Huawei Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8

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  • PeKING

I was about to buy a mate 7 but think I will wait for the mate 8 instead it's gonna be an amazing phone.

  • Shukoori

Wow, this phone really amazing, I have mate 7 and I am very happy with it, mate 8 getting my attention with 20 megapixel cam and with 8 megapixel primary ... really incredible

  • sam

Johnson, 27 May 2015Mate7 is a killer, nice phone, I am a Samsung fan but I du... moreyes it will be great device but what about battery? hope it will be more than 4000 ma

  • Mike

Huawei mate 8 could be the best phablet in the world for this year!

  • mohammad is really nice.
it is for first time a phone has ram
it is incredible

  • Johnson

Mate7 is a killer, nice phone, I am a Samsung fan but I dumped Samusung for Mate 7.Its a cool phone.
Mate 8 , 4GB Memory/ 64GB internal / 128GB SD, 8 Core Processor, 64bit Architecture, Android 5.1 I cant wait to get my hand on Mate 8 even if it requires traveling to China.

  • ameenullah

it is very excellent

  • mate7lover

How when where . genuinly mate7 is the one who can kill iphone and samsung htc babies.....lovely awsome phone .best ever.and now born a new baby boss.mate 8. It will breaks all the cheap samsung plastic babies

  • Anonymous

i am crying right now and i can't wait for this phone. please come to the philippines. we are all waiting for you. waaah!

  • Anonymous

owh just the Ascend brand

  • Anonymous

i thought they'll stop at mate 7...?

I don't know how anyone can call the price of the Mate 7 low. Now that it's successor is out, I can see the price is only $679 on one Chinese site but it was $899 previously - that's for the 32 gb one and I have seen it listed higher than $900 when it first came out. The LG G3 was a LOT less expensive when both of these phones were new.

  • Rajesh

macky2green, 12 May 2015Wow! If this rumor turns out to be true, then, great! The... moreSuper

  • AnonD-381574

Great device. What is the price ???

Wow! If this rumor turns out to be true, then, great! The Mate7 is already fantastic - a very powerful device. What more can we expect of this? ;) Just hope the price stays low. Cheers! ;)