Huawei nova 10 Pro

Huawei nova 10 Pro

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  • Mrn
  • 04 Jul 2022

530 euro, but no OIS, no IP68 no new Snapdragon 7 gen 1.. Very bad Huawei.

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    • KIF
    • 30 Jun 2022

    lo, 29 Jun 2022Many US companies like google and facebook are banned in ch... moreRather skewed comparison, google and facebook are known for exploiting their users personal data.

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      • Silentwalker
      • ATV
      • 30 Jun 2022

      Chenchen, 28 Jun 2022Usa banned huawei the moment they surpassed apple and samsu... moreThis is true, so true. It almost happened to Xioami just as the previous US president left office. Luckily it got overturned.

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        • 8tV
        • 29 Jun 2022

        rather odd set of selfie cameras...

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          • t7P
          • 29 Jun 2022

          Lemont, 28 Jun 2022Getting blacklisted by the previous administration in the U... moreMany US companies like google and facebook are banned in china but im sure you havent said anything about it

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            • Chenchen
            • YUU
            • 28 Jun 2022

            Usa banned huawei the moment they surpassed apple and samsung in brand list

              Supermarket, 27 Jun 2022What happened to you huaweiGetting blacklisted by the previous administration in the US back in 2019 due to unfounded and unproven claims made by them about national security.

                In this period huawei tries to suvive and i am sure that huawei will come back and will be more stronger and will take avery good market share
                Huawei now struggles in the chips. they are allowed only to use certain snapdragon ships and 4g version
                Surely if huawei still producing kirin ships, we will find a more stronger ship in this phone and even if allowed to use mediatek ships they could use at least the 8100 dimenisty ship
                But on the other hand huawei tries to support other aspects to over come the weak ship point. Like giving you avery respective design and meterials an excellend modern screen found only in higher end phones and excellent camera espicially they are concerned with selfi camera and advanced charging system and finally avery amazing soft ware that gives you many advantages especially if you have other huawei devices
                So huawei fans only will understand this and still think huawei phones better than others... if you dont trust you can simply goes to honor line that provides more different 5g chip options

                  i miss huawei. 😢

                    Reliance909, 27 Jun 2022They keep on releasing old and same thingssame like iphone or samsung...bored design..

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                      • P@c
                      • 28 Jun 2022

                      If Huawei price is around $200-250$ this would sell a lot

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                        • Bhaalspawn
                        • raP
                        • 28 Jun 2022

                        With these spec and without google services in eu is not worth more than a 100-150 eur feature phone.

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                          • Hb 2701
                          • avZ
                          • 27 Jun 2022

                          Thank U Huawei

                          The best 👍

                            Supermarket, 27 Jun 2022What happened to you huaweiThey keep on releasing old and same things

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                              • LiI
                              • 27 Jun 2022

                              Uggly back

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                                • Blaknigarskok
                                • 3Z5
                                • 27 Jun 2022

                                Old chip,4G, no OIS = Not worth anything above $300 cause there are better phones at that price already, probably gonna cost like $500 which is way too much.

                                  Sweet 💗

                                    Imagine paying more for a cruddy 8MP sensor to make a bigger hole in the display. And it's not even an ultrawide lens or an IR camera for facial recognition.


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                                      • Supermarket
                                      • tZ0
                                      • 27 Jun 2022

                                      What happened to you huawei

                                        The performance of the Nova 9 was horrible, worse camera without OIS and TERRIBLE battery life! This one brings a little upgrade on hardware. So can't be so optimistic about this phone. A SD7gen1 SoC, IMX800/866 camera sensor with OIS and a 5000mAh battery could make me think about this but with the leaked specs, it's a NO