Huawei Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8

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  • AnonD-463876

[deleted post]Lmao kinda mean but also true, no wonder big phones are so popular in Asia if you catch my drift lol

  • AnonD-243518

Well done huawei

  • mahadi

There is no usb c type, so that it is not compare to first charging. Its resolution is not high. It is big, bulky phone not use one hand. Huewei use 4100mh battery, but its take long time for charging.

  • vancity

Nice phone with big battery, and high screen-to-body ratio (similar overall size but 6" inch screen compare to iPhone6 plus!)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-470766, 26 Nov 2015Does anyone have any idea if this phone will run on the sprint n... moreNo. This phone is a GSM phone. Sprint's technology is CDMA.

  • Mary

ssbatman21, 26 Nov 20156 inch display is way to big.... the design is brilliant, wud h... moreNot everyone wants to play games, the GPU is fine for casual gaming if it calls for it.

  • Manny

I'm from the US. If I were to have someone in china buy this phone for me and send it to the US, will it work with sprint?

  • Nickpick

This is a big phone, but it is actually smaller in terms of height than the iPhone 6+/6s+ or the 6P. It is also 2mm wider than those two. So it is not as big as you would expect it to be.
But how will Mali-T880 MP4 perform?

  • AnonD-451592

Poooooooooooooooooooor very pooor gpu pls dont buy this phone if u are a gamer

  • Jane

pierospi, 26 Nov 2015Isn't possible: such a little... without a dedicated slot for SD... moreit does support an SD card.. can you even read?

  • Ezbar

main camera Sony IMX298, front camera Sony IMX179

Huawei has (as I remember) first time designed the camera (used common sensors like imx 230 and imx 220before which was also used by other manufacturers) let's see how this sensor performs

AnonD-470792, 26 Nov 2015does redmi 2 prime heating problemTalking about redmi 2 here ,are you seriously drunk?

  • Anonymous

very nice

  • AnonD-196068

This should have been the Nexus 6P. It is a much superior phone to the 6P.

  • pierospi

Isn't possible: such a little... without a dedicated slot for SD cards!

  • Anonymous

what a handset``````````````when will be in EU?

6 inch display is way to big....
the design is brilliant, wud hav considered it if it wud hav had a 5.5 inch display....
and the gpu is underpowered too.....
samsung is giving 12 core gpu in its latest exynos, y huawei always uses a slower gpu

  • AnonD-470792

does redmi 2 prime heating problem

No 4K recording?