Huawei nova 6

Huawei nova 6

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  • Facsuuy
  • 61F
  • 24 Feb 2020

Yes. Google include

    Az, 16 Feb 2020Hope so too!I've been holding my self not to buy Nova 5T and wait for this. Hope they will release it in PH. with or without google services, there are ways to install google services anyway

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      • Az
      • I@H
      • 16 Feb 2020

      mcmann, 23 Dec 2019make this available in philippinesHope so too!

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        • redz
        • Rx4
        • 10 Feb 2020

        paolo, 03 Feb 2020I got it for my dad via aliexress, 5G version priced just ... moremay i ask, does it have google play even if factory reset? or will have to install again the google play? thank you!

          Anyone using this phone, I need comparison with Samsung note 9, aside stylus, comparison on specs n performance, battery life and more importantly camera

            Latheef, 23 Dec 2019No waterproof iam iam not ok for this fhonWtf, waterproof for $450

              Thai phone is same price with Samsung a70, compare the two and you will see Nova 6 is far better than all Samsung midrange, and it's not even a midrange for it's spec. Much more of a flagship even your expensive iPhone still uses LCD on iPhone 11, and no fingerprint don't forget only brand name, and no headphones jack

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                • paolo
                • ss3
                • 03 Feb 2020

                I got it for my dad via aliexress,
                5G version priced just below 600 EURO.
                an incredible piece of technolgy , the KIRIN 990 is super-fast ,
                best phone I have ever purchased, huawei is truly a step ahead

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                  • Universe
                  • I@a
                  • 18 Jan 2020

                  Used to be a good phone.. HiSilicon Kirin SoC is kinda good but I wish the GPU is Adreno. Mali GPUs lacks anisotropic filtering which is really bad while playing high graphics games. Plz someone pinch Mali GPUs? Snapdragon is really for gamers.

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                    • Sidney
                    • vaS
                    • 18 Jan 2020

                    Does it have LED notification light?

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                      • asd
                      • Rx4
                      • 17 Jan 2020

                      $400 in aliexpress. brand new.

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                        • HN5T
                        • K5g
                        • 02 Jan 2020

                        TeS, 30 Dec 2019In Malls Huawei shops are phones to show and s... moreLol. Closing? Why no Google? From what planet are you?

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                          • TeS
                          • UNy
                          • 30 Dec 2019

                          In Malls Huawei shops are phones to show and sell, just old phones. Now they cannot compete with Samsung or Oppo. Unbelievable for a company so used to sell great phones...only because they cannot use Google Sevices anymore.

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                            • TeS
                            • sGx
                            • 26 Dec 2019

                            This will no be available outside China because no Google services. Lucky Samsung...

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                              • mcmann
                              • 7Xd
                              • 23 Dec 2019

                              make this available in philippines

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                                • Latheef
                                • 6sE
                                • 23 Dec 2019

                                No waterproof iam iam not ok for this fhon

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • tug
                                  • 19 Dec 2019

                                  the best design ever, FLAWLESS.

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                                    • navam
                                    • 5iP
                                    • 18 Dec 2019

                                    Android 10 is available .
                                    Is it available google play store?
                                    Answer please

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                                      • Maina
                                      • 4k}
                                      • 16 Dec 2019

                                      When I saw the phone I was like darn it could of waited for this instead of the Redmi note 8 Pro I just got, but when I saw what the phone is selling for at AliExpress ~$450...thanks but no thanks, I made the ride choice! :)

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                                        • ter
                                        • 10 Dec 2019

                                        Anon, 09 Dec 2019The punch hole is eating so much space on top of the screen... moreWell, then all the previous smartphones are also designed badly. Isn't it?