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Huawei nova 9

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  • 10 Sep 2023

Hans, 05 Jul 2022Do not buy this phone if you are a gamer because you will b... moreBro I can't even play codm on it... It's just keep crashing everytime i try to play it

    OpposedScroll75, 24 Aug 2023The Nova 9 literally has everything that the SE has and more.Storage was mainly the reason why I opted for the 10SE. The 256 GB Nova 10SE costs as much as the 128 GB Nova 9.

      mandalaphone, 26 Mar 2023If gaming is what the user is looking for then yes, the Adr... moreThe Nova 9 literally has everything that the SE has and more.

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        • Nebiyu
        • NgR
        • 02 Aug 2023

        I have no problem with it
        Still i am using with no problem
        Userfailure may be matters

          I regret buying this phone because I wanna change this phone from 1 UI to 2 uis (for example: infinix,tecno,OPPO,Xiaomi,realme,vivo,Samsung,OnePlus,poco,blackshark,and TCL)

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            • fraderrty
            • 0Zx
            • 29 Jun 2023

            so guys I have been using this phone for a year its a great phone it has very good performance but the battery is not that good it doesnt last a full day with moderate usage , and if you plan on gaming the phone will overheat very quickly and will be very hot. the 5g doesnt matter honestly I miss it but the signal is rather good. GMS is easily installable but has ads but you can pay for no ads (although it doesnt bother me) so overall good phone if you can find it at the right price (and display is beatiful but the camera is horrible for night photo taking).

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              • JohnD
              • 0Bt
              • 03 Jun 2023

              Hiropac, 25 Dec 2022I don't believe u for 1 sec there. Pure lies. Am posti... moreNova 9 has no heat issues. Nova 9 is a great phone with no lags. Its an upper midranger.

                been using this phone over more than a week now, got it for $190 at excellent condition. so far this phone is nice to use, very lightweight and looks premium. also UI isn't that bad too but one thing for sure i'd hate this phone for having no google services. battery life of this is a beast, it can get me 6hours+ SoT. similar SoT to my Samsung S22u.

                i came from Samsung and Oppo Brand Ecosystem. owning S22u and Find X2 Pro. i bought this phone as replacement for my 3 year old Find X2 Pro since i have display issue with it (green screen like those on 1+8 pro) which replacement cost me $300+. overall i'm happy with Nova 9 even though it doesn't
                have Google Services, i found a way to download google apps via gbox that doesn't found on its search bar. nice phone very cheap and has nice camera too.

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                  • ayman hassan
                  • fkG
                  • 24 Apr 2023

                  Daim Boi, 19 Apr 2023is this phone worth it in this time of year? i just bought ... moresame i bought it for 197 euros

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                    • Anonymous
                    • I@H
                    • 20 Apr 2023

                    Touts a very good camera. However, recording long videos on it is impossible because the phone overheats if you use the camera for too long. The phone comes with a built-in function to disable all apps once it overheats so your video recording will be cut short abruptly. Really stupid.

                    If you watch a video for too long, it will overheat. If you play a game with hd graphics, it will overheat.

                    What's the point of a phone with excellent graphics if the prolonged use of those graphics will render that phone incapable of functioning?

                    The phone cools down fairly quickly, but that doesn't mean much when your phone shuts down every time you decide to use it actively.

                      is this phone worth it in this time of year? i just bought it online for $190 on excellent condition.

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                        • Bigboat23
                        • CDp
                        • 14 Apr 2023

                        Anonymous, 09 Apr 2023Is worth to change my P Smart 2021 for Nova 9 ?Yep. Better display, better battery and more powerful soC. The camera performance is also better too. So yes, I use Nova 10

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3WM
                          • 09 Apr 2023

                          Is worth to change my P Smart 2021 for Nova 9 ?

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                            • shorty guy
                            • fjF
                            • 27 Mar 2023

                            why those 3 camera doesn't work, and i stil have y8p, still 2 camera doesn't work

                              Anonymous, 17 Mar 2023Nova 9 have Adreno 642L gpu Nova 10 se have Adreno 610 gp... moreIf gaming is what the user is looking for then yes, the Adreno 642L on the Nova 9 is better than the Adreno 610 on the Nova 10SE.
                              The Nova 9 is an upper midranger with better SoC specs. However, for a user looking for an all-around experience (probably with less gaming) the Nova10SE is the choice.

                                Hayyin, 24 Jan 2023Somebody help me. Nova 7se or nova 10se or honor x9a??? ... moreI can tell you about the Nova 10SE and the Nova 7SE since I have both.
                                Nova 7SE (also called P40 lite 5G): is a great phone, albeit 3 years old, still feels and responses as a new phone. It has the Kirin 820 with 5G support (if interested in 5G). Screen is good, 60 Hz, IPS LCD. 128 GB and 6/8 GB RAM (depending on the market). Good battery with 4000 mAh and 40 W charging. It shoots 4k and plays youtube clips at up to 4k resolution. If I'm not carrying the P40 this one is my daily driver.
                                Nova 10SE: fabulous looks, great 90 Hz OLED screen - fabulous colors, and very recent release. Has the Snapdragon 680G 4G (which is the only limitation of the phone). 256 GB and 8 GB RAM. Very good, 4500 mAh battery with 66 W charging. It shoots 1080p and plays youtube clips at up to 1080p (I believe this is where SD shows inferiority to Kirin).
                                Although I love the 7SE if I'm buying now I'll go for the Nova 10SE, the two phones are at least 2.5 years apart! If you don't need 4k video shooting go for the 10 SE.
                                IMO Honor is not on par with Huawei from the quality POV.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • puv
                                  • 17 Mar 2023

                                  mandalaphone, 15 Jan 2023The Nova 9 is currently sold at the same price as the Nova ... moreNova 9 have Adreno 642L gpu
                                  Nova 10 se have Adreno 610 gpu that's sh!t gpu

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 7XX
                                    • 13 Mar 2023

                                    allen, 07 Mar 2023Is huawei nova9 still worth it in 2023?yes

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                                      • allen
                                      • vxh
                                      • 07 Mar 2023

                                      Is huawei nova9 still worth it in 2023?

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                                        • jojo
                                        • m{C
                                        • 04 Mar 2023

                                        it has sony imx766 sensor, but camera takes very bad pictures for high specs so got rid of it.,got sharp aquos sense 3 plus instead and pictures are so clear in comparisson,indoors night time so noticable.