Huawei Mate Xs 2

Huawei Mate Xs 2

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  • UNKNOWN soldier
  • Lcg
  • 24 Aug 2022

2000 euros
One ps5
+one top line smartphone
+one laptop
Or/ home PC


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    • Anonymous
    • tZ4
    • 15 Aug 2022

    The mate x2 look better the this

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      • Anonymous
      • I@H
      • 06 Aug 2022

      even for a folding phone 2000eur base price is a bit steep, for a phone with hardware comparable to last year's foldables and no 5g support. Spec wise it seems to have higher res screen, dual sim, expandable storage and faster charging speed thats the only advantages i see from current foldables.

        UNKNOWN soldier , 31 Jul 20222000...can you imagine u can buy a nice phone a tv and a ps... moreFoldable mobiles are way more expensive than normal ones. Samsung's foldable mobile is also expensive. You can't compare it to normal mobiles. And you can't expect foldable mobiles to be cheap. Some people likes to use foldable ones and some don't want to. Just because you don't want to use, please don't think the other people also don't want to. People who want to use foldable mobiles will buy no matter what. And those people just don't care about the price. So, you don't need to explain how many things they can buy with that amount of money because they won't really care about it.
        No offence, btw.

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          • UNKNOWN soldier
          • Lcg
          • 31 Jul 2022

          2000...can you imagine u can buy a nice phone a tv and a ps5

          Or a super desktop for home ...
          Or a car or a super vacation ...2000..does it have a diamond screen

            Buyer, 09 Jun 2022Any info on EU release date?It's available in Germany and they even have an 20% discount.

              In stores now in KSA at a whopping 2,133 USD (with "gifts" for launch) for the 8gb/512gb variant.

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                • ASL
                • pFG
                • 25 Jun 2022

                EU available when? I mean global or eu version. Please.
                Once I bought CN version phone for use in Europe never again.

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                  • Buyer
                  • Sq6
                  • 09 Jun 2022

                  Any info on EU release date?

                    EePee, 01 May 2022A Demo is fine, but can it survive constant rubbing against... moreI honestly can't see your point. Every phone has an exposed screen to the outer world, be it your pocket or a concrete slab. You slap a screen protector on it and move on with your life. Here you need to have a protecting case on one side and a screen protector on the exposed side. How is this unfathomable?

                      Darknoor, 01 Jun 2022I just didn't and still don't find typing anythin... moreYou did not respond because you could not come up with a response.

                        joe nodden, 01 Jun 2022You know people can see who posted each reaction. A mad fac... moreI just didn't and still don't find typing anything for a brick is worth the time and effort, but sure let others know why I saved my time by ignoring your very bias and opinions.

                        Maybe I will save someone else's time too by letting them know to just ignore you if they encountered you :)

                          Darknoor, 30 May 2022MTK is getting there rapidly but they are still not above S... moreYou know people can see who posted each reaction. A mad face emoji with zero reply doesn't make for a very mature looking response.

                            Darknoor, 30 May 2022MTK is getting there rapidly but they are still not above S... moreIf Mediatek wanted to be scummy and aim for impractical peak performance while sacrificing thermals and battery life just like Qualcomm, they could easily do it.

                              joe nodden, 26 May 2022My God are unable to read? "I mean it probably would&#... moreMTK is getting there rapidly but they are still not above SD.
                              SD can still push forward and keep the gap big, if their upcoming chips fix their previous flaws.
                              But probs to MtK, I never liked them (for obvious reasons) but truth to be told they earned my respect for their hard work.

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                                • Calta
                                • XBJ
                                • 29 May 2022

                                I've never owned or even use a Huawei flagship before but after watching and reading a lot of reviews on them since 2018, I have two wishes. Firstly, I wish the Kirin processor could be brought back. Imagine if the Kirin processor had a 2022 upgrade... It'd outperform every smartphone processor in the market
                                Secondly, I wish to own a Huawei flagship smartphone.

                                  Livius, 25 May 2022Kirin 9000 is much better than 888 will ever be. Have you r... moreMy God are unable to read? "I mean it probably would've been a more practical choice than the 888 but that doesn't mean it's a good choice."

                                  I'm saying both suck. Dimensity chips are better.

                                    Anonymous, 28 Apr 2022You still didn't learned after 3 years that Huawei wil... moreno

                                    and that sucks !

                                      joe nodden, 09 May 2022Too slow imo and idk what the thermals are like. I mean it ... moreKirin 9000 is much better than 888 will ever be. Have you recorded 4K with 888 ? Not to mention 8 Gen 1 ? After 5 minutes, you will have the impression that the phone is going to explode. I've used Kirin 990 and 9000 and they were very good compared to what fails Snapdragon keeps coming up with for the past 2 generations.

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                                        • rocky
                                        • Iv}
                                        • 25 May 2022

                                        first of all, Huawei is a very good brand of phone. the bad is that since trump banned this Chinese phone, it can no longer support nor have any app that comes from the google play store to include the google play itself. in defiance of this, Huawei has came out with it's own operating system that does not rely on any google play store app. so, if you have or like any apps that came from the google play store, you will surely miss them.