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  • Robert

Very regret user, 11 Apr 2016Don't buy suck phone. Not worth to its price. Camera captured... moreHuawei no wants to bring an update for the phone problems. Each stress mails to them to solve the problem !!!

  • Very regret user

Don't buy suck phone. Not worth to its price.

Camera captured picture quality suck like held compare to same specification camera. If you zoom in to detail you will know your picture is "#=&:&/:#/&)$=". My cat eye cannot clearly see also, suck suck suck. The dsp processing like held. Every picture also like event the picture is close. Sometimes I take the picture on report also cannot view the word clearly.

The dual window feature only few app is support I think nearly 10 only. Unlike some other brand.

The video capture zoom in speed lack and the focus speed slow and the picture brightness will become dark when you zoom in while take video.

Play video if you see carefully you will see the video slightly lack.

The phone got a feature you can set your memory card as your main storage but after you use OTG the storage will automatic set back to internal. However new release software have improve this bug.

So far the audio not bad I think.However the volume will be suddenly become loud and soft. When you watch video then you pause after that you continue play the video the audio output will become soft user need to touch the video then the audio output will back to normal.

My APP waze totally blank (no map show only have icon) on this new phone, however I'm not sure is the new andriod issue, app issue or its the phone issue.

Another issue (sometime happen not sure already improve in new firmware or not) when I store my friend phone number in the phone book. Then I search the item back, the record missing, I need to store its again.

So far the fingerprint still not bad.

The camera flash not bright enough compare to other brand. Because sometime we need its as torch however its not bright enough.

The memory usage quite normal similar as my old phone, its around 1 to 2GB.

The battery not so durable as its claim. Its only can last for one day. However its not too worse I still can accept.

My 'LINE' sometime cannot receive messages, after I activate the app again its only can receive message.

Haiz why I cannot find a phone that is perfect, please don't fully trust on the review they will not review it in deeply. I buy this phone because of not bad review however I'm regret please refund its for me........

  • Steven

How to know the ESN of my Hwawei Mate 8 device

  • AnonD-323096

it's dual active i tried it and it work

  • Robert

Hi, 08 Apr 2016the camera still sucks? Large screen but is it possible to have ... moreThe camera still sucks !!!

  • Selo

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2016What do you mean by this. Hi , I'm simply asking AL-10 vs. NXT L29 versions.

  • Sweety

Nice Set..

  • Fogsh

I founded it's a whatsapp setting

  • Fogsh


I faced problem with Huawei Mate 8, there is no new line key in the keyboard when I use some application like whatsapp, I can find it while I am typing normal SMS.

any one face this issue ?

  • AnonD-82534

mgx, 09 Apr 2016Are You sure it is Dual-Stanby ?? I thought it is Dual-Activeyes

  • mgx

Are You sure it is Dual-Stanby ?? I thought it is Dual-Active

  • AnonD-474171

Rafique, 09 Apr

  • AnonD-474171

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2016finally bought Mate 8, 64 gb. Right choice.

  • Sameer

You can buy note5 with about 520$ , so don't fool by getting it by the same price

  • Anonymous

finally bought Mate 8, 64 gb.

  • Rafique

raufy, 05 Apr 2016hi rafique, i'm using it at the moment. everything was good. met... moreThanks

  • Rafique

AnonD-474171, 06 Apr 2016Picture quality good. Browsing fast,after update everything speed up.Thanks

  • Hi

the camera still sucks? Large screen but is it possible to have 8 icons on the bottom row

  • AnonD-474171

AnonD-176565, 07 Apr 2016own a Mate 8 too, feel awesome!Yo,agree with u man.

  • BikeRider

Does it support ANT+?