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Android O (android 8) Developer preview is released now for this phone on android website

  • Anonymous

Gumbones, 03 Apr 2017The phone feels premium from the moment you take it out of its b... moreafter 1 yr and 2 mon the battery is dying, now only last for 2 hrs, so sad will get a sony xperia xz premium next

  • AnonD-478424

This happened to mine 3 weeks ago. Sent it back to where I purchased it, they attempted to fix it but ended up replacing the whole thing

  • Osaka

AnonD-84747, 19 Mar 2017Will this phone work on wind mobile (Freedom mobile now) lte network?My finger prints stopped working immediately i updated my 6p to 7.1.2 how can i resolve dis problem

  • Jagjit

Hi guys
Nexus 6p volte support problem don't India yet..any solution ??feeling frustrated..
any track or app. ??

  • jibjib

my phone suddenly shut off and when I restart my phone, it keep showing google logo again and again until run out of battery. After charge my phone, the fault still occur.

  • Gernavor

AnonD-448253, 06 Apr 2017Nexus 6P variants and BootLoop problem: I had my Nexus 6P pu... moreI am just assuming but the nexus 6p softbrick boot loop might be because of Samsung hardware. If you've unlocked your bootloader and and try to use a custom recovery such as TWRP, it attempts to temporarily boot TWRP by placing it in memory to reboot, this action fails, along with the system partition recovery. You can successfully overwrite all partitions including the recovery partition but you'll never be able to load anything except quickboot. I strongly believe the operations fail to execute as a result of a memory issue. In this case being Samsung. Did anyone with the soft brick bug notice their device heating up before it died?

eMMC 32GB Samsung
DRAM: 3072 Samsung LPDDR4

  • Prittu

Can this phone be mirror linked to car infotainment system with mirror link option

  • AnonD-659739

I bought this device in US, the device is pretty good, but I am writing this review about bugs that it might have and the pathetic customer service that huawei provides.
Easily my worst experience till that, and although i have nothing against the device I would never advice anyone to buy a huawei device. Everything is awesome till you don't hit an issue, but once you do, it's gonna be hell for you.
Even thought they promise to repair and deliver your device within 7-10 business days, but needless to say thats all a lie. They took my device almost a month back and have not returned it yet, they just keep dilly-dallying all the time, and are not even giving a date as to when they would fix and give. At this point i am beginning to think they might be doing it on purpose cause they aren't able to fix it, so might as well eat up all the time in warranty and return it when you have no time left to complain again.
Please do not go by any paid reviews, and DO NOT buy huawei ever, unless you wanna end up being in my condition.
My phone went into endless boot mode, and i have heard a few other friends face the same too, so there is a possibility of a bug as well.

  • AnonD-448253

Nexus 6P variants and BootLoop problem:

I had my Nexus 6P purchased in January 2016 from the Google Play Store, barely one year later it went into tht infamous bootloop bug. I am getting a replacement phone, but noticed there are hardware differences, mostly in the components manufacturers. I wonder if we can establish a correlation of the bootloop problem and one or more of the following:
Manufacture date: Obtainable from the serial number:
Components manufacturers: mostly DRAM and eMMC.

Here are the specs of my two 6P's the one that crashed and the one I am getting as replacement.
BL: angler-03-62
Baseband: angler-03.72
Product/Variant: ANGLER-VN2
Serial Number: *****16B04****** Mfd fate: 2016-Nov-04
CPU: MSM8994 0x2001
eMMC: 128GB Toshiba
Factory OS: Android 7.0

Old 6P
BL: angler-03-64
Baseband: angler-03.78
Product/Variant: ANGLER-VN2
Serial Number: *****15C03****** Mfd date: 2015-December-03
CPU: MSM8994 0x2001
eMMC: 128GB Samsung
Factory OS: Android 6.x

I got all this information from each phone, just by booting them into bootloader mode: Hold Volume and Power buttons together.

Have you had your 6P replaced on warranty? What is your experience with your replacement device? Is it newer, older thanthe previous one? Any failures?

Your comments are welcome, thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-448253

Unhappy Ali, 20 Mar 2017The absolute worse customer service on the planet.Bought two pho... more
In fact, I did like the fact that they asked for proof of the phone's physical state.

I also sent my Nexus 6P for warranty repair (barely one month after the warranty expired it went into the bootloop bug). They asked me to take pictures of each side of the phone. Actually, Iliked that since my phone, which crashed, was in REAL PRISTINE state, as brand new out of the box. I didn't want it to be returned all scratched and damaged. AFter all, I am getting a replacement phone...let's see how it does arrive to me.... (waiting for the surprise)! If it is in bad shape, I'll submit a complaint to Huawei and claim a new device. And we all got the pictures to prove my phone was fine !

  • AnonD-658947

6P forever, best phone ever!

  • AnonD-658924

best developer phone

  • Gumbones

The phone feels premium from the moment you take it out of its box. the edges feel thin and solid. The first thing you will notice is the size of the phone, especially when moving from something on the smaller scale. the build is solid and refined, nothing is overdone like the current pixel phone line, and feels good in the hand, especially when the aluminium body is cold. The cameras are good but nothing to break the ice, the screen has a rich warm tone and feels a little less cynical than some of the ultra bright displays out there, however the amoled is a very welcome feature that will impress anyone looking to get their first flagship device. Having moved from a nokia lumia 920 i was astounded at how expensive and professional it felt and the stock android layout was just a treat to work with. now a year into owning this phone i only have two complaints. the lock button is a little too easy to press, it could use more resistance. and the top of the phone can get a little warm when using the camera or 3d gaming. over all this is a solid phone that i think is an outstanding and worthy device to bare the nexus brand for the last time.

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever!Even after two years in hand!

  • AnonD-655334

Naver buy Google Product
6p does't support Volte in india and
Google Deliberately can't fix Problem for Pixel Marketing

  • kat

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017Love this phone but after 12 months (heavy use) the screen is dy... moreuse third party app: recommended app ( lux lite dash )

  • AnonD-652501

One of my friend had recommended me to buy this phone. Really a great developer friendly phone with instant Official Android updates. Even I am using Android O right now which has pushed by Google yesterday. Android O is superb in term of battery life. I got a tutorial to install Android O from­oid-O-Factory-Image-OPP1.html

Even this developer preview OS is working like a charm. I really love this Nexus Family.

  • AnonD-592359

AnonD-84747, 19 Mar 2017Will this phone work on wind mobile (Freedom mobile now) lte network?it should

  • Diana

AnonD-448253, 02 Mar 2017Nexus 6P is a great phone.... Until it fails. I got Android 7.1... moreMy phone keeps going off and on network, now it gone off and not connecting back to service, I restart many times but would not connected to service network. SIM