Huawei nova 10 Pro

Huawei nova 10 Pro

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  • Dreze
  • XET
  • 7 hours ago

Can it be charged wireless

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    • pip squeak
    • y2g
    • 30 Sep 2022

    can it game?

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      • Janis
      • gCT
      • 29 Sep 2022

      Gnusmas, 13 Sep 2022Huawei and Honor are crazy with their prices, for a long ti... moreHi. Im using huawei without Play store. Everything you can get is on GSpace app and everything works great. You can easly download it from AppGallery and all is great.

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        • Anonymous
        • mVA
        • 19 Sep 2022

        CptPower, 15 Jul 2022Wait for whathewer you want and good luck with that. Google play store.
        Kirin processor = 2.20 GHz.
        Wi-Fi 7.
        200 watts.
        Android 13.

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          • TFS
          • pYq
          • 16 Sep 2022

          Anyone have this phone yet? What version of software do you currently have? ?

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            • Gnusmas
            • nrN
            • 13 Sep 2022

            Huawei and Honor are crazy with their prices, for a long time already. Even Samsung smartphones doesn't seem that overpriced compared to Huawei/Honor. And anyway, Huawei don't even have Google Services, so no Google Pay, no WhatsApp backup, some apps refuse to work properly. You can literally buy a flagship for hat price.

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              • Gust52
              • mFd
              • 12 Sep 2022

              The P30 Pro was the last of a dying breed

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                • Anonymous
                • Tui
                • 12 Sep 2022

                lol 730 euro for this ? are they insane.. and main camera not OIS.. might aswell just buy pixel.

                  Aspirin, 11 Sep 2022730 ?? pure rubbish Totally agree bro, Huawei's gold/glory days are over. They showed their potential and that they could easily håve killed Apple in a very short amount of times, basically less than 10 years, since the birth of the iPhone until Huawei ban by trump's Admin. Huawei was tailing both Apple and Samsung in the charts

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                    • Rosso
                    • g8$
                    • 11 Sep 2022

                    This phone is so confusing.

                    On one hand, camera and screen justify their price tag to an extent, even if camera may be unbalanced by having good main sensor and selfie one, but bad ultrawide, it's passable for the price.

                    But then chipset being being 778+ makes no sense, don't get me wrong, it's a great chip, but not for a 730 euro phone

                      730 ?? pure rubbish

                        I must admit that the camera configurations on this device is intriguing. Why the choice of 8mp ultrawide for the rear camera but a whopping 60mp for the selfie? Then an 8mp portrait camera? We will see anyways when the full review comes whether it was the right decision.

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                          • Tara
                          • mhu
                          • 06 Sep 2022

                          Sin, 10 Aug 2022Why no SD card slot People might need it in order to move... moreExcellent. Huawei must offer what orthers dont offer.

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                            • Dearie 003
                            • sxr
                            • 06 Sep 2022

                            Asd, 03 Sep 2022The only garbage here is your comment. People want Huawei a... moreYes I agree with you ❤️❤️🎉

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                              • asdisbrainded
                              • Jcx
                              • 04 Sep 2022

                              ok fanboy, aside from the design it has little to no value compared to other phones.

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                                • Asd
                                • P@c
                                • 03 Sep 2022

                                Anonymous, 02 Sep 2022Never, no need more garbage The only garbage here is your comment. People want Huawei and they can purchase that, stop being like that If you can't even buy it.

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                                  • P C M
                                  • XWV
                                  • 02 Sep 2022

                                  overpriced crap....

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 8kP
                                    • 02 Sep 2022

                                    Mazandy , 30 Aug 2022When this arrived at shop Never, no need more garbage

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                                      • Mazandy
                                      • fXs
                                      • 30 Aug 2022

                                      When this arrived at shop

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                                        • Mazandy
                                        • X5u
                                        • 30 Aug 2022

                                        When this phone available at the shops