Huawei nova 8 SE Youth

Huawei nova 8 SE Youth

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Is this some sort of joke ? Android 10 with no Google play services when android 12 will soon be released, just 60Hz refresh rate when most devices at the same price or less have at least 90Hz display,low battery capacity.400mAh is small for a 6.6 inches device. Huawei should have provided at least 5000mAh. They are really dreaming. This phone might not sell well as there a lot of better deals out there for the same price or less.

Please don't buy this phone! This phone processor is old. Go put it against maybe like Snapdragon 732G or whatever processor

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Girlfriend Gearest, 28 Jul 2021finally, a phone for me! (it has a headphone jack)stone age

finally, a phone for me!

(it has a headphone jack)