Huawei Mate 60 Pro

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

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  • Nasser Solomon
  • s8V
  • 29 Aug 2023

DarlingYext, 29 Aug 2023A new Kirin SOC and a flat display? Oh, this is cool!But how this possible? I mean we heard leaks about a 7nm SMIC kirin chipset but this doesn't make sense how it's a 5nm and why there is no hype about this?

    this form factor is what i always wanted(width close to 80mm) but no gservices :(

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      • PanRT
      • Mrn
      • 29 Aug 2023

      Yes resolution Is 2720x1260..

        wish the display were 6.82", 1212 x 2616 pixels but actually it's 1260x2720p, 440ppi

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          • Tk89
          • J9L
          • 29 Aug 2023

          I could not see any information on the Huawei site that Kirin comes with a processor, but its screen is ltpo 6.82" and 2720x1260 pixels. You can check this info in Vmall.

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            • Afroz
            • s8i
            • 29 Aug 2023

            no 5G this year also..?

              Is the phone already announced officially?
              About the front of the phone, it has an interesting look, those 3 holes makes it interesting.

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                • LBJ23
                • tYY
                • 29 Aug 2023

                Huawei is suddenly selling it today in offline retail stores in Shenzhen, China, the news has sparked a buzz on social media in China.
                I've already bought one, it won't display 4G or 5G but the salesman informed me that I can reach 5G by upgrading the OTA when the launch is over.
                And the three punch holes on the display are adjustable and can be turned into an aura island like on the iPhone 14pro.
                Also, the AnTuTu score shows 660,000, note that it's only 660,000 due to the unrecognizable GPU, the actual performance is roughly between the Snapdragon 888 and the 8 GEN 1

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                  • ASL
                  • Fvd
                  • 29 Aug 2023

                  5G ? Huawei made contract with Ericsson, or it's too soon probably the next flagship like P series Pro or something else, debuting 5G in Huawei phone again :) After early 2020 - Huawei P40 Pro

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                    • Sans
                    • Nug
                    • 29 Aug 2023

                    It probably doesn't have Google service also..

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                      • Dunte
                      • mFd
                      • 29 Aug 2023

                      Love to see Huawei back

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                        • pochonbo
                        • Yet
                        • 29 Aug 2023

                        Mate 50 Pro design was better, this back panel doesn't look like it belongs to a flagship.

                          Wish it was available in my country!
                          A very good alternative to Samsung phones with true fast wireless charging

                            Ngl, the white and purple versions look really cool

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                              • LORD
                              • IkP
                              • 29 Aug 2023

                              Stupid front design !

                                A new Kirin SOC and a flat display? Oh, this is cool!

                                  David 040882, 29 Aug 2023Already? I thought it was supposed to be released in SeptemberIt's currently selling in a "pioneers edition" in China.

                                  Probably a test platform.

                                    Already? I thought it was supposed to be released in September

                                      Is it out yet ? I read some articles that its already selling in China