 after added gpu scor in antutu (1 mil points). The only one with 7nm, stunning. I would like to see Kirin in Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, it will be so refreshing.

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                                        • simon
                                        • qDj
                                        • 06 Sep 2023

                                        Cck, 06 Sep 2023Is still a ARM base processor anyway.yes, you are right Physically it is a 7nm brand chip from Taiwan. The company waited utile ARM to release a new chip design blueprint and used n+2 to produce this chip so it ran like a 5nm chip but power consumption was still 7nm
                                        Basically, the company purchased many 7nm from Taiwan before the US sanctions in 2020 September. Thats why even china govt offical said this phone is still 3-5 belind compare to iso and android phones