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  • creeem

the only problem with Huawei is its not compatible with many Games especially GTA. Since it uses its own chipset GPU and CPU. It also crashes a lot of apps.
App and game developers don't support it. Otherwise its a great phone I had the Huawie Mate 1..But I just did not upgrade because of this and very slow OS updates.
I sold mine to a friend and even today this phone commands respect when you remove it and start using it.

  • Anonymous

thank god huawei is choosing high megapixel count.
all manufacturers making pixels bigger,adding auto focus to it,blah, good.
but keeping megapixel count higher doesn't hurt especially when we are paying a premium for this.
enough of those 12-13MP cameras on flagship phones.
20MP should be standard.

  • Anonymous

Put the Harman karbon with 4 speakers,put 4500mah,new camera sensor one with 20 mp and one with 4mp ultra pixel,front camera should use new better Sony sensor with screen flash,put force touch,599 ppi using the best screen that is LG oled which is better than Samsung oled display,make a good ROM,fast fingerprint like honor 7 which is the faster fingerprint in smartphone,new design combine mate with P series and new Android stock.also make support it blaster,removable battery,add storage slot and use sd830 or newer kirin

  • selo

Selo, 29 Apr 2016 I just bought Mate 8 & am sooo happy with it. But not... moreI correct myself. I meant "LEICA lense" , not Carl Zeiss.

  • AnonD-242897

I use a Huawei with 2gb ram and I never had a problem with it and Huawei is ranked in the top 3 brands of phone manufacturers so please don't say anything if u have incorrect knowledge

  • Anonymous

Jacob, 30 Apr 2016Please this time use battery of above 5000mah d... moreTrust judging by the size of mate 8, you won't like it to be heavier or with a bigger battery. And a proud owner of mate 8 and I think the battery is more than enough already.

  • Jacob

Please this time use battery of above 5000mah doubt kirin 950 is energy efficient chip but please Make kirin 960 even more energy efficient. Make your endurance abov3 150 hours. So that we can get 2 full day of heavy usage. Love you Huawei. Go and smash your own records of beautiful and beast 6 incher.

  • Anonymous

The 960 is an incremental improvement over the 955 with most the changes coming in the area of the GPU because 4 cores wont meet performance demands of higher resoultions.

  • AnonD-388534

never goes to this china brands.....their spec list is so high like mount everest but cannot give upto that level or this price tag when you have choices like s7 which everyone known beast in every parts then why should we buy this china brands ....... their ui is not even well customized.... if they give 6gb ram then you have to know the os use 5gb.....this is mantra for this huawei lagroid phones

  • Selo

I just bought Mate 8 & am sooo happy with it.
But not happy (but very excited) when I read about Mate 9.
If Mate 9 will have A) Harman Kardon speakers B) Carl Zeiss Lenses & last but not least C) 5000 battery , Huawei will break all flagship records I think. I will replace my 8 with 9 with a great smile. Congratulations HUAWEI..

  • AnonD-515246

AnonD-365575, 29 Apr 2016hi do you have adhesion while you samsung phone anyone buy... moreenglish please..

  • AnonD-521036

Hey Huawei!! Remember Harman Kardon!? & MediaPad M2? So! Why Not That's In Your New Phablet!? Mate 9 Is Very Big But For One or Two Stereo Speakers...

  • Anonymous

I mis dual camera and battery size. Actually to compare with Samsung Note 6.

  • AnonD-365575

do you have adhesion while you samsung phone anyone buy samsung phone and feel good with it quality like phone hang ,battery usage, overheating
i heard about samsung a lot of issue that people bought samsung said top peoblem
i have galaxy s4 i 9500 it really hating me while i ise it in reason of overheating and battery bad usage i tired while use this phone i decided to sell it and buy new Samsung galaxy phone but i see new phone have same problem too
did it happen for you?


I want one

  • mkara

please huawei. dual sim cards but with dedicated memory card slot.

  • Anonymous

Cant wait to buy this 6inch beast! The specs for me is very ideal... Just about time to replace my C5 Ultra

  • Ahmed morad

Real price in Saudi Arabia in 1699 with a gift of 100 GB Internet for free

  • 0804

ICE, 28 Apr 2016Same here ;) Now I have to wait some moreMe too ~ omg, make me to decide wait for Mate 9

  • Tim

It's better for Huawei to do sth for its phone's worthless cameras.