Huawei Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8

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  • Ghulam abbas

Please wain lunch

  • smsm

Bobby, 26 Oct 2015My mate7 hangs a lot no updates available. Hope mate8 will be mu... morenever hanged with me, useing it more than 9 months

  • Anonymous

any clue on dimensions.
6 inches is huge

  • AnonD-428852

It should run Android 6.0 Marshmallow ,
Also have a USB type C
Should support quick charge
Camera should have OIS stabilization and records 2160p @30 fps , 1080p @60 fps and 720p @120 fps
Price shouldn't be higher than Note 5's

  • nemzi

this device looks gorgeous. i'm looking forward to official launching!

  • Bobby

jj, 08 Sep 2015The Huawei Mate S is a huge disappointment--small screen and tin... moreMy mate7 hangs a lot no updates available. Hope mate8 will be much better.

  • Steve

jj, 08 Sep 2015The Huawei Mate S is a huge disappointment--small screen and tin... moreI really hope that this phone is truly coming up
and i hope that it will support 4g bands for United States!
You are right Huawei Mate S Is a big disappointment with a small display
and to make it worse an Amoled display (amoled displays are over saturated and not
as bright as LCD . Read GSM arena display reviews of all top smart phones and you will see how amoled displays almost always score lower brightness score!)

  • Anonymous

specter, 05 Oct 2015Huawei Mate "8" as of right now is dead. and in its replacement,... moreWe don't care.

  • jafar

camera 20.7 MP or 16 MP ???


this phone should not only be for the Asia but it should include Africa and other places

  • Titan5

Huawei producing pretty good devices, but software on their phones is not as good as hardware. You can expect some strange behaviour with sms, or facebook messenger, or viber, and nobody from Huawei support will help you with your problem. It is look like they immediately forget about their devices after it was sold. Have a problem with brand new Honor 7, send millions of e-mail to Huawei support - no reply. Zero after market support.

  • Anonymous

Beatri 4500 mah compel sari

  • :)

When will the phone be release particularly in Philippines??

  • AnonD-449043

everything is much better than other smartphones but only one thing embarassed me that optional sim2 (i.e. you can use sim or memory card in sim2 slot.)

  • specter

Huawei Mate "8" as of right now is dead. and in its replacement, at least at this moment is the Huawei mate S, perhaps there might be a chance an actual mate 8 sometimes next year but as of right now the Huawei mate "8" which so many people thought its coming soon, its dead, as of right now this phone does not exist.

  • Rinie

When will the phone be release

  • Anonymous

Im not a Huawei fan at first. I have been browsing around for couple of months to find a perfect phone. Some of the phones I listed to be quite good enough (planned to buy also).
1. Google Nexus 5
2. Google Nexus 6P
3. HTC M9+
4. Oneplus 2
5. Sony M5 Dual
6. Sony Xperia Z5
7. Huawei Ascend Mate 7
8. Huawei P8
and finally the Huawei Ascend Mate 8
Yes... Mate 8 seems to be promising phone from all the above interms of looks,battery,Processor,chipsets,Fingerprint sensor. All these features for a perfect flagship phone.You might have noticed i didnt mentioned Iphone and Samsung phones in my list.(thats coz I'm not a fan of these giant mobile companies). coming back to Huawei Mate 8 Im really concerned is the camera which says is 20MP (above mentioned wrongly as 16MP..) If that works fine,you wont have any further doubts in having this phone in your pockets or say your pouch(don't forget it will be 6").
Lets hope it releases this week and be in markets soon, so i can have my hands on it.
Good Luck Huawei!!

  • Shadow98

When does it release?

  • Anonymous

Blackstock., 21 Sep 2015Look for the Nexus 6 (2015) to look very much like the HM8. Th... moreMate 8 has its own CPU, while N6 uses Qualcomm. This could be huge, it may impact compatibility w/ apps.
Mate 8 features IPS screen, N6 features AMOLED
Huawei usually ships w/ dual SIM slots. which is rare w/ Moto

Of course, the screen's size, and the resolution, the DPI are pretty much the same

  • Rex

Qi Wireless Charging?