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  • GEn
  • 15 Sep 2022

been using my phone since 2016 and as of 2022 it's still going strong, been dropped as many times as i can remember and not a single crack, only thing that broke is the charging port and the power button, i already purchased parts to fix it, battery is still holding a charge after this many charging cycles, to sum it up, i think this is the best phone i've purchased so far

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    • nq8
    • 13 Sep 2022

    Anonymous, 12 Sep 2022Noyes

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      • J2I
      • 12 Sep 2022

      Kho Auza, 14 Aug 2022Any idea if this phone support Volte?No

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        • Jesi
        • 85q
        • 24 Aug 2022

        I have used this phone since February 2017 (5 years and a half) and it has been a great journey together. The battery is still great after all this time. However, my SD card slot has stopped working a couple of years ago. The camara is good, could be better. And I'm no longer able to upgrade Android OS, of course.
        Despite these negatives, I will always recommend this phone and it will be hard for me to let it go.

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          • Kho Auza
          • I@a
          • 14 Aug 2022

          Any idea if this phone support Volte?

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            • Hayek
            • JEt
            • 05 Aug 2022

            One of the best phones, responsive and has some features that are very suitable to use. The back fingerprint sensor is really handy and I wish new phones adopt this design. Using it since 2016 and still brand new, I replaced the screen and battery a couple of times due to gentle use :p
            I would consider to rebuy it if a model with this design and newer features comes up.
            Sadly the Huawei ban from google affected their performance in the market.

              What an outstanding model so far. Still using mine since 2016 I obtained it. However, the battery got depleted but does not affect its performance. Huawei would have become the most outstanding smartphone beating other brands if Trump had not threatening Google to seize supplying both soft and hardware to Huawei. Well, Huawei has developed own OS... Let watch and see.

                Had this phone since 2016. Longest ever time I have owned a mobile device so kudos there.

                Still works well but TWO issues.

                1. After 3 years the battery expanded and started to ply the case open. Replaced it with an online purchase that needed to be hard wired in and all working fine since.

                2. Front camera is fine but the main rear camera (Leica) only worked correctly for about 2 years. It is very hard to focus in color mode. B&W seems OK. Tried a replacement camera part that looks identical but the issue remains. Reverted to original camera part and still no luck. The phone needs a hard slap on the wrist to improve focus but this process is very unreliable.

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                  • shin
                  • m4q
                  • 29 May 2022

                  great phone, I'm still using this phone since 2016, I hope there is at least another software update.

                    I surport the review on mate9 camera being more real than mate 10pro and most other expensive Huawei phone. The camera has a good details and stabilisation. Then very good audio output and a lasting battery. Still using it in 2022 and I'm OK with it my only prob wit it is size.

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                      • Ryan
                      • fjG
                      • 07 Jan 2022

                      Decent phone. Been using since 2017. Only issue has been that the wifi module failed.

                        compared camera Mate 9 with P20 pro and mate 20
                        the mate 9 camera really better than all i am shocked with its beautiful results

                          bery fast really this phone i love it even in 2021 still beautiful
                          perfect camera more than perfect
                          fast in gaming no issues
                          fast internet 4G+ LTE
                          fast wifi 5G 4.1 ghz
                          its insane this high specs and still rocking in 2021 loke brand new i love it

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                            • greg
                            • r7b
                            • 21 Nov 2021

                            I got this my Mate 9 in early 2017. Great battery life! I love the w-i-d-e format screen which is great for my fat fingers. Sadly, the display is a bit low resolution. Performance is snappy enough; no major bugs. Two days on a single charge!

                            Except one- once I tried to back up all my data to the MicroSD card and it reset the OS to factory, deleting all my data. I was able to recover some from Google, but lost a lot of contacts.

                            The Mate 10 is a similar experience- great battery, lower-end display.

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                              • Tatagami
                              • nE1
                              • 06 Nov 2021

                              I still have it but since last update Amazon UK app is not supporting the device. If the other apps will have the same problem in the next updates I think there is time to look for a new one.

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                                • Ammar
                                • Lbs
                                • 03 Nov 2021

                                Best phone I've used even, after 5 years I'm switching to Vivo X70 Pro Plus

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Kt6
                                  • 31 Oct 2021

                                  I have been using a Huawei Mate 9 since May 2017, this year my company gave me a brand new Samsung S20FE, but it didn't fulfill the expectations, so I'm still using my reliable Mate 9. This is a solid device with better performance than many newer high range mobile phones. Mine had never freezed down, even the 20Mp Leica camera is still respectable for every day use. The only thing is the battery life has decreased after 4 years of hard use, so I bought a damaged Y9 2019 to swap the battery, they use the same model , model is HB 396689ECW

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Kt6
                                    • 31 Oct 2021

                                    Anonymous, 17 Mar 2021i have question Is this phone Have Google Service?Yes it has Google services.

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                                      • avocado
                                      • Kg@
                                      • 26 Oct 2021

                                      I can't still find a phone that's on par with how I felt using my 4 year old mate 9. I'm thinking of switching to Samsung but on my country, they only sell Exynos variant. The new Huawei flagships have curved display, which is a no for me. Been looking at s20 FE (Snapdragon variant), Oneplus 8T, and Xiaomi 11TPro or Poco F3. How I wish Huawei still have google services. Since I'm reliant to it.

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                                        • Ang
                                        • fIT
                                        • 28 Aug 2021

                                        Haitham T, 03 Jul 2021It's been over 4 years with this phone. . Its still wo... moreSame here, all good but the battery issue and it heats up so quickly while charging. Have you considered getting battery replaced? Was thinking whether it's worth the change or not.