Huawei MediaPad T3 10

Huawei MediaPad T3 10

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  • Carmanen

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2017Hi . Is it fast ? Do you think it is ok for kids ? Beca... moreNo, it's pretty fast for everyday use despite it having quad-core CPU :) Having 2 gigs of RAM and only 1280*720 screen, it's fast enough. Bought this tablet few days ago. Excellent tablet, especially for watching movies! Screen quality is excellent, imo.

  • Anonymous

Hi .
Is it fast ?
Do you think it is ok for kids ?
Because the processer is quad core not octa core ?!
I am worry ti feel slow if i buy it

  • Anonymous

Dears , do you advise me to buy this model ? T3 10 ?
I am not sure if will be fast or slow because it has acuad core not Octa core ??
Need your opinion for the persons who used the same , specially for the speed .
I will buy it for my kids not for me ...

  • Carmanen

Anonymous, 16 Jun 201716Gb and no card slotWrong information here! I have this tablet and it has microSD slot. Support up to 128 gb if i remember right.

  • Anonymous

16Gb and no card slot

  • AnonD-296232

Very good. 11 LTE bands. It HAS microsd support!!! on the same tray as the nano-sim

  • Omid46

Dearest Huawei.Don't you think that this good midrange tablet should have come in 2011-12 !!!?Still media pad fhd of Huawei made in 2012-13 is rival-less and Huawei hasn't offered any similar tablet to that up to now!!!But even with incomplete specifications ,it is worth buying as an affordable midrange tablet of $200 for children!Justice Rights.Omid12Omidvar cares for what is made not who is made !!Go Huawei do your best....