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  • rayaz

saqi, 11 Jan 2012This is awsome machine in given price. i have used internet... moreupdate it with the January 2012 update (330MB download) and the touch sensitivity improves a lot. However make sure backup the data and apps, as the upgrade clears all!

  • rayaz

AnonD-37674, 11 Jan 2012I owned a huawei mediapd. It had no LED flash, only 5MP C... moreWhat is the version of the firmware you got recently that has phone and messaging?

  • usa

just perfect! waiting for official ice cream sandwich now as it's promised before march! highly recommended!

  • AnonD-37674

I owned a huawei mediapd.
It had no LED flash, only 5MP Camera at the back.
I love the size, the quality of display, can swap between 1024x600 and 1280x800 (Superb!!!)
Price is great! With this price you can't get any spec with this size.
Performance is just average, am waiting for Ice-cream Sandwich.

One more thing...
Today just went to service my mediapad, and the technician flash the latest firmware for me, and I found 2 new apps, PHONE and MESSAGING. Need me to eleborate more?

Great job Huawei!

  • saqi

This is awsome machine in given price. i have used internet on 3g and wifi. warmup in 1 hour but thats ok for this typo of small machine. touch is not much sensitive however overall good device.

can anyone post url to arc application to enable voice and sms from this device?

  • AnonD-37109

Igor, 04 Jan 2012This is really the best 7 inches tablet with 3G by the mome... moreCan you point to the URL on this ARC app that can enable the mediapad to do phone calls & sms?

  • Igor

This is really the best 7 inches tablet with 3G by the moment. You can find arc application in the internet which will allow you to phone and to send sms. Even the camera is appropriate one for tablets.

  • AnonD-34964

I got this device a week back and the device is pretty good. I have owned or tried out several tabs including the IPad/Ipad2/Galaxy Tab 7"/Acer A500/Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Overall the device is nippy, the touch screen interface good, the high resolution for a 7" makes it clear, the video playback SUPERB, sound is loud and clear.

I posted a longer analysis of the equipment on my non-commercial blog, check it out if you are prospective buyer. I too eagerly wait gsmarena's review of this device, which is considered the best mid level 7" tab next to the upcoming 7.7 Galaxy Tab (expensive one!).

hands on experience in depth at _

  • styxgeist

The screen is 16 million colours and is IPS. It is a little bit clunky with web browsing. Suspect is it the browser that's the problem though and not the hardware.

The processor itself is very fast. Very nice screen and watching HD content is a breeze. The smaller size is good to. I sold the Iconia A500 for this and find it much easier to use for reading especially

  • zaidz

this tablet is really slow , writing experience is not good . more like android mobile .
Not recomended .

  • budy

China is no 1 .........

  • dasun

is there network video call support?

  • Dev

Maxa unit,This can purchase from Etisalat Sri lanka

  • AnonD-4954

seriously only 256K colors ?
not 16M ? can someone confirm it ?

  • alextins1410

This tablet has no phone or messaging capability in its stock setup...but there is a somehow add-on that will make this tablet enable its phone and messaging features..

  • jean-pierre

Kath, 28 Oct 2011I'm going to get this one as soon as it arrives in the Neth... moreI am also waiting for this new Huawei to be available in France,like you I have an S7-105 acting as a phone and a tablet and I love using it although it runs on Android 2.1 it can play Flash items through Skyfire and MPEG2 on MX Player.My concern is whether it will be Flash 10.3 (the only one still available on the Android market)compatible.I also hope they have made an effort on the ROM capacity which limits the number and size of apps that can be installed on the S7

  • kelly

AnonD-30322, 14 Nov 20111.2 Ghz dual core qualcommits good

  • kelly

wats the price of this

  • kelly

nice phone

  • AnonD-30322

ncs, 14 Nov 2011hi, how about its cpu? processor?? regards.1.2 Ghz dual core qualcomm